[PC] The Pirate Clan Item Creation Contest 2014!

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    This is gorgeous! It would be an amazing boss!!! Maybe a raid boss, mi7ch?
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    only 3 days until the end of the contest-

    so mi7ch what items do you vote for or like the best?
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    That would be giving things away, wouldn't it? :)
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    not really because the ones you like may not be the ones that the rest of the kano team who is voting on them like.or is it just you who is deciding?
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    It's a group of us who are deciding, just don't want to give the impression I've already made up my mind in case more submissions come in over the weekend.
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    makes sence. well will be waiting for results :) we have a good amount and quite a few good ones i think
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    Yeah the response to this contest has been great! Very nice to see. :)
  9. Paul de Haan

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    Blackbeard Set -

    - Matey
    - A very famous pirate

    Blackbeard's Tricorn - with burning fuse
    - Weapon
    - Blackbeard had a habit of wearing slow-burning fuses protruding from under his hat to unnerve his adversaries

    Blackbeard's Cutlass
    - Weapon
    - Umm, a cutlass

    Queen Anne's Revenge
    - Ship
    - Blackbeard's ship
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  10. Is this limited to items for arming... or can 'items' include any ideas in-game such as bosses, locations, etc?
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    None of the following images are like the ones i have in my mind, but i'm an orrible illustrator, therefore i have to settle with what I found around. Fortunately names + images should make the ideas.

    -------------------------- SHIP ------------------------------------------ MATEY ----------------------------------- WEAPON

    -------------------------------------------------------- Elven (Divine version)

    --------------------- Ethereal Leaf ---------------------------------- Hush Guardian ------------------------------ Ebony Sphere
    [​IMG] ------------------- N/A -----------------------[​IMG]
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + Energy

    This ship brings serenity to those who see it: a deadly mistake for the enemies.
    An ancient warrior so skilled in combat and sinuous in her movements that she seems insubstantial.
    This otherworldly sphere can be used to mold the environment around it, if your mind and your body are strong enough to survive at its power.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------ Elven (Cursed version)
    ------------------ Cemeterial Leaf -------------------------------- Captain Charon --------------------------- Hellish Phayrpoon*1

    [​IMG] ----- [​IMG] ----- [​IMG]
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (I know, it's an orrible e.g.)

    Made with the wood of trees grown on graves. if touched will make you want to have only death around you.
    His sole purpose is to steal souls and drag them into the underworld. Death and desolation are the only things that remain wherever he goes
    It kills every living thing that it pierce and harpoon their screaming souls.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Steam & Fire
    ---------------- StealMelter Cruiser --------------------------------- Lady Etna*2 -------------------------------- Inextinguishablade

    [​IMG] -------- [​IMG] ----------------------- [​IMG]
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + incandescent debole

    The bullets of this ship are not like the other ones: they don't explode, they don't smash, they melt everything standing in their path!
    People say that she survived at a lava casting, but is certain that the beauty of this mysterious woman is nothing if compared to his combat skills.
    After centuries since its forging this sword is still scorching. It is said that it would vaporize the water of the oceans before starting to cool down.

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Trap of Rust
    -------------------- Rusty Vessel -------------------------------- Bloodgear Jackal ------------------------------ Cutthroats Hiss
    - [​IMG] -------- [​IMG] -------- [​IMG]

    Thousands of curious and greedy pirates have found their death by venturing on board of this sinister vessel.
    He was a common pirate, now he mutilates his victims and turn them into blood-thirsty creatures like himself.
    While venturing into the darkness, the hiss of this cutlass has been the only and last thing that many men have heard before perishing.

