[PC] TGIF! Pirate Clan Development News June 15 - 19

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  1. mi7ch

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    TGIF! Here’s your development news round-up for the past week!

    Player Bans June 7 - June 14

    As a reminder, the following numbers are permanently frozen accounts, and don't count temporary freezes.

    FB: 13
    KP2: 7

    The majority of permanently frozen accounts are frozen for being a shared or alternate account. This is something we actively investigate, and we appreciate players reporting suspicious accounts to us.

    If you have any questions or comments about a frozen account, please direct them through Support as the Forums are not the place to discuss account freezes, because of the sensitive account information involved.

    New Limited Items!

    A new week means new Limited Items! Here’s what’s up for grabs:

    New Raid Boss June 25: Mandrakora!

    You and your fellow Pirates can look forward to fighting a new Raid Boss next week on June 25!


    Weekday Calendar Next Week!

    Get ready for Summer with next week’s Calendar! It starts Monday June 22 at 10 am PDT.


    Indicating “Dead” Status on Players

    Recently we rolled out a change to viewing Armadas where an icon would display whether an enemy is Healing or Dead. This week, our developers rolled that modification out to the Battle interface and the player’s profile so you can know they’re unable to be hit before spending a click on them!

    Please note that this functionality is only available on the “new” Battle interface due to the code on the old version being unmaintained. :)

    Here are a couple screenshots for reference (yes, this is Zombie Slayer, but the concept is the same):



    Battle Screen


    Support Report with your favorite burrowing nocturnal mammal and Answerpreneur, Aardvark!

    Happy Juneteenth!

    I'm a bit of a scramble to get things done before the weekend, so keeping it super short!

    Just a reminder: if you ever have concerns about your account, please contact us yourself! We're not able to discuss accounts with anyone other than their owners.

    Tickets are the best way to contact us, but if you find you are having difficulty setting up or using our Support ticketing system, please feel free to DM us on the Forums or send us an email and we'll make sure you get sorted out.


    who wonders if her next mobile should be an iPhone or another Android. :/

    Terrible Joke of the Week

    Here's your lame joke of the week!

    How do you get four suits for a dollar?
    Buy a pack of cards!

    That's it for TGIF this week, everybody! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

    Play Now!

    Facebook Canvas: https://apps.facebook.com/pirateclan/?fb_source=appcenter&fb_appcenter=1
    Facebook Connect: http://www.kanoplay.com/pirateclan?game_server=server_1
    Kano Play Server 2: http://www.kanoplay.com/pirateclan?game_server=server_2
    Kongregate: http://www.kongregate.com/games/kanoapps/pirate-clan
    Armor Games: http://armorgames.com/pirate-clan-game/15877
  2. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Can we punish the players who say they have heard back from Kano with stupid responses spreading it all over the game. Making them look like idiots and trying to put Kano in a situation with those other players. Now i know being a mod at one time Kano won't release that type of info or say anything along the lines these players claim. But if they want to do that i say ban them for a week or a month teach them a lesson to quit making things up.
  3. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Nice on the bans, and get the Iphone :)
  4. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I feel the fact that anyone who does that , looks stupid, all on their own, it is pretty funny :)
  5. That Dead icon is a life savior! thank you, KANO!
  6. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member


    the raid boss links are not working this time around when you post in armada, if it is a person on same platform as you they can get in but when it tries to translate link for other platform then something happens where it isnt letting you join the raid only view it, was working fine last time not sure why it is acting up now
  7. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    also for the raids the healing amount this time around has been cut down roughly 30ish percent compared to the other bosses is there a reason for that?

    use to get around 6.5k-7.5k health per heal now only 3.5k-4.5k
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  8. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    The base number for heal amount done to Raid Parties has not changed since the we made the adjustment to pay out more health regained for less Energy. The healing done to your party depends on your party makeup and a few other factors. :)
  9. the last 2 new raid bosses the healing is horrid... first few raids gave 2 times the amount of health back per 20 energy heal. mi7ch do you play any of these raid bosses? no doubt it is tweaked on health having to refill stamina and energy every few levels original raids only refilled stamina
  10. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Yep, I'm in someone's Raid Boss party right now. :)
  11. notice the health regain is much lower? what is party makeup? have killed these by myself without refilling energy. if there is a new trick sure lots of us would like to know
  12. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    ya mi7ch on kong i join a fair amount of raids and all raids doesnt matter who is in em i do the exact same damage and heal no matter what xp is the same this is even when nobody is on the raid or the raid is full, something is just off for the newest raids. could you get some info from the devs about this to see what they have to say please.
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  13. first 4 were good at health regain last 2 cannibal fleet and this one something is definitely off
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  14. Lady G in PC

    Lady G in PC New Member

    I too have noticed a significant change on healing in raids this time, i used to get sometimes double the healing amount with a heal, than what was lost on an attack, i am a big defense player and now, i see Less healing with each heal than with each attack, Houston..we seem to have a big problem here :( also energy drops are Very stingy this time also. Yes, We, Notice..when i only get two drops from 1000 attacks...issues! Please fix this, or it won't be worth bothering with the raids. Thanks :)
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  15. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    I've already inquired with the developers about any possible changes to healing when the question was first posed to me via a PM and they have told me that nothing in this Raid Boss was changed in regards to Healing in the code or the design. If we make changes, I call them out on the Raid Boss announcement post on the forums. :)
  16. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    can you ask em what is going on, because something is different about the heals. might be a glitch or something i dont know lol but something is different.

    they are messing with you mi7ch lol

    EDIT: could it have something to do with how much more health the cannibal and this new raid have compared to the others because that is the only thing i can see that changed other then more attack?
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  17. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    The Health of the Raid Boss does not affect Party healing.

    Healing done is based on a static number, which has not changed since we made the adjustment to the amount of Health payed out and lowered the Energy requirement (more for less). The amount healed is based on the composition of the party (the higher the overall health of the party, the more healing paid back) and there is some random number generation in there as well (there is a chance that a Heal to the party can be above or below its base value, but the range on that is limited). So the number can be different each time, but this has been the case since the Raid Bosses were introduced.

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