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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hi everyone,

    Last week we did a Beta run of Faction Wars for Zombie Slayer on Kano Play Myspace and Facebook. We collected a lot of player feedback from the original thread which the developers used to tune up the feature for its next iteration. Eric will be posting a list of the new changes and tweaks that were the result of all the comments left on the other thread.

    We wanted to get this out to you folks ahead of time to get your thoughts on what we've changed as well as give you a clearer idea of how Faction Wars will function going forward. Please read Eric's post below and let us know what you think! Just a head's up that I'll be closing the old thread so any and all future feedback should be posted in this one. Thanks! :)
  2. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    Upcoming changes:

    -*3 day event ending Sunday (once the betas are over we'd like to get to 5 day events)
    -Token regeneration 1 every 3 minutes (previously 5 minutes)
    -Token start value 200/300 (previously 100)
    -Token refills enabled (limit 4 / day)
    -Total stats removed during the event. Gave away too much realtime information, will be replaced with Vs. stats (your faction vs their faction)
    -Attack WP bonuses (bonus ontop of base 5/10 WP) only available when attacking equal to or higher in division
    -Base Kill WP reward degrades by 20% for every division you're away from the targets division.
    (Bonused WP were way to high from unevenly matched Factions, will pormote attacking within division or higher for the greatest rewards)
    -Multi attacks, use up to 3 Tokens per attack
    -Variability added to heals, now based at 10 WP with bonuses based off of your skills in defence
    -Slightly reduce starting base health (additional emphasis to heal, death stats spread across user base in last war was very low)

    If you have comments please discuss, these changes were based off of our stats analysis from the last war and your feedback. We plan on releasing the join lobby very soon so check back for official times.
  3. slave

    slave Member

    sorry not good enough

    dude all we are looking for is an event to PLAY. something to compete with other factions on
    everytime you guys make a contest, you put limits on it????? what contests have limits on being able to compete in them?
    only yours do....

    faction gps - limited
    faction wars - limited

    come on ive spent almost three years building a slayer that i cant use??????????????

    take the gloves off and open things up, yes some people will get beatdown, so what.....
    there has to be a reason you allow us to continue to build up our slayers, you give us achievements, new gear, new cities all to make our slayer stronger, and then you give us an event that we cant use them in

    this non-event you call faction wars is akin to watching grass grow
    the fact that you dont understand that, tells me you had no one on staff that tried it out, or they would be telling you the same thing i am. its a sit around and wait for a token. You already have a limiting factor of stamina, yet you dumbed that down even more in this event, so our builds in stamina count for nougt.

    i dont get it...i just dont get it, i have never ever ever seen or heard of a gaming company that tries to limit participation like you guys do.

    it makes no sense

    heres a novel idea, give each one of your developers one of our factions to play in faction wars and watch the activity
    you will be asleep in five minutes, do you know why? cuz there is nothing to do after the first 100 attacks but watch a timer......
  4. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I havent participated in the wars in a long time so I really dont know if the new updates have made it any better or not...perhaps I should check it out.

    But I do agree with Slave that the games are overly limited in most aspects. I think I understand the reasoning's(and agree to some extent).....but what I dont understand is why there cant be at least an aspect of the games that are unlimited. The arena was supposed to be just that but we have all come to realize that it may very well be the most limited in terms of the handicap. Why cant we have an aspect of the game that is by opt in only and have it completely unlimited? Something similar to the arena but something that allows us to use our accounts to their full potential....something that rewards the time and monies weve spent without limits and restrictions.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2013
  5. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    Thanks for the feedback guys, Faction Wars was spec'd out to be an opt in event with a start and finish and rewards at the end and offer additional pvp opportunities without throwing off the core gameplay (which is unlimited). As we move closer to a 3,4 or 5 day events it may offer a happy medium in terms of length of gameplay for the week.
  6. Ace

    Ace Member

    I see no point on removing the live status, although I'm eager to see the effects of the changes introduced in divisions. They would appear to make fighting similarly ranked factions more worthy.

    I'm against the unlimited stuff on faction wars. They're supposed to be based on teamwork, rather than the use of massive strength of some individuals who are clearly over the average player on the rest of the game's aspects. Maybe they could remove the restrictions people complain about on Arena.

    Also, I'm against rising from 100 to 200 the base tokens. I'd rather keep 100 and lower the regen to 2 minutes.
  7. There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood Active Member

    Why are you removing live stats? The difference between first and second place was less than 1000 WP's, same with third and fourth place. It was literally a fight to the finish with so much happening those last few minutes. Also, I know sniping is not popular, but it is a legitimate strategy and not having live stats puts snipers at a big disadvantage.

    I do like the idea of limiting refills and speeding up the token timer. I think 2 minutes would be better as well, would keep things moving along.

