The "True Leader" of Myspace VIking Clan

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Who is the true leader of myspace Viking Clan

  1. Jillian like the leader board says

  2. Para because the cat said so

  3. Eddie because he is Kano

  4. The Cat because he is not Eddie

  5. Polish because he is Eddie

  1. well ive been called maximus and if maximus is you then i must be you
  2. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Yes, but I was explaining polish's relevance to the newbie.
    Polish has been called you, Eddie, and was called again in the thread I mentioned (it was deleted). That is the meaning of the vote option "polish because he is Eddie".

  3. Hello Everyone
    This poll is made to make fun out with all what happen in last year ..
    and i vote for Eddie just because Eddie said that his can be Kano hehe
    so its fun and joke so we stop taking this game so serious..

    SkylerF @ i dont know you and like Eddie said before you are new guy here ..
    so my question is: when did i said ''everyone that disagrees is Eddie'' ? :D

    i don't feel that i have problem with Eddie Jillian or Polish .. if i do some attacks on Eddie its only to see how strong is The Legend on vc lol >> i dont mind you bounty me or attatck because the person You hate is in my clan or guild .. - its a game and im happy to play with you ..
    If any one talk around bad about You or other player than go and report them to Kano!

    i remember me, Polish,Raforta and Jillian talk on boss feed about game smack talk some like lets axe slap him or that guy is still in hospital hiding... and that will be ok talk about other players and not call them names .. because is just a game and no need take it personal ... so im personally agreed with that and polish did also Raforta and Jillian
    >>BUT some players did not agreed .. so what can i do? its they game and they play how they want .. if i go around i keep telling everyone how to play they game or how they should talk to others- i will look like a freak lmao >> i have more important thinks in my life to just run around and do that ...!

    In General:
    it will not make Drama/crying/name calling/abuse Situation Better
    if you call some players names because of other player actions!
  4. I agree Para- I remember the convo - i don't see the need for hurtful,spiteful personal attacks on people- fair game if its jusy game reference - now back to lighten things to thread lol - lets see who are the poets amongst you all;-

    So her we talk about leaders
    and one that begins with a P
    How can he be a leader?
    when to fight he needs 1,2 or 3!!!!
    He can't fight alone when its needed
    the occassional slap for you & me
    he needs help from a pig and a fur ball
    & another that begins with a G!!!!

  5. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    That's my point! In the past, you have had disagreements with players, yes? You don't always agree with Eddie, polish, or others, right?
    But since you (or your clan/guild members) have claimed some players are Eddie (or said that I'm polishpimp), that's where it comes from.
    a player disagrees + that player is accused of cheating or being an alternate account = anyone who disagrees is cheating
    It might not be true. It doesn't mean it is true.
    "Correlation does not imply causation." Just because two things LOOK like they are related, it doesn't make them related. It's kind of a joke. It's an inside joke: "Oh look, someone is arguing with Para. That must be Eddie messing with him again." We know it's not true, but it's funny.
  6. yes Raforta the same with enemy guild axe slap starts from player J than player G and follow R, L, T,C, M can't fight alone hehe must be a game dont You think Raforta? :)
  7. How come i get on other Question before answer ? :D
    Did I have had disagreements ? No i did not ! - Did they?
  8. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    As ever, you miss my point.

    I asked clarifying questions, making sure that my assumptions were correct. Had I said "In the past, you have had disagreements with players," that comes across as accusatory and mean. "In the past, you have had disagreements with players, yes?" is my way of suggesting that I could be wrong and, if so, letting you correct me so I know what really happened.
    It goes like this: summarization of something that happened...question to see if I had the true and important stuff

    By "disagree" I mean that you and some other person did not have the same opinions. Again, I reference that deleted thread about similar names: did everyone think the same way as you did? No, they did NOT! They did not immediately say "Yes, Para, you are right and that player was wrong." Thus, they disagreed with you.
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  9. Allen Sumaran

