The Future of War Mode - Your Thoughts?

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  1. PimpDaddyDuke

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    Go back and read what I posted. Take away War mode, and I, along with others will likely depart because one of the main reasons we play will be gone. I stopped playing PC, MW and ZS, but I still enjoy Viking Clan because it has more of an active userbase and also the war mode features. The guilds who are at the top of War Mode at the end of the season are there because they play their a$$et$ off! IE. They spend alot of time online to build the points, and they spend alot of money hitlisting folks to get the 10WP per hitlist of the people in their range. (Within 33% of the level of the player listing, so in my case, I list any level 2200ish to level 6000'ish that I can afford for the 10 WP). War mode HELPS the game. Even if you are not in war mode, ever notice that ONE and RVV and FREE and other strong guilds are in a close race for the WP title, we are listing alot of people on the hitlist in an effort to try and be the winner? You do like catching listed folks, correct?
    --By the way, just curious, what level are you Polish Pimp, I see you play all 4 games, how come we have never crossed paths, what level are you?
    --Anyway, War Mode should remain and is an important aspect of the game. (As I described above). -If you removed a portion of the game every time someone submitted a ticket "Whining" saying it was being exploited or whatever(often based on rumor, incorrect perception and 0 fact), there would be no War Mode, no Guild Wars, No Battle Arena, no Hitlist, No leveling via attacking another player, etc etc etc... . . . . . Surely you get my point: War Mode is a great aspect of the game, even for those not in war mode (Much more activity on the Hitlist for all) and absolutely should not be removed.

    ---Warmode winners are simply an accumulation of points by the most dedicated families. The top families in warmode are there because they have 25 active members who all are dedicated toward the effort of hitlisting, attacking, (sometimes getting killed by higher level folks via hitlist or direct attack), all in a hard effort to being the winning family. Guild Wars winners get there through HARD WORK and dedication. All 25 contribute, and for the families who have 25 rock solid family members, they rise to the top as they should. Again, to enhance War Mode (and thus, the hitlist activity, and the game as well), have nice big prizes spread down through the top 10 guilds, and more guilds would join in + enhance it even more. -- Those who still do not want to play in War Mode, then don't! That simple! :)

  2. I am with you Jen, chats get boring, and we all start to play less. There is less abuse in war mode too, as the bigger guys can only hit you 5x unless you go for there bounty. Although we in CCC play an entirely different war game in itself LOL
  3. gene illugi

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    i like the war mode . i especially like the xp's .lol . as for the alt's being used , i've been complaining about the cheats for years . kano is trying to get rid of them but i guess the cheats are doing a fair job of confusing the tests .

    i guess kano should delete any guild from the war that doesn't participate . any guild in the war that hasn't played at all for 6 months should be deleted along with all the members of the guild .

    keep the war and remember my old chant , " DELETE THE CHEATS" . lol
  4. Eric Thunderbone

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    I have participated in the war mode for less than a week. I joined the guild I'm in now at that time because I was VERY bored with the game in my old guild (who avoided conflicts like the plague). I'm only level 4575 and lose FAR more battles than I win in war mode and have been killed more times than I'd care to count in the last six days or so. I think I'm leveling slower than I was before while I'm learning the nuances because of backtracking when I get killed. That said, in the three-plus years I've played this game I HAVE NEVER HAD MORE FUN PLAYING THE GAME OR LOOKED MORE FORWARD TO LOGGING ON (even though I know I'll be dead when I do).

    Please don't remove war mode
  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I read what u said and I am sympathetic to your concerns. Perhaps u should read what I said like..."it would suck if it was taken away", "would be nice if it could be saved", "The whole activity rating thing sounds intriguing" and " In the end it would be worth tinkering with before eliminating it"

    I can appreciate the fact that you and your guild enjoy it and agree that it takes a group effort. My guild participated in it from its onset and dominated it until we grew bored with the lack of strategy and the cheats running rampant. I wouldnt even consider rejoining it with the way it still is and thats pretty much the whole point of this thread is it figure out ways to improve it so more will enter rather than eliminating it?

    Im just saying that if ya cant rally support and improve participation then it may very well be worth scrapping to make room.resources for something more people will enjoy. Im not advocating for its removal its not even my first option but if it comes down to it and it cant be improved and appease more players than its pretty much a drain on resources and we might as well tank it in exchange for something that will keep more players around or entice them to join.

