TGIF! Development News For October 19, 2018

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    Happy Friday, everyone!

    Another busy week here at Kano as we work on some exciting things coming your way in the near future. We’ll talk more about those when they’re ready (a reliable refrain in the TGIF), but for now let’s cover what’s new this week in the games:

    Mob Wars: LCN Co-op Boss and Other Content

    After establishing your base of power in Auckland, the local gang has arrived to challenge you! The Auckland MC Co-op Boss and minigame are now available for that Location. Crafting will be available next week!


    As mentioned last week, new Loyalty items and new Crates are now out in all games. Crates now have a universal naming scheme instead of a per-game one, but they still offer the same items and value you’ve come to expect. Make sure to pick up a “Master” Crate for a guaranteed Legendary item!

    Mobile App Fixes

    We have a couple player-submitted bugs that were fixed up this week on the Mobile apps.

    When fighting from the Rivals list, the Back to List button would take you to the Fight List and not the Rivals page. This has been fixed and now it will drop you on the Rivals list again.

    Additionally, items on sale used to display a 5 - 25% off header. This was inaccurate as this could change on a game by game bases, and now the items have been updated to show their correct percentage off values.

    Thanks to the players who pointed this out to us! If you have any issues with the games you’d like us to take a look at, be sure to let us know here or via Support.

    That’s it for this week! Coming up next week we have some things to potentially announce if you’re a regular referrer of our games to others and maybe a few other tidbits of info.

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    Lame Joke of the Week

    I witnessed an attempted murder recently.

    Luckily only one crow showed up!
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  2. I read your 'lame' joke to my daughter - she LHAO over it so maybe it isn't quite so kame, hehehe
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  3. for Pirate Clan, the Diamond and Platinum ship options are both geared toward attack with just a nominal difference bn the two. That has to be an oversight, One should be balanced as the Alexandrite is defensive. Thanks
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    I always love the "lame jokes" of the week :cool:

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