    Allen Sumaran Member

    I have a very fair and balanced way to decide who is the true leader of VC. I suggest that everyone on LEADERBOARD gets to be the true leader of VC for 1 day a month, in the current order on the board, rotating daily. For this honor and privledge, the person who is true leader for that day can recieve 25 FP from Kano for the small fee of $5.00 American. Also, in February, the true leader designation would have to end on 28 or 29 depending on whether it was a leap year or not. Unfortunately, the last 1 or 2 people on the board woul have to forfiet their true leader title for that month, For months with 31 days,the last day of the month would be called 'VC LEADERLESS DAY' and no one would be called true leader of VC during that day,

    That way, everyone on Leaderboard would get a chance to claim the title of true leader of VC!

    Now, isn't that a wonderful idea????
  10. SkylerF @ disagreed about what ? lmao
  11. @Allen lol i like your comment but i will disagree just because Skylair said so :D
  12. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Aaaaaaand...he missed the point yet again.
  13. Para because the cat said so
    ATHEISTIC SATANIST, john geir siamese, KNIGHT, SkylerF, Tizme, Warlock Tigerwolf
    Lol SkylerF i think you missed your own point here ..
    First You call me annoying/stupid .. and than say that i said that everyone that disagrees is Eddie' .. (i see you edited that comment just to hide the original comment hehe)
    and when i ask were did i said that ?- you cant give on answer ..!!
    and after all you want me stop joking and understand the point of your made up story lmao
    looks to me FSkaylair is just a forum drama Queen :D

    Thank You SkylerF that was fun chat :)
  14. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Took me some time, but I found the post you were referring to. If you will go back and check the time stamps of the initial post and the last time I edited it, you will see that there is a 2 minute gap. Oh, and the original comment is still there. 6:25PM yesterday to 6:27PM. You can THEN see that no one else posted anything for over two hours, so whatever change I made was not in response to a post following mine.

    Wait, when did I call you annoying/stupid? Are you referring to that deleted thread? I don't think I called you any names there. Some of your clan, sure, but I don't remember insulting you.

    And I answered you...multiple times. You say I avoid the answer by asking questions? Do you know what a rhetorical question is? HINT: that was one.
    I've also posted clarifying statements that you manage to misinterpret in a different way each time.
  15. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    I will post again, rather than edit that last post and have you claim I deleted things.

    Are you now going to claim that I am Eddie and/or a super-smart computer hacker that broke in and altered the time stamps just to hide some comment?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the comment you mentioned is still there.

    The specific point that I said you missed was the one about arguing. Apparently you assumed that I said you argue a lot? Was that it? Saying you have argued in the past is not the same as saying you argue a lot.
    I am not saying one way or the other about how much you argue, that is not the point.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2011
  16. Hi FSkyliar super-smart Lol noting personal but 4me you are not Eddie but Miss/Mr super-Boring :D
  17. LOL I agree Para that skyler person is wanting drama on here, thats all. We are here to have fun and he/she always starts an argument with whatever you say, or I say. Just watch, he'll HAVE to comment on Have fun Skyler.hahahahah
  18. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    Who is the true leader of myspace Viking Clan

    I vote for Jillian also because as you look at the leader board it shows you who is the leader
  19. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    My vote is still for JJ because its glaringly obvious that shes the leader, but I would like to see an additional option added to the poll. POLISHPIMPN because he has 2 accounts legally on the leader board.

    We all know that there are others....but thats why I included the word legally. Alt accounts and accounts taken over by others should definitely not be included....LOL
  20. Eric Maximus

    Eric Maximus Member

    LMAO @ Raforta. Good one.. Oscar Wilde?

    "So her we talk about leaders
    and one that begins with a P
    How can he be a leader?
    when to fight he needs 1,2 or 3!!!!
    He can't fight alone when its needed
    the occassional slap for you & me
    he needs help from a pig and a fur ball
    & another that begins with a G!!!"

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