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    TGIF! We've got a long weekend coming up here for Canadian Thanksgiving (it's like American, but with more maple syrup.) Most of our news this week is updates from elsewhere on the forum, thanks to a ton of helpful feedback from many of you — but we do have something spicy.

    First off, LCN players will have noticed two changes to PvP this week, one on Monday and a revision a couple days later. Our goal was to increase the effect of Attack and Defence skill points on your overall strength, and we overreached somewhat on the initial change. We tweaked this substantially on Wednesday after hearing from many of you, and your inventory is now weighted more in these calculations. We intend to continue to monitor fight interactions in the game and gradually move things closer to balance, so if you're levelling up we strongly recommend putting some SP into those areas.

    A change to raid bosses was announced for VC this week, but again after a lot of feedback we've gone back to the boards with this one. We really want to make public raids more fun to create and join, and make sure that everyone has the right motivation to help each other successfully complete bosses. Stay tuned for a followup announcement next week with some of our own research into attack vs. healing rates, and a new proposal to address raid wiping and "vampire" play on public raids. We want to get another round of feedback before pushing anything, so Pirate Clan's next raid will be unaffected as well.

    Believe it or not it's my birthday today, so I'm lucky to be able to give all of you a little gift! We've been hinting for a while now about a new loot/quest mechanic in all the games, and as this gets closer to release I can share some more detail with you.

    Many players have been asking us for more to do on a daily basis, and more ways to collect different kinds of rewards. To that end we've created a new system of daily missions/quests/goals. Here's how it works. Each day, you are assigned a new goal to accomplish; for example, do 50 jobs, kill 3 bosses, punch 10 people etc. If you don't like the goal, you get one re-roll per day so you can randomly generate a new replacement goal. These goals have an infinite time limit, but you can have a maximum of three, so if you hit three it's a good idea to do at least one so you can clear space for next day's goal.

    When you successfully complete one of these goals, you'll get a loot "chest" or "case" (depending on the game.) This is a special box you can open at your leisure that contains a randomly selected collection of prizes. We don't have the exact rewards nailed down yet but the goal is to make them varied enough that you're never 100% sure what you'll get ;) We plan to seed it with some exciting ultra-rare stuff too. No solid news as of yet when this'll be out, but we do plan to share some screenshots as early as next week!

    Frozen user counts:
    LCN 7
    VC 3

    That's it for this week's TGIF, definitely done, yep, not leaving anything out.

    Ok, fine, here's your terrible joke. What's the best thing about Switzerland?
    I dunno, but their flag is a huge plus.
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    Quick question, are the VC raid boss rewards stats correct? They are all the same being weapon or warrior??? 4 different stats from 12 items???

  4. a very happy birthday to you hope you have a wonderful one,, thanks for the updates ;)
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    Since the chests are RNG based, is that the only way to obtain the items or is there any mechanic in that chests have a chance to drop some sort of points that you can accumulate to directly buy a select item. Usually what i see in RNG drops is that they can be quite unfair at times in that when there is no other way to gain the items some people are needing to wait an exponentially greater time then others to gain the same drop or need to put in quite a bit more effort then what should be an acceptable amount to obtain it.
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  6. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day and your holiday.
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    Best wishes for your birthday and Happy Thanksgiving. Starting to cook today!
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    Happy Birthday!!! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving as well. Looking forward to the daily goals :)
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    Happy Birthday!

    THE 1 DRIFTER New Member

    Great to hear u trying to make the game better...would appreciate a reply to my ticket tho been waiting 5 days already....
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    happy Birthday
  12. Susanne Rautelius

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    and for i dont get any answer to my question about possibility to add to more Stam, i have to ask it again and will keep do until i get and answer. Wen shall we be able to add more? as it is now i need 2700 stam to do 1 level. So not even 3 levels on 1 stam refill for 10 fp!!!!!!! That do suck. So want me/us do raids you need do some about it. !0 000 stam at least then i will at least get 3 levels. best had be to get able to add to 15 000 stam... and ofc that have to fit with levels. so say lvl 30 000 10 000 stam lvl 35 000 12500 stam and then lvl 40 k 15 000 stam or like that
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    Happy Birthday Scoughman! :)
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    I'd recommend looking into unfreezing the tiers. I find middle and bottom tier are getting increasingly hard to fill, as people level up fast if they do the raids. Then again, it shouldn't go back to a rate of increasing the tiers by 500 levels per event as was the case in Pirate Clan for a while, but please get around to adjusting them to take into account that people are gaining experience and there isn't that big an influx of new and active players.
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    Happy Birthday
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    Happy birthday and enjoy the holidays :)
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    You came with all the pretty charts and graphs saying you knew what to do. You didn’t. So you “overreached somewhat” but have “tweaked it substantially”. Anybody else see the code for we put it back the way it was? Now you tell us to put SPs into what ended us up at the bottom of the fighting food chain AGAIN? How gullible and stupid do you think we are? Fix the discrepancy now! You’ve had the 5 years I’ve been playing to nullify our abilities, and we want action yesterday on YOUR mistakes.
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    I originally posted this on the last news report on the issue. I put it here now in the correct and latest thread so it would be seen in the most timely manner.
  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! :)

    This is or at least it used to be a FIGHTING-GAME right ?? Now you want to give rewards for punching ?? :mad:
    I've tried for years to get you to turn this game back in to a fighting-game so i cannot see the fun in you wanting us to freaking punch to get your rewards OK ??:eek:

    You really are afraid to give something back aren't you ??o_O
    I can see that all my now useless items bought for either 25 or 30 favor points so many many years ago, i can now sell back to you for LOUSY 5 favor point per item ??!!?? :mad::(:mad::(:mad:
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    a couple of days? you about faced in less than 24 hours!

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