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    LOL No kidding. A temporary city would be a lot of work and I just can't see Kano doing that when they won't even create new cities even though many players on FB have long been past the last city by many levels. Not to mention how would they set up a "all level" city? Even when my Moon boss was a low level, if I shared it with lower level players they said it took too much stamina to even get minimum. How would they set up an "all level" city so that lower levels could get minimum and enough drops and higher levels didn't kill them in 3 or 4 attacks? Not to mention how would they set up the stats to keep lower levels from becoming ridiculously strong while making it worth while for the higher levels? I mean, there is a reason why when you start out and play, only at certain levels can you add more mobsters up to 1000, inventory items are not available to purchase with upkeep until certain levels, jobs and job drops are set by levels, and bosses are not open to players until certain cities are reached by levels.

    There is a point where levels have to matter or there is no point in even having them.
  2. it will be fun if they open a temp city, might prompt those who are in hibernation to become active.
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    I have ideas about how this could work, but I'm not in favor of a location open to all levels, so I won't encourage this topic. Now that I've said that, this will probably be released next week.
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