[LCN] The Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra Item Creation Contest 2014!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Slade Ellis

    Slade Ellis New Member

    Item: weapon
    Name: Limb Lopper
    Description: a bigger, more badass version of a lopping chainsaw. Used to lop off enemy's limbs, etc.
  2. Slade Ellis

    Slade Ellis New Member

    Item: Vehicle
    Name: The Buzzkiller
    Description: dual rotor attack helicopter
  3. Ghostie

    Ghostie Member

    The Rowdy TinaNator - Allows a punch from a coward who punches & immediately suicides to be inflicted upon themselves :)
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  4. Alicja

    Alicja New Member

    Item: Antarctic snow boots
    Type: defense armor - protection from an extreme climate

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  5. Apizzle21

    Apizzle21 Member

    Item Name- Cock Block
    Item Type- Defense
    Item Description- When you are about to get facked by another player put this on and watch them get blocked (non-effective against a female unless they use a strap-on) [​IMG]
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  6. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    You guys are definitely going all-out, which is awesome to see! :) Picking a winner is going to be tough!
  7. Taka Dirtnap

    Taka Dirtnap New Member

    I have a decent idea. The Aardvark Flamethrower.It would be a vehicle shaped like an aardvark that shoots flames from the nose.High attack/defense.
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  8. Apizzle21

    Apizzle21 Member

    Item Name- Bath Salts
    Item Type-weapon
    Item description- take a bunch of these and bite somebodys face off like i seen on the news about what happened in miami (you damn zombies) [​IMG]
  9. Lou A. Munden

    Lou A. Munden New Member

    Jellyfish grenades...they explode and spray the area with flesh stinging goo...High attack/defense please :D
  10. Easy To Remember

    Easy To Remember Well-Known Member

    Item Creation Contest for Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra
    Item Name
    : Kanolar Jeans
    Item Type: Armor
    Item Description: Bulletproof Jeans made from Kanolar
    Reference Image: Kanolar Jeans.jpg
  11. OHJOEY1

    OHJOEY1 New Member

    Dj MWLCN Turntables....can be weapon or armor..
  12. vyking

    vyking New Member

    item name: sr-72
    item type : vehicle(jet)
    stats 340/180

    prototype was just released, it will be first jet capable of hypersonic flight(mach 7+)

    item name : linux rifle
    item type: weapon
    item stats: 340/180

    gun capable of acurate fire up to 1 mile with no training

    item name: holographic camoflage
    item type : armor
    item stats: 180/340
    armor covered in flexible lcd paper to blur outlines as your moving, and to cosmetically match you to your surroundings when standing still

    all 3 items exist and pictures can be seen on google images
  13. Mind Trap

    Mind Trap Member

    item - exploding football
    item type - weapon
    item description - an exploding football Shark_Football_by_ursus327.jpg
  14. mani meatball

    mani meatball New Member

    Bucket of tar and feathers
  15. Mind Trap

    Mind Trap Member

    item - chest rig
    item type - armor
    item description - all you need for defending your self. chest_rig_by_zorindenu-d4rrnr5.jpg
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  16. Puzzle Face

    Puzzle Face New Member


    The Energy Bomb. Instead of Attack and Defense you get a 1% boost in energy

    EVILSPEAK New Member

    Item Name - Acid Bath
    Item Type - Weapon
    A bath filled with Sulphuric Acid, deep enough to fully submerge your victim.[​IMG]
  18. Zudomon

    Zudomon New Member

    [​IMG] 66 School bus, Vehicle, Moes bus
  19. Larry Monette

    Larry Monette New Member

    Metalstormcan.jpg‎ (270 × 385 pixels, file size: 27 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg) Rolling Thunder 360 Attack 290 Def please click link to view picture sorry not great at this but trying like hell lol
  20. Larry Monette

    Larry Monette New Member

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