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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by jasper2404, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. jasper2404

    jasper2404 New Member

    1st post :D

    anyways i need tips on how to be strong in pvp because 90 percent of the time i always lose T__T i dont know why i have like 54 squad and 2 limited UN items and still i keep losing

    please give me tips on how to be strong
  2. you probably did this but did you make sure you filled your top squad as they are the only ones that actually count in battles.
  3. jasper2404

    jasper2404 New Member

    yeah i have my top squad 11/11 and my current strength is: 396 attack and 165 defence

    but when i attack a same level player i always lose and when i see more details their squads strength and defence is WAY higher for like 2 times my strength and defence T___T

    my level of my 3 equips are level 2 only...
  4. thats what i was gonna bring up far are you with upgrades.

    also,you have to increase your attack and defense to take full advantage of your top squad.otherwise you will lose alot.
  5. jasper2404

    jasper2404 New Member

    so for you how many attack and defense should i put for a level 50 guy

    my current stat:

    Attack 36+146
    Defense 15+149
    Health 118 / 170
    Energy 18 / 185
    Stamina 4 / 45

    the +146 is the top squad
    +149 is the top squad....
  6. well attack and defense is really low for a level really need to increase them badly.the higher your attack and defense is,the higher your top squad attack and defense becomes.
  7. jasper2404

    jasper2404 New Member

    mmm i see i focus on leveling fast so i focused on energy and stamina so in 2 days i level this fast :3

    my target is 200 energy and 50 stamina :3
  8. Quake

    Quake New Member

    well to give you some clue I am the strongest in my squad at lvl 81 attack 204 def 202 thats why you are losing
  9. its easy to find who from your friend have highest attack defence
    just go Squad page >> Squad Members >>> roll down and see under >> Support Squad

    click on >> Strength >> and than click on attack or defence and you will see who from your friends have the biggest att/def ;)
  10. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

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    They changed the way this works though. The number of attack & defense for a player in your top squad doesn't count anymore. I can have 17/17 top squad all with attack/defense 100/100 and my current strength is exactly the same when I replace them all with brand new players with an attack/defense of 10/1 - I've swapped them all out & my current strength only changes when I up my own attack/defense with skill points.
  11. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    Your squad strength is included in your total strength. If you remove one squad member and add another with higher attack and defense stats your total attack and defense strength will increase. Also note that your squad strength is limited by your own characters att/def stats. You must always raise your characters attack and defense strength to take advantage of higher squad strength values.
  12. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

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    interesting.. what are the minimum numbers for attack & defense to see the difference? And at what levels are the minimums to take advantage of these base numbers?
  13. Angel

    Angel Member

    no, this isnt true, it does matter, what you have in your topsquad.
    If I delete Quake from my TS, i have only 2564 strengh in figh, but with him or her I have about 2750

    edit: oups sorry, I didnt saw the last two posts ^^"
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  14. Angel

    Angel Member


    I am level 90 and these are my stats:

    Attack 195+190
    Defense 195+192
    Health 583 / 1100
    Energy 14 / 60
    Stamina 0 / 40

    Fights Won: 1,533 Hits Placed: 19 Survival Streak: 2
    Fights Lost: 104

    fights that i had lost almost all of them ambushes ;)
  15. Blargh

    Blargh Member

    Multiply your own att and Def skills by the number of total spots in your top squad. That is your limit for top squad att/def. If you have 11 in your squad and your att/def skills are 36/15, then your top squad max is 396/165. You need to make sure your top squad it at the limit. You may need stronger squad members. Once you have stronger squad members and a have hit the max, then you need to add to att/def.

    Also, sometime you don't have the top attacker in your top squad. I have dropped a guy who was like 250/1 from my top squad since I have enough Att from other squad memeber to hit the max att but needed a stonger def squad member since I wasn't at the max def yet. I think I replaced him with a 30/60 or something like that.
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  16. Quake

    Quake New Member

    I am a guy lol

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