TGIF! Development News for May 24, 2019

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    Happy Friday everyone!

    A short but busy week for us here at Kano HQ, so let’s get to what’s new in development news!

    May Feature Raid Event

    The elite infantry of the British Navy, the Royal Marines, have boarded the collective ships of Pirate Clan this week! Be sure to invite your Armada to take on these red-coated roustabouts.

    A quick note on Pirate Clan, earlier today we swapped out the one Raid Token item the “Iron Grapeshot Cannon” for the “Voodoo Swivel Gun”, a less powerful item. The main draw of the Raid event should be the Premium/Mythic items, and the one Token item should be used to get rid of any remaining Tokens at the end of the event. We swapped out the items to preserve the spirit of the event for the remainder of its duration.

    This past Raid Event has been a learning process for us and unfortunately our players have been at the receiving end of it. Next week as a team we’ll be discussing what has happened this past month, and how we can grow and be better next time. Thanks to all of our players who have stuck with us during these events for your patience and understanding.

    Upcoming Content Notes

    The fearsome Lyngbakr is terrorizing the waters of Helluland this week in Viking Clan! With the arrival of this leviathan comes the Minigame for that Location. Crafting will be out next week, which will close out the releases for this Location.


    We also have some new Crates coming next Friday! We recently introduced the ability to purchase the Crates directly on the mobile apps instead of spending FP/UN on them as well, to bring it into parity with the desktop version.

    Mobile Updates

    A couple quality of life improvements to the mobile apps to close out this week! Make sure to update your mobile apps to the most recent version to get the best experience, and if you have any feedback for us or other improvements you’d like to see, please let us know here or through Support!

    • Improved Group Chat invites so it now shows multiple invites, who sent the invite, and will allow you to Accept/Ignore them.
    • HTML tags were being shown in the War Event timer when it ticked down, this has been cleaned up.
    • Co-op Boss level on a regenerating Boss was showing you the level of the previous version of that Boss. This has been corrected so it now shows the next level of the Boss when it comes back.
    • If you have a Boss fight in progress with a previously unlocked and inactive Boss, the game would return a message saying you hadn’t met the requirements. The game will now correctly say that you already have an active Boss.

    Frozen User Count


    Hitlist Suspended User Count


    Lame Joke of the Week

    What did the red light say to the green light?

    Don’t look I’m changing!
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