    It would suck if u or a few more of the small handful that still participate left because of it but in the end we gotta do whats best for the overall game....hopefully it doesnt come to that.

    Not sure why my level matters just a nobody. I would imagine the reason we havent crossed paths is that we play on diff platforms. If ya get lucky u might find 1 or 2 on your platform that have bumped into me....but I doubt it.
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    WOADLORD Member

    I can't believe what i just read that you guys from Kano are thinking about removing the WAR MODE feature, instead you asked us players how can this be improved, you ask us to give you the go ahead to remove the WAR you want to keep the guild wars so we spend 3fp's for 50 hits? well not any more..if you only listened from past suggestions about doing more attractive WAR and improve the system and wps distribution plus better rewards, today you are not asking such a non sense question. like other players said if WAR MODE be removed there will be not much more why to play and love this game.
  7. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    No!!! Do not remove War Mode. Without it I would fall asleep. What concerns me is that so few actually participate in it. Perhaps upping some of the incentives to participate. Well we will probably never win in our Guild (We value friendship above ability to get WPs) We do love causing mayhem. As to the new Guild Wars I love the premise. Hate the limitations and the cost.
  8. D O C

    D O C New Member

    I would recommend not removing war season because you had a couple complaints of cheats. A lot of the active participation comes from war season. I'm sure its not a news flash but there is cheating in daily points and war games also so why not just remove those features too and we can just have Viking Chat. Removing war season makes no sense. It will remove participation and players will just move onto other things. You should be creating ideas to enhance the game and increase the community not coming up with ideas on how to push people away.
  9. Robert Belrose

    Robert Belrose Active Member

    You are considering getting rid of war mode because there are cheats? I guess you will need to get rid of Guild wars, battle arena, bounty hunting, and leveling then too. Here's an idea: get rid of the alts you find AND the parent accounts, and when someone is caught using scripts don't just give them a little time off, get rid of them so they can't do it again!
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  10. Ragnar The Raw

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    Guild War is what we do. Much more enjoyable then getting the daily gp's in a matter of minutes. No limit to how many points you can earn for your guild. I do know all the little tricks that have been used to gain or prevent other guilds from gaining points. I say that you should not be able to attack and kill a fellow guild member bounty or not! You shouldn't even be able to declan a guild member! LOONs That type of play is dishonorable and is not true at all to what war really is. You should defend your guild, retaliate on the enemy but never kill your own guild just to gain coins or prevent another guild from gaining war points. Most shameful. Other than that my only complaint is that there aren't more guilds that are brave enough to join the ongoing war. A vikings dream is to die in battle. Death is only another stat as the preset message says. One improvement I will suggest is that war points should be rewarded for bounty traps. A bounty kill is 8 or 9 war points right? Listing someone is worth 10, why no points for bounty trap kills? They should also have achievements for these as well as slap kills, and war points and kills should be rewarded when someone attacks you and dies unless they get the kill for killing themselves....? THANKS
  11. TheTeutonicKnight

    TheTeutonicKnight New Member

    No one is putting a gun to your head to use refills. My guild actually has a lot of fun in Guild Wars without doing the other War mode.
  12. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    1) If you addressed half the questions posed to you, you would not be posing this kind of a question. There would be discussion re alts, cheats, mini's.

    2) Alts used in warmode is usually smack talk related rather than anything factual. Any and I do mean any guild competitive in war mode knows who the competition is attacking creating no advantage. There are however game rules that may need to be addressed as you state for inactive players in war mode.

    3) Smack talk from Kanoplay 2 is hardly related to the Kanoplay 1 war mode play. There are perhaps 75 to 100 characters in warmode in Kanoplay 2. In Kanoplay 1, Facebook, I would estimate there are from 600 to 1000 characters active in warmode. The high end of the estimate is for those who go in and out of the mode to suit their game time.

    4) You want to watch paint dry after playing warmode? I suggest you mitch take you small band of Kano guild members on Kanoplay 1 and actively try the game out. I don't think you understand it, to compete in it, to be with gamers who want to achieve a higher rank if not the highest rank in the game. Try for a few weeks hard core with the aim of improving your rank: you are not going to beat a guild with a fuller complement of players but you can aim to make the board (top 30) and move up from wherever. See how hard it is and what that gaming challenge is. Then comment on the game itself. You might also learn that most "alt" business is a zero sum game, period.

