TGIF! Development News October 27th 2017

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    Another light TGIF this week as we grind away on some larger projects.

    The copy to clipboard feature we talked about last week is out now; as some of you mentioned you can always use copy and paste hotkeys, but a lil' button next to the field should help speed things up and make it a little easier.

    We also released a change to Calendar Help, we got some feedback that it was pretty annoying to be shown the how-to guide each time, so that should show up less frequently/at all for those with more in-game experience.

    We're hoping to release the Daily Quests/Loot Chests feature next week on November 6th, so stay tuned! We did a big test this week and came up with a bunch of small tweaks, so as long as we can tackle those next week it should be good to go. We'll continue to make tweaks as well once the first version of the feature is out.

    That's it for this week; with Halloween coming up we're celebrating some office birthdays and carving pumpkins. Thanks for reading and playing and have a great weekend!

    One and one other thing... What's the difference between a piano and a fish?
    You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish!
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