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    what the danger is , is that it is no longer is a fighting game. Perks arise and that's no relevant. Don't go mafia wars where the generosity of the devs completely undermine fighting ability. The doomed are lost in spam and kano is going that way. I do not have to fight - put the xp where the fight is. U know, log on, check loot boxes and thats bad, upping the ante for nothing, check battle - syndicate wars or arena or raids. Pick up ur boosts, wtf = when do I start 1 on 1. There's always 1 on 1 somewhere, could be pirates where its hardcore, zombies server 2 too, they are the best...or some sort of warmode, which would be vikings as costra nostra is whack.....lcn warmode is just for higher levels or suicidal tendencies...decimated but keep ur bounty high high and thrill the hunters. but where is the fun.

    When mobwars began, which was the precursor to kano, it was all about fighting. These days, its not. That's the change. blah blah don't overdevelop and think u have to keep on giving and adding new features as it destroys the game and lessens my is no longer a fighting game, its a game of growth but I could do that under the sun smoking a cuban cigar. Players want conflict, determine, demonize the enemy,..... .hell I check rival feed, but am lost on fight list - no need, too - many xtra xps = - look u have to up up the xp from fights, otherwise u go down the not keep on giving xtras as u do...(well u can, who does not like freebies but underworld is not a place of generosity.........Anyways luv u Canada...look to put it simply, fighting game no more, there's no xp in fights, its just growth - aka levels and the plot is lost.

    The danger is not in the fighting, its in the boredom when u don't have to fight.
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    There's more than one way to play the game. You can concentrate on fighting, almost ignore it completely or take a balanced approach. The choice in how to play is part of the game's appeal not a problem

    No one way to play is inherently better than another. All just personal preference.
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    Well said

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