TGIF! Development News For March 15, 2019

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    Happy Friday, everyone!

    Hope everyone had a wonderful week. I, unfortunately, was laid up with a cold for the early part of it, but I made an effort to get better in time to bring you the latest in updates and developments for the games:

    March Raid Event

    With the return of the Ophidian Sect (wearing a brand new look), Mob Wars: LCN is off to the races with their March Raid Event!

    In case you missed it last week, all throughout March when each game has their Raid, you’ll be able to earn Raid Tokens by doing actions in the Raids to get exclusive items! Each game will get a walkthrough when it is their turn, but for now you can check out LCN’s post here to get a sneak preview.

    Mob Wars: LCN Livestream

    Just yesterday we hosted our first livestream for Mob Wars: LCN where Player Supporters extraordinaire Henry and Sean gave an overview of the current Raid event and also talked about some recent quality of life changes and other updates that have come out.

    In case you missed it, the archive is here. Keep your eyes peeled for our next one!

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