two 3 day calendars a month...

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Survival Streak 0, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Linda

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    Ding Ding Ding, you win the kewpie doll, with the 4 games and doing calendars for all 4 my OCD goes into Overdrive big time :p
  2. mi7ch

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    So I brought this thread up with the developers and there are a few points that came out of the conversation I had with them.

    The numbers show us that when we have a weekend Calendar the activity in the game goes up and stays consistently up over the weekend (presumably due to the fast regen time on the keys so people are coming back or staying on for longer periods). This is beneficial to everyone, even if you don't happen to do the Calendar. We see the same sort of bump in activity when we do a Battle Arena or a War on a weekend, so chances are that Weekend Calendars are here to stay.

    However, we also understand that there have been a lot of them lately and when there is a lot of something, it loses a bit of its luster. We'll examine the frequency of the three-day Calendar release a bit for the coming months. :)
  3. polishpimp

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    That all makes sense and it is what it is , I guess we'll just have to live with all the All I would add is that it would be my guess that the bump in numbers you are seeing wont last forever as it will become routine and as u said it will have lost its "luster". I guess its just a question of whether Kano wants it to wear thin and eventually lose the extra bump in the numbers altogether or if they want it to keep its appeal and sustain the periodic bump over a much longer time. Just my 2 cents...I would prefer less often but can live with the other as well. Thanks for looking into it and getting back to us
  4. Demonik1

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    dont listen to the complainers mitch, you keep those calendars a comin :]
  5. Das liebe Beil

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    Yeah, this sounds nice if you have to do 1 or 2 of them at once. I'd have to do 9 (11 if I reactivated my Kong Mobster/Slayer) to do them all. Honestly, that's no longer fun, that's incredibly frustrating, especially due to "Another Shot is currently in progress" which crops up painfully often. I've already decided to ignore the Mobster/Zombie challenges due to those 2 games not being as important to me.

    It would definitely be helpful, if we could hold more than 1 key on those challenges. I don't know about others, but coming back to the game every 30 minutes gets rather frustrating, especially if you want to watch a movie/TV Series or some such.
  6. Linda

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    I agree,might be time for me to give up one of the games, trying to keep up with all the extra things ( calendars,arena's, wars) in four games is becoming a chore and very time consuming.But which game,hmmmmmmm
  7. Eraser

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    1 3 day calander is enough for me.

    It really does devalue the dollar spent on the game. They are a pain in my ass really.

    Im busy working, and cant really complete all 3 without paying for free XP, which is very anoying to me.

    and even when I can keep up and finish them all. thats just 3 more free items going out to everyone for free that either dont help me at all or help me so little that It would be so much better for me that nobody had them.

    Its simple, Dont finish all 3 calanders, and fall behind your rivals.

    Falling behind your rivals, pretty much trashes an amount you previously paid for leveling up.

    free items that help your rivals, but dont help you, trashes an amount of money you spent on items.

    having a 3 day calander is good to help keep up good progression of the game, when your requirement for XP would limit your leveling to once a day or less.

    the problem with 2 is it does double the good, but also does double the bad.

    Do people play longer when there is a 3 day calander? Sure.

    do people swim longer when their fishing boat sinks 1/2 a mile out? Yupp.
  8. Linda

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    LOL good analogy about the sinking ship and I agree with just about everything you said:)
  9. Old Salt

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    Have to agree with most of the sentiments expressed here. That "bump" KANO is seeing will soon dissipate if you keep going back to the well too often. For those of us that just play one game (PC for me) it can be enough of a pain in the arse to keep trying to come back to the game ever 20 minutes to click on the calendar. For people that play two, three or four games I can't even imagine what it must be like but at the very least it probably feels like a chore and not a game anymore. You don't want people to feel that way because once something becomes a chore then the next step is too dump it. One calendar per month is enough.
  10. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    for people that play that many games its the exact same with a few extra clicks and theres no law that says they have to play those games or do the calendars...all im sayin is there are people that love them and the free exp and coin that come with them...why punish them because some cant keep up?
  11. polishpimp

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    I dont think its a question of punishing them. More a question of potentially turning a once anticipated and fun feature of the games into a mundane routine. I actually agree with you that it doesnt really matter if one can be on more often or not to take advantage of all they offer....either u can or u cant, thats on the individual. That logic can and should be applied to every aspect of the games including the arena.

    For me personally Im not against more calendars because I dont want to feel like Im going to be stuck having to play them....because I dont have to...thats my choice. If others want to sit on the game more often and for longer periods then more power to them , they will have deserved/earned everything they got from them. I just thought it was neat that every once n while we got a chance at a bunch of extra goodies. It was fun and something to look forward to.

    Its kind of like Christmas....everybody loves to get presents...who wouldnt want Christmas say once a month so we can get more? But then its like I gotta go out and buy presents for everyone once a month as well. I think Christmas would get pretty old in a hurry if it was once a month, I love all my friends and family but there are definitely some I could live without seeing more than once a
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  12. Demonik1

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    oh hell no, everyday should be christmas ;p
  13. Xextreem

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    Why is that to hard :confused: you spend money on the month calendar or use un is just plain stupid you can complete it without that. So the 3 days calendar is there if you can not complete that to.... What are you doing? its a game stay online for 3 days. And its easy without spending real money or UN.

    But I guess people want the easy way. Go online playing 15min do everything go offline and go back online the next day... No kano is doing on this a great job to keep people online for playing.

    That's mine opinion
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  14. kevinmalo

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    Simple things...

    I like them --> i play them
    You dislike it? --> dont play then...


    i like it
  15. Carol Anderson

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    please not 2 calendar a month one is enough Kano thank u hugs
  16. Linda

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    Could not agree anymore if I tried :)
  17. Survival Streak 0

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    What he said ^^^^^^ :)

    People might pay a few UN/FPs to finish these things, but they'd pay a lot more to actually buy items of equal or greater value, chances are I'll never equip the calendar items and in time my squad won't even be using them as I buy better items from The UN.
    All this free xp is detrimental to the game(s), people no longer have to spend time on the apps in order to level as they know they're just gonna have it all handed to them just as long as they play during these mini events.

    Work on new content like new types of challenges, world bosses, locations ect and you wouldn't need to hand out all the free stuff.

    Edit: I'd just like to add I'm not totally apposed to more than 1 of the mini calendars a month on occasion as long as it's actually for something...for instance the "Movember" 3 day calendar...Bravo, raising awareness about prostate and testicular cancer and mental health, this is a good thing.
    But then you look at the next one "Black Friday Sale" 3 day calendar, does this really need celebrating?
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  18. RainSunGone

    RainSunGone Well-Known Member

    totally agree w/ SS0 on this 1... the rewards are subpar compared to UN items... and 2 3-days a month are a bit much for any1 w/ a job and family ;)
  19. Rituxs

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    XP is a good thing that would be + for sure... but calendars require either continuous playing all weekend or spending favor points to finish it fast... which I don't really like
  20. PaganWench

    PaganWench Active Member

    Absolutely! Let those of who love the MiniCalendars have our fun. Don't let the grumpy Grinches steal our Christmas!

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