[LCN] TGIF! Mob Wars: LCN Development News Feb 9 - 13

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    TGIF! Here’s your development news round-up for the past week!

    Player Bans February 2 - February 8

    As a reminder, the following numbers are permanently frozen accounts, and don't count temporary freezes.

    FB: 94
    KanoPlay: 46
    Kong/Armor: 240

    The majority of permanently frozen accounts are frozen for being a shared or alternate account. This is something we actively investigate, and we appreciate players reporting suspicious accounts to us.

    If you have any questions or comments about a frozen account, please direct them through Support as the Forums are not the place to discuss account freezes, because of the sensitive account information involved.

    New Limited Items!

    A new week means new Limited Items! Here’s what’s up for grabs:


    Valentine’s Day Weekend Calendar!

    Valentine’s Day is tomorrow so we’re running a weekend Calendar! This Calendar goes until February 16 at 10:00 am PST.


    New Player Kill Achievements!

    The 2015 achievement roll-out...er, rolls on with Player Kill achievements! These achievements are earned by killing your opponents! These achievements will be available today in every game and to earn the ones you have passed you need to kill another player to get them to pop. Battle/Fight, Slap/Punch/Whip and Trap kills all count towards this achievement. The numbers are as follows:


    Normally when we bring out achievements we want to have one or two for players to strive for, but with this release - since we are starting a new category - trying to encompass everyone from zero player kills up to the top of the leaderboard in one go would have made for some large gaps. In the coming months we can look to extend these achievements out again to get to where the top players in this category are to give everyone something to go for. :)

    Beta Fish Item Giveaway!

    We’re giving away a free item! Check this thread here to snag your very own Beta Fish.

    Support Report with your favorite burrowing nocturnal mammal and Answerpreneur, Aardvark!

    The folks in Support would like me to convey to you a brief explanation of how chat bans work. Some players have the impression that you are banned for something you have said very recently, say within the last day or so, and are rightly puzzled when they write in with that frame of thinking.

    Our chat reports stretch back a couple days, and even though we try to get through them quickly, they do tend to pile up, especially over the weekend. Even if you’ve been totally polite the past couple of days, your messages from the past can still land you in trouble.

    However, Support is generally very nice about giving you access back to the World Chat as long as you ask! Of course if you are a “repeat offender” then you might have to ask extra nicely with a cherry on top to get your privilege to post back. ;)

    Who wants Aardvark to come back so she can write these again

    Terrible Joke of the Week

    Here's your lame joke of the week!

    Just went to an emotional wedding.
    Even the cake was in tiers.

    That's it for TGIF this week, everybody! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!!

    Play Now!

    Facebook Canvas:https://apps.facebook.com/la_cosa_nostra/?fb_source=appcenter&fb_appcenter=1
    Facebook Connect: http://www.kanoplay.com/la_cosa_nostra?game_server=server_1
    Kano Play Server 2: http://www.kanoplay.com/la_cosa_nostra?game_server=server_2
    Kongregate: http://www.kongregate.com/games/kanoapps/mob-wars-la-cosa-nostra
    Armor Games: http://armorgames.com/play/14870/mob-wars-la-cosa-nostra
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    240?! That's like more than the players I know from there...
    Wtf is wrong with ppl
  3. I love the fact that you're finally dealing with all the pathetic alt-accounts in LCN :D
    Keep up the good work mi7ch and the staff at KANO :)

    By the way.....Why don't we have a thumbs up or thumbs down in our list of smileys ?? ;)
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    Try to put in Archivement in Progress the Ice Pick Aficionado Achievements, thank you.

    JARVIN Active Member

    looking forward to 240 more next week

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