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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Dec 19, 2015.

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    exactly when the poll was asked i didnt think it landed on days like this wasnt really in the mind at the time or i would of gave a different answer. For me the last month I think raids should of just waited till after the New Year with so much going on the next 2 weeks alot are busy. Just my thought but also while we talking raids its time the Tier 3 groups got alot more xp on attacks and the healing xp needs a overhaul, its not even reasonable anymore for me to invest any money in raids its a crap exchange really for the lvl requirement anymore and i feel sorry for those who are light on energy and stamina for refills dont go nowhere anymore.
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    we are officially closed on both of those days, true but you left out the parts where both Aardvark and myself mentioned that people will be around and on call. We are not neglecting to look after the games on the Holidays.
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    Agree with @Dcasso I think survey did not specifically asked about Christmas..

    I'm sure we are glad to hear this :)

    BTW I still think the raid looks like a clown....
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    I have no problem with the timing of the raids, I can use all my stamina/energy in 10 minutes for a good XP ;)
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    Nice to know :) and have a great holiday
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