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    TGIF! I hope everyone is having a better Friday than I am, as I'm currently holed up at home in bed trying to shake an illness I seem to have woken up with. I'm hoping I don't wake up as a Zombie, but I've stocked up on brains just in case.

    But enough about me and my possible illness, let's take a look at this past week:


    • New Limited Items
    • New Limited Quantity Items
    • New Anchorage Co-op boss and mini-game

    Summer Games Calendar

    Our special 3-day Summer Games Calendar launched today at 12pm (PDT) and will be available until Monday July 23 at 12pm (PDT). It's only around for a short time, so make sure you get yours done quickly! As with are other special limited-time Calendars, you'll be able to complete this one up to 3 times. So quick, get on it!

    Player Bans

    I apologize that we haven't been keeping you all up-to-date with the player ban total, so this week I thought I'd do both a past week total and a running total since May.

    Past week:

    FB: 25
    MS: 1

    Running Total since May:

    FB: 85
    MS: 23

    We are committed to keeping our games fun and fair for everyone, and will continue to ensure that players are playing fairly and within our Terms of Use.

    Ask Kano

    This is a re-post from last week, but we're still looking for more questions, so I'll post it again:

    At some point in the relatively-near future, we will be doing a video segment called “Ask Kano.” This will be a monthly segment where we’ll be answering player-submitted questions about our games. These will be done separately for each game, and will feature me talking with one (or more) of our Devs about your questions. I’m really excited to get started on this, and to do so we need your questions!
    The questions can be about anything to do with the game, its features, story, items, etc. although please don’t submit questions about other players or factions, as we won’t answer them. We obviously can’t answer every question, but will make an effort to answer a wide variety of interesting questions. If you would like recognition for your query, please include your game name and the platform you play on and we will potentially include it when reading out the question.

    Please email your questions to ask.zombieslayer@kanoapps.com with the subject line “Ask Kano”

    That’s it for this week! Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go back to trying to regain my good health.

    Have a great and healthy weekend everyone! It's nap time for Wonder Bread.

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  2. http://mysp.ac/zs_forum goes to a page that says "
    Something's wrong here...

    Uh oh, bitly couldn't find a link for the bitly URL you clicked.

    Most bitly URLs are 4-6 characters, and only include letters and numbers (and are case sensitive)."
  3. Wonder Bread

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    Thanks for catching that Larry! It appears the link I've been copying and pasting somehow dropped an important word somewhere along the line. It should work now, but do let me know if it doesn't.
  4. Eraser

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    Im just wondering. If its a video segment.... Would you be willing to use video questions?
  5. Wonder Bread

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    That's an excellent question, and one we hadn't really considered.

    Just as we don't guarantee questions being sent in getting used, we obviously wouldn't be able to guarantee that a video question would be used. We are, however, definitely willing to consider video questions.

    Good idea Skywalker! I'll add that to the description in our official post about the feature: http://forums.kanoapps.com/showthread.php?8003-Have-a-question-We-might-just-have-an-answer!
  6. Running Total since May:

    FB: 85
    MS: 23

    FB has at least another 500 that are cheating daily that includes their ALTS .. Step it up Kano.
  7. Survival Streak 0

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    Careful what you wish for there, I know atleast two TF's that are infact 1 person ;)

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