two 3 day calendars a month...

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Survival Streak 0, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. PaganWench

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    THANK YOU! I couldn't have said it better myself! I LOVE having 2 in a month - it's all gravy - nobody's holding a gun to anybody's head to do them! If you don't have time, then don't even think about them. Let those of us who enjoy them - and have plenty of time - have our fun! I do think that having one the same weekend as an Armada War complicates things, but I WILL do my MiniCalendar 3 times and get all the rewards! THANK YOU, Kano!
  2. Linda

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    While free stuff is certainly nice, easy,requires no risk for players who avoid risk to advance in one game, it would have been nice had Kano considered the """many """ players who play multiple games,(dare I say,have lives,jobs,) and those that play multiple games(can't even imagine ) on all the networks available to them and also play all the aspects of the games, but alas it seems it is what it is. Playing One game doing a calendar three times is a walk in the park for those lucky ones. Guess the Iphone will get a workout this weekend.
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  3. Conor Murphy

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    I do the 3-day ones twice, because I can.
  4. God of Bacon

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    It's too much for zombie slayer. It's supposed to be a game harder to level in, and plus free good items? It makes the game too easy for everyone, i personally don't think we should have calendars period.
  5. kevinmalo

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    Im just about to finish my 3rd calendar in ZS , VC and PC..
  6. Demonik1

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    i dont care if a person plays 20 games, it takes a few extra clicks per game and you can do them all at once. and worrying about people that can do them all easily while some can only complete one or two, theyre not advancing all that much more...maybe a few extra levels and 1-2 crappy weapons or warriors more than you? hardly worth worrying about or overcoming. all i know is i like the exp and coin i get from however many i can complete and dont even think about what i cant get done cause theres nothing i can do about it so why waste my time pondering what i cant change? i take whats given and am thankful for it

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