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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by cesarr, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. cesarr

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    You have like 22 energy and you need like 3 XP to get to the next level, what do you do, waste it on the outbreak that cost 20 energy or wait a min or 2 for the mission that needs 23 energy, hmm..., you should wait that min or 2, because that can help you and you get more XP.

    You have 4 Stamina and you need need 6 XP for the next level, and you see someone that your not sure you can beat, what do you do? You go by the fight button and under the column stamina, you change it from 1 to 4 so your more likely to win.

    You have 4 Stamina and you need need 6 XP for the next level, in 30 seconds you'll get more, wait those 30 seconds, and find any boss and do a power attack, then if you want you can help with the boss or go back to the fight page.

    Ever have someone that you can't beat beat repeatedly attacking that you can't beat and is very strong and you want to add them to your squad so they stop attacking you?
    Well this is what you do:
    1) Go to there zombie slayer profile.
    2) Underneath there stats, you'll see a long link copy it.
    3) Look at the link and look for a number between %3A and %22.
    4) Copy that number.
    5) Then type that number.
    6) You'll then be on there myspace profile, click add friend and says its for zombie slayer; they are likely to add you because you wrote zombie slayer on it.
    7) They will no longer see you on the fight page.
    If this doesn't work for you and they find out (witch is less likely) and end up removing you from there squad again, just set ambushes.

    I might make an inventory list so people stop asking me if that's alright with you Kendall.
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  2. leo lucky

    leo lucky Member

    Omg i am blind where is that stamina change column????
    Or is it myspace only :confused:
  3. Blargh

    Blargh Member

    For energy/leveling; If you have 30 energy and you the mission you are working requires 20 energy and pays out 41 XP. You only need 30XP to level up. Don't do the the 20 energy job. Use up the other 10 energy on jobs. But make sure you do not level up. Come as close as possible to the amount of XP needed to go up a level and then do the 41XP mission. This will leave less XP needed to gain the next level. You can also use up your stamina as well but XP from fights are less predictable unless you know who are fighting.
  4. cesarr

    cesarr Member

    Oh i forgot it wasn't on zombie slayer, was thinking mob wars,i'll change it
  5. cesarr

    cesarr Member

    oh, i figured it out, you need to have more than 1 stamina i think
  6. leo lucky

    leo lucky Member

    50 stamina
  7. i have 60 stamina and so far i see no limit of stamina every level its full again i believe Vampryss have 500+ energy and she also didn't hit limit correct if im wrong ....!

    so i think its good that energy stamina health get full every level so build what u love best- jobs or boss attacks helps...
    i think i will ad stamina so good boss drops will be coming out from stronger bosses :D
  8. Tez

    Tez New Member

    From the HELP tab on the game.
    IMO the energy cap is too high. However, no other game that I kow of has a cap so high so it should be interesting!
  9. leo lucky

    leo lucky Member

    What level do i need for the the stamina attack Boost?
  10. leo lucky

    leo lucky Member

    okay got it with lvl 80
  11. Cheif KickAss

    Cheif KickAss New Member

    Boss fights?

    I have a very important question. Why is it that sometimes i only do about 700 damage to a boss with one power attack(5 stamina), while others do about 500 more damage than me and they hit the boss the same amount of hits i did?
  12. cesarr

    cesarr Member

    probably they have more atk/def and health than you
  13. Cheif KickAss

    Cheif KickAss New Member

    So i should increase my attack/def and health as well? I have 310 health. 105 attack and 100 def. One more thing. How do i raise this.

    Total Attack 191
    Total Defense 187
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  14. Julie Detroit

    Julie Detroit Member

    I think the refills are needed, I have 500 energy on one of mine and it doesn't really help me level as much as fighting.
  15. health for sure.

    you will see a huge difference in damage when you increase health

    C4SP3RSHADOW New Member

    how do i make my attack strength by that i mean my damage stronger for fighting the zombie bosses
  17. for bosses,from what ive seen,health is the biggest factor in it followed by your atk/def.

    for reg battles though,you would want a high atk/def.
  18. Vampryss

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    Currently I have:

    Total Attack 25
    Total Defense 1
    Health 110
    Energy 930
    Stamina 30

    I know my A, D & H are extremely low for my level in this app but I want to get my Energy up to 1000 first (almost there :) ). Then work on the rest for fighting. It really sucks when trying to kill a Boss though, lol.. My damage is pitiful. I don't bother fighting my own Coop bosses right now.. I tried one & couldn't beat it no matter how much I tried.. I help out others with what I can.. I do single hits so I get plenty of spare parts for upgrades.. I don't work the Fight list ever. But I do get beat up pretty easy.. It's all good because currently my energy completes about 75% to my next level.. By the time I get that 1000 E & get my other stats up & able to fight decently I should be able to level quicker. I'm hoarding & upgrading all all my destructive items :D & buying limited items to outfit my squad.. So when I'm ready to fight I'll have plenty of in my arsenal.. well.. thats my plan anyway.. we'll see how it works out.. It just takes patience.. and a lot of it..
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  19. Vampryss

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    The cap doesn't mean you can't have more than 1000, you can. In fact I advise going over a bit so you don't lose out on energy that you didn't spend before you level. For example, on Vikings I have 630 Energy I always have about 60 unspent energy so when I level I get to keep those points & get the refill of 500. The same goes for Stamina & Health. But you are right, it should be interesting how things go as they keep releasing new stuff.. :)
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