The Future of War Mode - Your Thoughts?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Mar 6, 2014.

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    I don't play war mode so have no interest in this discussion, but in the above statement, I do and Absolutely TOTALLY agree.
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    I note one consideration that has not been discussed is changing the entire game to war mode i.e. switch it on and allow guilds to switch it off after one week only in war mode. If you play the war moded game, war mode is the fast version of VC. The old VC minus war mode is a game I would never play again. It is a slow moving game with little action to it.

    So how about 1 week of everyone in "war mode" and let the bodies hit the floor? This is a battle game and people should expect a battle or more in playing the game v. sitting.

    If the dev side sees more action/more whatever it is you look at (purchase of FP's by the non-whales), maybe it should be a feature of the game. It would encourage people to play together for sure. It would also encourage some folks to play by themselves (guildless) for those that wish that.

    As is, without good rewards for guild play i.e. war mode, you are seeing the game wind down in interest for a lot of people.

    And mentioning rewards, you have no reply to this aspect. Relative to other game features war mode and guild play mode offer no "treats" other than an XP reward that is so so. Why Guild War (new) and Arena (getting old fast) offer FP, x Income, x XP rewards, yet can have passengers who do nothing get nice rewards? In War Mode Guilds have to spend FP's to be competitive yet you short us? WHY? In Guild Mode Play I don't think you have a comparison yet I do know that many teams fight for that trophy yet have no recognition .... odd odd odd.

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