TGIF! Development News for March 1, 2019

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    Happy Friday, everyone!

    It’s been a big week here at Kano HQ as we gear up for March’s Raid Events. We’re pretty excited about what we’re bringing to the table this time around, but we’ll go into that in more detail soon. For now let’s cover what’s new this week in development news:

    New Content

    Crafting recipes have been released for the new Zombie Slayer Location, Houston, this week completing the content release for that Location. If you’re able to access Houston take a look and see if any of the recipes are of benefit to you!

    The Pirate Clan Raid is on right now and alongside it we’ve brought back the Piggy Bank feature for another run! The bank works the same way as previously, but for the first bank we’ve stocked it up with 25 FP to get you started (if you haven’t opened it already)! Remember you can save up to 250 total Favor Points, which is a 10x value.

    Next Friday will see a new set of Crates released to replace the Valentine ones currently on offer. Keep your eyes on the News feed next week for the release!

    As we mentioned above, the Zombie Slayer Raid next week will have an additional wrinkle for everyone as will all the other Raids throughout March. This is a new concept we’re trying where you can earn additional items by doing actions in the Raid. We’ll post a walkthrough next week that goes into more detail so watch for that!

    Mobile Interface Updates

    Our refresh of the mobile apps continue and this week we released a host changes to help the app feel more responsive.

    The biggest change is that the Goals and More menus no longer slide out from the left and right side of the app respectively. They’re now on their own screens which allowed us to refresh their design and to help the app perform better as those screens are not always running in the background.

    We also made an update to the Character attribute slideup screens. As a side-effect of this change, we also turned Healing from a two-step process to three-steps. Oops! This has since been reverted to being two-step and thanks to all the players who wrote in to Support to let us know.

    Kano vs Pirate Clan Bounty Event

    Thanks to all the Pirates on Facebook who turned out for the Kano Bounty event last week! Our team had a great time and so did the players judging by the comments both in-game and on the forum thread.

    We’re looking at running these more often on different games and servers based on feedback, so when we’re due to drop in on your server we’ll give you plenty of notice!

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    Lame Joke of the Week

    What’s green and sings?

    Elvis Parsley!
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