The Future of War Mode - Your Thoughts?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hey all,

    Recently we've received a few tickets through Support and a couple posts on the forum about War Mode (not to be confused with the similarly named Guild Wars) and I thought we should open this up to a larger discussion about the future of the mode.

    The developers have pulled some stats on War Mode and it seems that few Guilds actively participate in the mode and those that do are voicing their concerns over the use of alt or "dummy" Guilds to bump up points. So, we can approach any possible changes to War Mode in one of two ways:

    1) Revamp the existing rules of War Mode to favor active Guilds and put in place some new rules and regulations to lessen the impact of dummy Guilds. (For example an activity rating could be introduced where you War Mode ranking would be affected by your activity rating so maintaining your activity rating would allow you to retain War Points earned while inactivity would cause them to degrade.)


    2) Eliminate War Mode going forward and have Guild Wars replace it fully.

    So what do you guys think? Is War Mode something we should keep around? How would you exploit-proof it?
  2. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Im all for eliminating it all together because it is easily abused and in my opinion to limited for my taste. With that said though I understand that some people genuinely enjoy it and it would suck to have it taken away.

    In the end i think it would be worth tinkering with a lil bit before eliminating it if didnt put much of a strain on already limited resources. I like the sound of an edge for the more active guilds but would need a a lil more info on actual numbers to determine how much of a diff it would actually make.

    The whole activity rating thing is actually an intriguing thought, perhaps we should consider it for the BA as well ;)
  3. Papakendall

    Papakendall New Member

    I'm all for considering for the BA as well..
  4. Infernal Devil

    Infernal Devil New Member

    why remove the funniest thing on VC??? I tried play out of war a few weeks, and that was the most boring weeks i spent on VC. I will quit play if it get removed and I doubt I am the only one thinking that
  5. 'David Ramos

    'David Ramos Active Member

    I used to be in a WAR MODE Guild- It was a cheaters funhouse!!! - KANO should check out those "GUILDS" in WM- that R 25th & lower place- notice how many single player or long time players at under level 500!!!! those are ones 'LETTING'-- the higher placed Guilds Kill them ! I like Guild Wars- better-- BUT - of course some GUILDS figured out how to abuse that as well--
  6. Your

    Your New Member

    Personally I would suggest keeping war mode and getting rid of Guild Wars. War mode is more fighting and just having fun. Guild Wars eats up our GOD points and gives very very little in return as a reward. 10 GOD points for what? 30+ spent on refills? I vote for getting rid of Guild wars and leaving war mode alone. For the simple fact, war mode makes viking clan more interesting, because its a war game, its about battles, not sitting trying to pick guild kills from other like players do in Guild Wars. If war mode goes, so do I.
  7. George Bancks

    George Bancks New Member

    or how about (3) Leave War mode as it is & in order to eliminate the {so called} disadvantage of secret alt guilds is to simply add a column or two to the Leaderboard Guild rankings to remove the advantage. By adding WM attacks and defenses (or some form of activity measure) the fathom guilds can be seen by and attacked by E1 @ war, and by click Sorting these columns would essentially level the playing field. AND War mode can remain as is. Players should not be penalized for attacking all players at war after all isn't the point in war to make more points (WP & XP) by using stamina.
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  8. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    heres a crazy idea...and yes, im in full smart-ass mode about kicking the alt guilds out of the wars altogether...if a guild does nothing but heal to get bountied by one guild, guess what? if a guild has one member that gets bountied and caught repeatedly by the same guild, guess what? if theres a dead guild that hardly has one active member but is in the wars, guess what? it could be eliminated on kanoplay sever 2, its literally just 5 guilds all battling for the same spot they continue to get every week lol pretty pointless if ya ask me
  9. Infernal Devil

    Infernal Devil New Member

    how about this.... if someone that is in war mode hit me it open up war mode hits for everyone in war mode. that way you canĀ“t get a advantage using alts.
    You can still slap alts I guess... But that shows in the guilds "current wars whit", so al can see them.
  10. LaScepter

    LaScepter Well-Known Member

    My guild recently came out of war mode for 2 weeks...We at that time were in war mode for 700+ days straight...I thought after having 2 weeks off they would decide to pull out from War Mode...but instead couldnt wait untill we were activly in War Mode again..We enjoy it , yes we know all about the cheaters and how they pull off their war points....I have to say we prefer to KEEP war mode and would LOVE some tweeks to the game as you have stated above...I actually like # 1's option....We will miss the action and the exp that being in war mode gives....PS...we were s friggin board out of war mode....please fix itand KEEP it ....kill the cheaters guilds take their tags if they are inactive..! ..then their will be no points to be gathered from those who have it set up to do so......
  11. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    and on a side note, pertaining to the new guild wars....its very easy for guilds to cheat...if i were kano, i would keep an eye on guilds that add a recently joined lower level not long before they would be extremely easy for someone in any guild to create an alt and level it quickly saving up their fps and use that acct to give everyone free refills. ive noticed a couple guilds that seem to add a new member before every one.....even putting a time restriction on new members and being able to play them wouldnt really stop it from happening, it would just make it a little harder....penalties need to be in place for cheating guilds
  12. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    great points and assuming you play on fb? cause war mode is dead on the old myspace
  13. PimpDaddyDuke

    PimpDaddyDuke Member

    I'll be plain and simple here: Elimination of War Mode would greatly degrade this game as I see it. Do not remove War Mode! A couple thoughts:

    --- I am a mid-level player (Level 6800) and I find it very difficult to make much progress leveling. Very few people in my range on the fight list. With war mode, There is a list of players in other guilds I can attack 5 times each, with decent XP for the hits and punches.