    I don't see why Faction Wars has to overlap with Arena. Arena is every 12 days, why can't it be opposite weeks? Also, more than 24 hours notice to sign up would be nice.
  8. kevinmalo

    kevinmalo Active Member

    still token limits... we have already our own stamina limit!
    just remove the token thing from the game
  9. Joey Mele

    Joey Mele Member

    I personally like reading that real time stats will be hidden, thus making it harder to snipe. If everybody just sat around waiting to snipe, the game would go nowhere. Some of us don't live on this game, so we have to do the best we can with what little time we have.
  10. So what

    So what Member

    Sounds intresting .......but its still a test right ? In beta

    Cant wait lets see what the field is like

    Well thanks it or not sniping is not a legitimate form of play ...attack see where it gets you ill bet loads will enter now its not so one sided
  11. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Not my intention to hi-jack this thread....but what do u mean the core game is unlimited? We are restricted on who we can hit, how many times we can hit them, bounty delays, the number of gifts we can send, the number of adventure helps, slaps are based on an opponents health.....the list goes on and on and We can level to our hearts content but what good does that do if content is behind us in levels and nearly every action we take is governed by something other than our own stats or will....I would hardly say that was unlimited. Like I said...I understand that some if not most things need to be reigned in to some degree to maintain balance but I still dont understand why we cant have a small piece of the game where things are truly unrestricted.

    My apologies for going off topic...I will keep all further remarks on point.
  12. Am a little confused as to the personal 'Perks', maybe you can explain how they are worked out?
    I have the highest ingame Health in my faction, yet I only have a 650,000 health perk, and my attack is pretty high too, yet a faction member 440 levels below me has a bigger attack perk than me.
    Does this mean as well as being a useless BA build, my slayer is also rubbish in Faction wars??
    Please explain?

    :confused: From Confused of [HM] :confused:
  13. kevinmalo

    kevinmalo Active Member

    So if a faction "A" kills a faction "E" the kill reward will be 20%? and if a faction "E" kills a faction "A" reward will be 180%?..... I dont feel it like a WAR..
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  14. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    My guess would be that "perks?" are figured much like BA perks which are based on your percentage of skill point allocation to each particular attribute. You can have the highest health in the game and still have less perk than others if your SP allocation to health is a lesser percentage of your over all skill points.

    One of the things that have bothered me from the beginning in regards to perks is that they dont take into account the high stamina needed at the higher levels. Obviously mucho stam is needed at those levels to keep moving forward. For every point that goes into takes away from one of the "perk" attributes.
  15. slave

    slave Member

    core game unlimited????

    lets see
    attacks - limited to 41
    thats pretty unlimited

    the only thing i see that is unlimited is how many times i can hit my level 406 clown boss (with the highest achievement at level 10...)

    where do you possibly see that the core game is unlimited? there is a limit on each and everything we do
    attack limited to 41, multiple attacks limited to stam
    outbreaks limited to nrg
    boss attacks limited to stam and then with a 24 hour cooldown

    what is unlimited??

    tell me im dying to hear...
  16. Nathan Lod

    Nathan Lod New Member

    Well I used up all my tokens again, and bought 4 refills and got through them in a minute. Time to wait again, lol.
  17. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    Same here pretty much. Even trying to go very slow and careful.

    Missed the kill on 5 different ones by being blocked on the last 4 attacks each time.

    I must say though it's hysterical watching factions come online 1 at a time one right after another. no, no alts there. LMAO.

    Gotta say as a "war" I find it highly lacking. But maybe it's better on FB. But Kano has an easy way to see who they should check for bans now, so maybe it's not a total loss.

    The limited refills are a good idea, keeps it a little more even. Reducing the time for tokens helps. But it's still a 4 minute mini game to me.

    sorry guys. I tried to like it. But I still find it rather useless.
  18. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    You forgot limited outbreak helps, limited challenge helps, oh and with the protection scheme limited listings. Oh yeah and limited gift gifing and at least on FB even limited boosts you can send out.
  19. So what

    So what Member

    eh the health clock needs a look at

    You have exceeded the maximum amount of heals please wait 47 minutes.

    seeing this for the last hour

    any chance you could look at it


    very funny this time but the loss of health not so funny ....for everyone
  20. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    This should be operating as the last war, looks like we were not very clear in the help info though. Your Faction is allowed a total of 300 heal actions in a period of 2 hours since the first heal action. If you get to 300 before the 2 hour period you must wait until the period completes. At the end of 2 hours the heal allocation is restored back to 300. If you die and respawn this allocation is automatically restored regardless of the time.

    Because of the allocation there is some strategy around when and who should be healing. Members with the highest defense skills and armed defense loadout will be able to heal the Faction with the most health and WP rewards.

    If anybody has feedback on the healing system please let us know!

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