    1 Harpoon + Fyon
    2 Etna (etymology) is a volcano on the east coast of Sicily

    Mi7ch, I used this format in order to avoid a long post, I hope it isn't a problem. Otherwise i will change it.
    By the way, with "item description" you mean some indication for the art department or a text like ""this majestic sword is said to be the key for blah blah..."?
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  12. I liked the historical gear and Captain Harlock references posted. I'm going to take some liberties with 'the item can be anything you imagine' here... plus anything can be re-tooled or twisted into a gift, load out item, boss, location, etc. no matter what it was intended as initially. Here goes:

    L'Olonnais (or Spanish Flailer)
    Description- Francois L'Ollonais, http://www.badassoftheweek.com/index.cgi?id=8508271399 One of, if not the most ruthless
    pirates in history. Once cut a man's heart out and ate it. Liked to torture his captives and one of his methods involved tying a
    rope around one's head and using a stick to twist the ends so that that person's eyes would pop out of their heads. This was
    known as 'Woolding'.
    [​IMG] heart in hand, blood around mouth...

    One of the fastest and most effective pirate tortures was called "woolding"-named after the word used to describe the binding of cords around a mast. It required only a short length of rope or cord positioned around the victims head. The ends of the rope were secured onto a length of wood that would be continually twisted in a clockwise motion, thereby pulling the cord tighter and tighter against the victims temples until their eyes burst out of their skull.
    Could not find an image for reference. Rope, Stick, Eyeballs... I'm sure the art department can handle this!

    L'Olonnais's Revenge (or Spanish Flailer)

    Horde of Cannibals
    Maneaters. Fijian ones. http://jonahvatunigere.wordpress.co...y-of-cannibalism-in-the-fiji-islands-4152011/
    Image [​IMG]

    Fijian War Club
    Image- [​IMG]

    Carnivorous Canoe
    Image- [​IMG]


    Pirate Hunters
    Mainwairing, Aviles, John Morris were just a few who were commissioned by various entities and governments
    to bring down piracy. http://latinamericanhistory.about.com/od/TheGoldenAgeofPiracy1700-1725/p/The-Pirate-Hunters.htm

    Hull Shredder
    Larger version of a whale harpoon, used to pierce the hull of another ship

    Description- "Blackbirding/Shanghaiing/Crimping is the coercion of people through trickery and kidnapping to work as laborers"
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bully_Hayes Captains would often invite people on their ships while in port, offer
    them booze that was often laced with drugs, then set sail before the passengers could wake up. They were then
    forced into labor and/or slavery

    Shanghaii'd Rum
    Laced with Opium

    Tricky Ship Crimp


    Some Random Ideas...

    Depth Charges - Weapon, An ignited barrel with an anchor tied to it

    Selkies- Matey, mythological creatures that lived as seals but shed their skin to take human form

    Scurvied Crew- I stopped looking into this one when Pestilence came out

    Press Gang- Matey/Boss , British soldiers who forced people into serving in the Royal Navy

    Whirlpool/Maelstrom/Charybdis- Boss, Giant ship sucking whirlpool

    The Blackspot- Gift/Weapon/Adventure item, Blackspot on a piece of paper

    The Amazon with an Anaconda Boss....

    Cape Horn with Williwaw Wind Boss...

    Cibola ...(Lost City of Gold part 2)...

    The Everglades, Hurricane/Gator Boss...

    Pirate Round, spread out 'location' and adventures involve a race to various places already in game. Ends with a battle on
    Reunion Island

    Escape from Torture Bay... so you've been captured by a Pirate Hunter and enslaved by the East India Trading Company somewhere on an undisclosed island...

    Derelict Graveyard.... the water is Crimson, there are 1,ooo's of vessels sunken and ashore in an abandoned port. Battle the Eldritch Abomination and escape with your lives. https://allthetropes.orain.org/wiki/Eldritch_Abomination


    Captain Spyglass
    disguised as a fisherman, he uses his cover to report back on his pirate-less surroundings

    Spying Trawler,
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    Hey everyone,

    Just to let you know, the contest ended yesterday and the winners have been picked! Thanks very much for your entries and we'll definitely be doing another item contest again soon! :)
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    Another 24 hours of patience ;)
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