    5) Your activity degradation would do nothing to inactive players. They don't play. They don't care. If you booted them from war mode for inactivity, fine. It would cost us all who like the mode, less stam to play it. I kind of actually thought that some of these guilds of low levels are actually a kano production. Eliminating them might make the mode more challenging but also less intensive competitively. It is obvious to me, you have not read the RVV-One competitive smack talk and really understood it. You might not see it. This is Kanoplay 1 btw where one group claims to be able to beat the other anytime, and the same goes opposite. When the game is close it is a gamers dream you have set up. SN / One / RVV have had these photo finishes too. VKF / One / RVV where you have 25 gamers in each team doing their utmost to win, and trust me, you can ask any participant: it is thrilling to even lose when you are so close to gaining the win!!!!!!! It sux way less than doing nothing.

    6) It is difficult for me to relate to the war mode competition in Kanoplay 2 to the one in Kanoplay 1 though I participate and have in both. It is fighting opportunities and some players want a suitable advantage based on some earning of perceived rank. Yes, high level I am and yes I have few people to list for 10 pts but I have lots of people to list for others for 9pts that they score. I win all my fights unless they are countered and my axe is pretty good for 4 wps or 16 wps if I am really lucky (i have gotten 3 axe kills and missed the 4th on one character). The complaint level to not play for individual "hardness" to me reflects an easy selfish policy of game play v. social game play that might be more in the interest of the guild than the interest of one or two players that are already advantaged otherwise.

    7) Frankly, you remove warmode, you remove the interest of guild play in the game. You remove the reason why some login every hour. You would remove the reason some play period. You would not just see only god bounties: you would likely lose some of the top gamers in these types of game. We don't want boredom. We want competition and fun. We don't want to pay endless for our fun either (Guild Wars).

    8) This type of question is saying to me, the time is up on this game that was stuck for many years on the Muspell level. I have over 5000 fire horses in the pasture, whose flames have long gone out. Time for the glue to the whole thing?

    9) When a certain player beat the crap out of then champion and that champion whined cheat cheat cheat, and other players said the same you did nothing. Did you listen to them? No. In a few cases, they quit by deactivating but in other cases, they paid less but still played as much, playing you and playing those that quit as most know the truth, especially after the fact when the techniques are revealed. You like listening to the negative folks who are loosers? Keep on listening to them v. listening to the active players who wish actually to improve your games.

    10) When a game ceases to lead its players and rather has to follow them and catch up, it gets rather dull for those leaders. To the war mode leaders, we played the game. We liked the game. You gave an opportunity for every active player to slap any one else in war mode, and with low risk, compete v. the best players of the game. Your rank rewards however were inadequate to encourage much more warmode in the active Kanoplay 1 and Kanoplay 2 even. You had a chance and when the weekly season was over, you showed everyone you did not really give a crap of their effort. You punted right away but you did build up the coming War mode. Frankly, minus war mode bounties as stated above, you would have a few god bounties and that is it. The incentive to bounty at all is long gone and with little purpose to guild play, why bounty at all: no achievements for more than 400 bounties!!!!!!!!! Down from 2000. Down from 1500. Down from 1000).

    11) I suggest looking at the stats as to what war mode bounties exist daily and imagine a game without them. Dull. God bounties of the dead and inactive?

    12) As put to you before, you need to increase rewards for war mode play, across all ranks and make it worthwhile for guild members to compete for that rank in war mode. You have done this in Arena play which is hardly what it was outlined to be, with team play its focus now rather than individual play. The War function, in a fighting game, in a social networking game, to lack rewards for competing actively in it, and the contemplation of penalizing the inactive, who would not care a whit, v. inducing more activity which benefits the activity level of the games. You got me shaking my head wondering what next you will think of while you lack any thought to the levels and achievements of those who have none ahead of them. You may wonder why your game loses players. This thinking you exhibit is prima facia evidence of why.

