[PC] The Raid Boss [BETA] Is Coming to Pirate Clan Next Week!

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    Ahoy Mateys! A new type of limited-time cooperative event, the Raid Boss is being prepped for a trial run in Pirate Clan!

    Raid Bosses are among the toughest challenges in the game, and require the dedicated efforts of a large team of players to defeat. However in addition to being much harder, they are also more rewarding: Actions in a Raid Boss battle give great XP, and should you win the Battle your items are better than what you would get from regular boss.

    Those of you who also play Viking Clan or Mob Wars: LCN or who have friends who do may have already see some earlier iterations of this idea. For each of the previous 2 betas we’ve closely reviewed player feedback and made improvements and additions for a better experience. :)

    Look for the Raid Boss in Pirate Clan late next week!

    The Event

    This limited-time event lasts 4 days. During this period, players can unlock a massive Raid Boss and assemble and team to battle it.

    The Raid Boss is unlocked with Keys, which are dropped from Adventures in specific locations during the event. Adventures that take more energy drop Keys more often. If you find yourself with extra Keys after the event is over, they can be turned in for rewards.

    Raid Bosses are tough. They have a lot of health and hit back hard! In order to have a chance at defeating them, Pirates will need to band together in a Raid Party and coordinate their actions.

    Even with a large, dedicated team, many Raid Bosses will take several days to take down.

    Assembling a Raid Boss Party

    Don’t try to take on a Raid Boss all by yourself! We recommend aiming for an Party size of at least 20 dedicated players. Anyone in a Party of less than 15 are likely in for a difficult time.

    Not sure you’ve got enough close, reliable allies around to fill your team? That’s okay! Pirates don’t have to be in your Clan to join your Raid Party. Many will be on the lookout for stout Pirate crews to team up with for the event. Watch the Chat and Forums for Pirates looking for a Party or who have open positions in their Raid and shoot them a message.

    In previous events, players have found Chat Groups handy for meeting potential party members and assembling teams.

    Don’t count out an potential ally just because they are a lower level than you! Lower leveled players have their attack damage scaled-up when battling Raid Bosses and often make excellent Party Members. Plus, you’ll need some players from the lower level ranges if you are going to build a full-sized team.

    Raid Party positions are divided into 3 level tiers. You can have up to 10 Party members from each tier for a max party size of 30 Pirates. Keep an eye out for players you feel would make good team members and invite them using the invite links provided on your Raid Boss page.

    If you want, you can also make your Raid Boss Public. This allows anyone who run across your Raid Boss link to fill available Party positions. However, once someone has joined you are stuck with them for the rest of the battle, so use this option with caution.

    Battling the Raid Boss

    During the Battle, Players can Attack, Barrage (power attack) and Heal.

    The Raid Boss Party shares a common pool of health which participants can replenish using Energy.

    As your Party’s health declines, Attacks and Barrages will be less effective. Not only that, Boss hit back hard and can easily wipe out a Party if attackers are not paying attention. The Boss will regain health whenever a party wipes, and XP rewards for actions will decline, so work as a team and keep your Party’s health up!


    Actions made during the battle, both healing and attacking, give great XP. However there is no advantage to dragging out a battle longer than necessary. If you defeat your own boss, you can join another Pirate’s Raid Boss Party or unlock another of your own as many times as you wish until the 4-day event is over.

    Loot is collected by the participants once the boss has been defeated. Item drops are divided into 2 tiers, Common drops and the rarer and more valuable Superior drops.

    Don’t join too many Bosses at once! If you stretch yourself too thin you won’t be able to contribute effectively to the Battles. You’ll need to do a minimum number of actions to qualify for Loot, and nobody will get any Loot unless the boss is defeated within 3 days, which is pretty hard to do if Party members aren’t working together.
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  2. Jon Ward

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    So why not make raid bosses for armadas only. Your armada works as a team and competes to destroy the raid boss if they succeed then they get the rewards. Instead of doing single raid bosses.
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    Some Armadas are not capable of doing so, I rarely play PC and I know that.
  4. Applejack

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    i agree. i like my armada, but we don't have enough players to fill up a raid. i think you just have to be selective with who you invite.
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  5. Jon Ward

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    And if you look at the numbers to Jades its hard to find that many necessary people on at one time. Make raid bosses exclusive to armadas syndicates guilds and whatever slayers are and it solves the issue. One thing i have read the most about since raid bosses have started is people helping others and then their raid boss goes undefeated. Or not being able to finish them in time and so on and so on. Make it where its a little more challenging and have them this way only. And i am going to quote you something jades that kano quoted me when i didn't have enough people around my level to battle anymore numbers kept dwindiling either move to an armada where you can get it done or remove some players and add some new ones to create a new armada. Same concept with them telling me for battle fights. But mine is a suggestion for them. Raid bosses aren't going over well with everyone. They are looking for suggestions i gave one to them.
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    You do not really need thirty players it is recommended but I helped take one down in lcn with ten of us also not everyone is in a guild , armada etc and not everyone in those groups may even have the resources to do enough damage to it anyway ya just need smart players who understand the concept .as far as challenging these are extremely challenging as it is
  7. Applejack

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    from what i can tell, it sounds like the problems are players not getting in enough attacks. there are players that only do 2 attacks on bosses to get fps. if everyone does the minimum to get a chance at a drop and expects the boss owner to put it down, this won't work. players have to make significant investments (at least 3000 attacks i saw in another thread) to put these down. whether they are only shared within an armada or not isn't really the issue, it's getting players to do more than just a few attacks for a chance at a drop, it sounds like. and not joining a bunch of them doing minimum attacks for a chance at multiple drops. get into one or maybe two and focus your efforts on those, and don't start one yourself if you've already joined one until it's down.
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    You've said it all. I made the mistake on LCN but it won't repeat itself on PC. Time for me to convince & prepare my armada members for this new feature.
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