TGIF! Development News for March 8, 2019

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    Happy Friday, everyone!

    This week was quite the busy one here at Kano HQ with two new features hitting the games as well as plenty of behind the scenes work being done on even more upcoming releases. Let’s go over what’s new in development news:

    March Raid Event

    We’re off with our first March Feature Raid in Zombie Slayer this week with the addition of the Raid Shop! All throughout March, this new shop will be added to the Raids where players can buy items - including new, exclusive ones - with Tokens earned through doing actions in the Raids.

    Each game will get a walkthrough when it’s their turn, but if you want to get a sneak preview check out Zombie Slayer or hit this thread here.

    Guild Quests on Viking Clan

    After a couple tests on Pirate Clan, Viking Clan is now getting a crack at Guild Quests! This new feature will ask you to band together with your Guildmates to accomplish a series of increasingly harder Quests to earn some pretty decent Loot Chests at the end.

    You can view more information in this thread here. For those of you who have tried this in Pirate Clan already, you will notice that some of the Quest numbers are different; this is due to the differences between the two games. When LCN and ZS get their turn, those will have different Quest numbers as well where applicable.

    New Content

    A new set of Stone Crates released today, so make sure to pick those up. Also check out the three-pack of Master Crates for a guaranteed Legendary item!

    Some players may have noticed we’re coming up on the ten-year anniversary of a couple of our games. We may have something for this, stay tuned…

    For those hungering for new Locations, Mob Wars: LCN will have one later this month after their Raid with Pirate Clan and Viking Clan following soon after. Thanks for your patience while we work on these!

    Mobile Updates

    Just a small update for mobile this week, we pushed a fix where Alert counters for Goals would be showing up in the wrong place and not updating their counts correctly to boot. Thanks to players who let us know about this!

    Frozen User Count:


    Lame Joke of the Week

    What kind of car does an egg drive?

    A Yolkswagon!
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