TGIF! Development News for June 15, 2018

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I am seeing it in three games, come on now;) , I need it in the one not showing yet, lol I know it will pop up today :) and thanks for listening for a change :rolleyes:
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  2. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    so I have 2k clan in one game and 5k in others , lol I don't find it an issue, and as it is when there is a special calendar, the limit gets worked into that, so No I am fine the way it is, not only would it be abused, but I do not see a need for it.
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  3. susan leonard

    susan leonard Member

    still no offer ..............most i spoke to got a pop up ...and it remained in the godfather section for so long ......nice ....i would like it too please !!!

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  4. MobMan

    MobMan Member

    I've still only got the offer in Zombies, none of my synd members on Mob Wars or Vikings have any offer on their Godfather/Gods page either.

    Oh well, maybe next time...
  5. MobMan

    MobMan Member

    I've not even got the gift points bit that Susan Leonard has on her screenshot, it would appear that my game missing out on a few things lol
  6. Crazy Inuit

    Crazy Inuit Member

    3 hours later, still waiting for the offer
  7. I still haven't gotten the 50% off offer either on kp1 zs. I have tried refreshing several times, checking constantly, doing the UN rain dance & zilch.
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  8. and before you ask, yes I did check from the usual page where I purchase UN. What gives?
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  9. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    still nothing in Mob Wars LCN both servers show NO 50% off :(
  10. aleco

    aleco New Member

    no offer on vc
  11. susan leonard

    susan leonard Member

  12. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Sorry about the confusion around the 50% off, all. We are looking into it and we will update you when we find out more.
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  13. Thanks to those who commented on my post, some good points raised and noted ;)
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  14. Crazy Inuit

    Crazy Inuit Member

    got offer on server 2 but nothing on server 1 or fb, neither LCN nor VC
  15. susan leonard

    susan leonard Member

    Still no offer for me ......lcn mob wars ofer offer offer ...if you are not about and cannot fix this ...then i hipe to see my offer on your return Monday morning ....
  16. I have the offer on Kong VC but not Kong PC
  17. Clem the Dutchy

    Clem the Dutchy New Member

    25 hours after supposed to starts and still no offer here
  18. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Update re Favor Point sale. As noted there are some people who have not been able to see the sale but we have found the source of the issue and you should now be able to see it.

    Apologies to those affected. Please let us know if this issue persists but I believe we have corrected this.
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  19. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    Yeah!!! the 50% off finally showed up both servers for me :)
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  20. Showing on kong PC for me now :)
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