[LCN] Tier based and Action based Raid Rewards.

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Rambo, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Rambo

    Rambo New Member

    Hey, Hope all is well in Kano Office.
    I know I will piss a couple of players( who thinks they are the only ones playing the game) with my suggestion, but whatever.
    Raids are pretty good but they can be improved.
    As we all know we have to to do 2k actions (with atleast 1k heals) to be eligible for rewards. But due to this alot of people do only 2k actions and leave all the heavy work for others to finish the raid. But when you did 10k-15k actions and someone who did only 2k actions get the same common reward thats not very nice, Its like a slap on the face. If actions based rewards are introduced those who did 10k-15k actions will get a better rewards (even if its only 5-10 points better in stats).

    For Example:{my naming convention}
    One of the current reward is
    Gulag Sawn-Off II {2k} 368 Attack, 197 Defense (for anyone with >= 2k actions)
    Gulag Sawn-Off II {7k} 373 Attack, 202 Defense (for anyone with >= 7k actions)
    Gulag Sawn-Off II {15k} 378 Attack, 207 Defense (for anyone with >= 15k actions)

    Tier Based Rewards.
    I want this because all the higher levels players should get something for their time and effort they put in the game for so long.
    Its also like getting a slap on the face when someone joined couple of days ago can get the same reward as someone joined couple of years ago.

    For Example:{my naming convention}
    One of the current reward is
    Gulag Sawn-Off II {T1} 368 Attack, 197 Defense (for anyone in Tier 1)
    Gulag Sawn-Off II {T2} 371 Attack, 200 Defense (for anyone in Tier 2)
    Gulag Sawn-Off II {T3} 374 Attack, 203 Defense (for anyone in Tier 3)

    My other Suggestion or idea is Some kind of mechanism to show the tier winner in each tier in Raids, so I don't have to click everyone to know their tier and then forget which raid I was doing.
    I hope you will understand my picture (tried to upload here but was too big)
    [​IMG] https://imgur.com/a/vOBx6
  2. Starmaster

    Starmaster Member

    I had suggested somewhere about setting a level on items and then you actually used your level divided by the required level in say 10% increments. That way it would be a code issue rather than tracking 15 of the same item. This has the benefit of letting them increase to max as you level. This would allow the upper level coop boss drops to be higher for those that are in the city without letting 1 month old users get the same benefits.
    As far as tier winner, I just wish they would put a number or symbol for each level. I get more superior drops from "decent" than I ever can from "great". Only "amazing" seems to make the difference. And "amazing" merely means top of your tier.
    I hate checking raids in the morning and they are incomplete but checking them at night and finding them finished AND "expired".
  3. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    noobs gets stuff then for free same items higher lvls have to hit like mad..... wors idea ever.
  4. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    tier baseed rewards are ok but gap should be much wider much
  5. Cherryblue

    Cherryblue New Member

    I have also made the observation that "decent" means more chance of top loot. I am using the raids to level right now and as I was in the "good" or "amazing" category for all my raids this round I only got top loot on the amazing...I did over 15 raids with more than 10,000 actions and got bottom loot for the effort. No wonder people stay at 2k actions

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