    13) I hope the co-founders read this thread and react appropriately.
  13. Lawskar

    Lawskar Member

    As someone who rarely participates in War mode, it would be presumptuous of me to offer an opinion either way... However, if you'd like to increase participation in this area, I'd suggest altering the fight dynamic with re to the win/loss result based outcome: Which lets face it is simply I'm a higher level, you lose I win I get more points for doing the same amount of work; Umm not very sporting!!

    I personally have a proclivity towards GW as it requires a greater degree of tactical skill, and the future outcome of the melee is much less certain...

    Just think if War was modified to incorporate the Arena methodology, it would be a lot more fun and possibly gain more interest from elsewhere...

    If there were more actives involved, if the I attack you option was slightly less certain in terms of winning and losing, it might.. just might lessen the impact of 'Dummy Guilds' increase revenue and provide a more even handed platform... Hey if you did that then I might consider playing it myself!!
  14. cheating sucks, but there are plenty of players who are dedicated to getting their war points week in and week out and to remove the war mode would be a disservice to them, tweak it all you want, try to reduce cheating, I'm all for that. But i think removing it completely would be totally unfair to players and guilds that have stuck with it from the get go, plus the xp rewards for war mode are nice and the game is definitely far more full of activity for those at war as opposed to those who are not. Keep War Mode for those who participate, those who dont, why are you chiming in anyway? You dont participate so who cares what you think, sit back and watch.
  15. Zvonimir Bojkovic

    Zvonimir Bojkovic New Member

    Do not change anything,leave it the way it is !!!!!!!!
  16. Crisom Melo

    Crisom Melo Member

    I cant believe it in what i readed.

    What you must do you dont do and what you must dont do you want do and do. Yes are many "DO"s . Know what? You are a dead game already. Take out the war mode and you will have players changing to FARMVILLE looking for some action.

    Replace for GUILD WARS to take money from players. TSK TSK

    this game IT'S OVER.
  17. Ståle Lyngfoss

    Ståle Lyngfoss New Member

    i`ve been in war mode for almost 2 years straight exept for 1 week, and that is the most boring week i`ve had in game, and i ended up not playing at all. War mode is something that can keep you playing without any dead time, compared to GW that last a few min befor running out of tokens and the only purpose it have is sucking FP out of people. As far as i see it, i can`t see a reason to log on if ther is no war mode, it is good exp and fun as it keeps a guild trying to fight together for something that can`t be done with just a few players! Maybe if you gave war mode a real end prize the interest would rise again. This is a 7 day fight, and if 2-3 guild are knifing to be nr.1 the fight ain`t over until the last sec. And if you look at it, players don`t play war mode case of the "great" prize of 2/3 exp of a lvl for a 7day fight. We are in it cause we enjoy it, it is fun.! About alt accounts, why not drop them if you have reason to belive they are just dummy guilds used just to heal? there might be a few, but i realy don`t think that is gonna change anything on the rankings
  18. PimpDaddyDuke

    PimpDaddyDuke Member

    The consensus is coming together and looks pretty clear here: Keep War Mode!

    If you do anything, ENHANCE the prize payout of warmode in order to bring more guilds into the fold seeking the good prizes! Enhancing warmode prizes = Greater warmode play = more folks online more often, resulting in a more active bounty list, and a more active Viking Clan Game for all.

    Now, as to a cool prize drop: Thought could be given to 1 good warrior and/or 1 good weapon drop at the end of the week for participants reaching some level of achievment in Warmode, perhaps everyone who is member of a guild that reaches the top ten (Kind of like one weapon or warrior that drops at the end of a Hunter Challenge or Odin's Rule Challenge?) ... That'd likely bring in some new guilds into the fold!

    Not likely to be added by Kano I know, but just a thought as to what might grab more players interest in Warmode and enhance it. People play the 3-day challenges with enthusiasm for nice weapon, EXP and Cash drops... Bring some of that "loot" to the warmode as well, and I bet that will enhance it alot + increase participation by more guilds.
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  19. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    well said pimpster
  20. Crisom Melo

    Crisom Melo Member

    YOU have thoughts how can distroy the game pay atencion in WHO? PLAYERS? For sure dont.

    I can type here what i think about this idea without be banished
    YOU can go sleep and dreaming with it

    After all that i read, that changed in this game that i play for years I had a thought: OH MY GOD. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!

    The good news after that is: WE always can change... OF GAME

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