[PC] Three improved ideas for pirate clan.

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Jon Ward, Feb 25, 2012.

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    1. The world bosses. While it is nice to finally have to world bosses going at the same time. Why do we still have to wait every friday sat morning almost a week at times to get the next world boss to open. Why not have the world bosses continually going. When one get's killed the next one automatically pops open and is available to attack. This will always keep at least two world bosses going at a time. Simple enough to do.

    2. The new limited items and items made bigger. This is upsetting some players. It's your game and how you want to do your graphics we have no choice on the say. If you say it helps make the game faster because it takes away other junk around it then fine. But the issue still with the limited items general items, Stamina refills and energy refills is that there is no confirm button in the game to purchase these. So many of us have had issues in the past were we either never clicked on this or accidentaly clicked on these items. You make us confirm purchasing favor points for your game before we click why not simply add this feature into the items also. You will save yourself so much time not having to answer emails anymore or going into players accounts constantly to give back favor points and take away items they never wanted to begin with.

    3. Final issue. I posted this in another thread and got some terrible feedback from people who did not want to see it. I basically asked for the developers to add how much experience is needed before the next level up in bosses and battles. You had it in adventures to the right of the job you click and how much experience you had on it. Here is my new solution to the issue. The upper right corner were we have are picture of are character level exp bar. Can we swap that to the bottom part were the 6 little icons are for looking at your rivals seeing whats posted by your armada members or if someone sends you a canned message. Just flip them around. This way we can see the experience bar constantly no matter what part of the game your doing the battle the bosses or the adventures. I think that would be simple to do.

    Last but not least. I have brought this up many of you do not realize when your reading these ideas posted by indivduals you can rate these threads. In order to see improvements in your games log on to the kano forums and just rate them moving the stars on everyone's posts. If you want the improvements and the developers to see some of these ideas are great suggestions you need to help the players who are trying to help your game play also.

    Thank you.

    More ideas trying to keep them all on one thread now.

    The battle lists. If there is anyway of making the battle lists more full after you reach level 1500 or so the lists start to get thin. Easiest solution is do the battle list's by 1000 levels. So if your in the 2000's levels you will see every single pirate who is in the 2000's. Now you may or may not be able to attack them because of the level restricition. But it will allow other pirates to make a decision to see if they can beat someone with a few more captains and 100 levels above them. Believe it or not this is a possibility if your pirate was built up the right way.

    Next is the bounty boards we still hope that some idea is coming to increase the boards activity. When you introduce guild wars into viking clan which was promised in pirate clan as armada wars the bounty board in that game picked up tremendously. Now i know there has been issues of people not wanting to see armada wars. So the idea i came up with will still help increase board activity. By opening a new item store in the game for simpling trading in points you receive from collecting bounties winning a fight but not getting the final hit. and other ideas you can put in to accumulate more points. You take these points and trade them inside the store for items in the game that will help improve your character. Just a thought. Also you can add more acheivments New bounty day acheivments. 5 10 20 100 bounties collected in one day. There is always room for more expansion into games just have to be creative.
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