TGIF! Development News for March 23, 2018

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    Happy Friday, everyone!

    Thanks for joining us at the end of the week! As we head into the last week of March, we also head into the last week of the Quarter, which means looking forward to what exciting projects we’ll be tackling in the next three months.

    We’ve got some cool things waiting in the wings for you guys, and we’ll be bringing that to you as soon as we can. For now, let’s talk about what went down this past week in development news.

    St. Patrick’s Day Raid Event

    As the month winds down, the last Feature Raid event is just kicking into high gear. The Midgard Serpent has reared its ugly head in Viking Clan, daring all challengers!

    Mob Wars, your rewards are available on the Raids tab. The rewards will be up for two weeks, so make sure to grab them while you can!

    Viking Clan Location

    In case you missed it in the Midgard Serpent’s attack, the Kappa Boss and crafting are now out for the most recent Location, Nippon.

    April Content

    Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up in April for all of the games:

    Early - Mid April: Mob Wars: LCN Location
    Mid April: New Loyalty items
    ??? April - Kano Bounty Event

    We’ve got more planned, but that’s a quick overview of the bigger releases for next month. Now that Feature Raids are behind us for March, expect to see some more of the quality of life changes we talked about in February start trickling out on a reliable schedule.

    Forum and Support Login Issue

    Earlier this week some of you may have experienced trouble logging into the forums or Support with your Facebook accounts. This was due to Facebook changing their authorization requirements for single-sign on and our sites were suddenly no longer compatible.

    This has since been fixed, but sorry for the inconvenience while we sorted it out. If anyone is still experiencing issues, please let us know!

    Frozen User Count


    Lame Joke of the Week

    What’s the best way to carve wood?

    Whittle by whittle!
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    This isn't "exactly fixed" for support, if looking for old tickets you still have to manually login support using email, FB login button will bring you to new support account using your ID #
  3. JADES

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    Thought color font on this was going to be fixed as well for raids. The raid is already at maximum health!
  4. mi7ch

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    Gotcha thanks Jades, will let them know!

    Might need my memory refreshed on that one, I'll dig through the thread.
  5. JADES

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    Can't find post either right now, but basically the person said when it popped up in RED, they thought had done something wrong.
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  8. Jared

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    I'm not a coder, but I never knew the font color palette could be so hard to access. Red must take much less code than green.
  9. mi7ch

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    You're right, it's tied into some other logic so it's not as simple as changing the color code.
  10. Jared

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    Maybe he can help.

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