    --- Take into consideration also that for me personally, I like to log in several times a day so that I can run down the War Mode Fight list and attack who ever happens to be online at the time I log on. In other words, the War Mode PROMOTES ACTIVITY in the game because the people who are online longer, or log in multiple times a day, will have attacked more folks by the end of the day. (And thus, more WP, and importantly as well, more XP gained for the dedicated player who makes that effort). Also, War Mode promotes more people being added to the hitlist, thus again, enhancing the game, even for those not in war mode who have opportunities to catch those bounties as well.

    --- My Recommendation: You tell whatever old Toad who is advocating the removal of Guild Wars to "play his game" and not play War Mode if they do not want to. Having War Mode as an aspect of the game ENHANCES the game for those who do choose to participate in it. (And again, with more activity on the hitlist due to folks in War MOde listing each other, that enhances it for non-war mode players as well)

    There is 0 reason to remove War Mode segment of the game.

    Removing War Mode, for me, would make this game much more boring and I would likely fade away from the game if it was removed. What real reason would there be to log on very often?

    1) I like Battle Arena. (Some people complain about that part of the game.)
    2) I like Guild Wars. (Some people complain about that part of the game also.)
    3) I like War Mode and being able to attack all folks on the war list in guilds that participate. (Some folks complain about that also)...

    Removing War Mode would be a Terrible Idea, Period. Again, tell the old 'ticket submitting' toad to play their own game! No 'ticket' to remove a portion of the game is warranted and would only be detrimental.

    You want to enhance the game? Enhance the rewards received in War Mode! Make it a nice enough payout to places down through 10th place that would result in other guilds deciding to join it as well, further enhancing the excitement, fun, and competition of war mode.

    I rarely log in to this chat, as I usually ignore the stream of 'tickets' and complaint discussions that go on here... Folks will complain all day. But on this, I wanted to post my thoughts. You remove War Mode or make too many changes that degrade it, and you will only be doing a detriment to the game. ----Kris L. Duke (AKA. PimpDaddyDuke)
  14. 'David Ramos

    'David Ramos Active Member

    ok so you would rather have those MANY ALT GUILDS - in WM-- just using their MINI's-- to gain ??-- where as in Guild Wars- it takes ACTUAL players to advance- & yes It's an advantage to be higher level- to use refills! To refill your lower level members- at least Kano has put limitations so someone can't just use their thousands of stams to just to gain 'UNLIMITED' amounts of exp---- UNLIKE ARENA where a lower level has NOOOO chance!! thats why all my lower level clan give me their name in ARENA (after I get my 100 attacks in)--so I can kill them (in Arena)
  15. votaire

    votaire New Member

    I agree! WAR MODE is the best part of VC. I took a break from it and it made the game boring!! yes I think a few changes need to be made about the inactive guild issue, but see no reason to remove WM altogether. I think if we all work together, Im sure the issues could be resolved.
  16. LaScepter

    LaScepter Well-Known Member

    Yes I play on Facebook Demonik1...
  17. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    i say keep it on fb where theres lots more playing, over on kanoplay server 2 its really promotes a bit more activity between 5 guilds....thats not even 100 out of 700 cause a couple of the guilds arent even full lol
  18. LaScepter

    LaScepter Well-Known Member

    Im more of a fan of War Mode than the new Guild Wars...GW is costly ...with a dribble for rewards in return....I agree that i think it keeps VC active and interesting so fixing war mode would keep the game active...many may fall out from playing if its taken away...I would like to see a better reward plan for war mode though..
  19. Infernal Devil

    Infernal Devil New Member

    better rewards and achievments would make game and war mode funnier and more active. that and fix the problems whit taking advantage whit alts, if that even happends i been in war mode seens it started and never seen it, would make this game so much funnier cause more guilds would join
  20. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Would be nice if it could be saved but in the end if it cant get a lot more active guilds than its just taking up space. I get that a few players really like it and there is some benefits to be had but maybe if they eliminate it they can come up with something better that more will enjoy.

    I agree with Demonik that a lot of theses alts and their guilds are pretty much sending up smoke signals, waving red flags the size of texas , wearing Sandwich boards that read "cheater" while screaming at the top of their lungs ..LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME! Needless to say but its a bit perplexing why Kano is allowing this to go on. If its simply not worth their time then its simply not worth keeping

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