TGIF! Development News for June 14, 2019

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    Happy Friday everyone!

    The Summer season arrived a week early here at the Kano HQ with the hottest day of the year so far (it actually broke a few historical records for that day)! Despite the allure of a sunny day, we’re working hard on updates to the games both for this week and the coming months. Let’s go over what’s new this past week in development news:

    Summer Sale!


    Life's a beach! Heat up your summer by treating yourself to exclusive deals and item bundles!

    From now until June 16th at 9:00AM PST in Viking Clan, you'll get Specialty Limited Time Items with purchases of FP Packs! Take advantage of these HOT deals while you can!

    Log in to uncover your exclusive deals!

    Mob Wars: LCN Syndicate Quests Beta 2

    Next week on Thursday June 20th at 9:00AM Pacific, Syndicate Quests will return to LCN for a second go. We’ll have a more detailed changelist posted closer to when the Quests go live, but we are including some requested additions like a Quest contribution tracker and adjustments to the Job Quest.

    Look for this feature to start up again next week, and make sure to recruit some new members or join a Syndicate if you want to tackle those more difficult Quests!

    Mobile Updates

    Yesterday we ran into a couple issues with our mobile apps on both the iOS and Google Play platforms with images being missing and the Chat not working. Both of those issues were corrected yesterday, but if you’re still running into issues, make sure to force close and re-open the app which should clear up any problems. Android users, make sure you have version 2.33.1 installed by checking the app in the Google Play Store.

    Alongside that, some other updates for the mobile apps have been released this week:

    • Moved the progress bars on the Boss screen so the entirety of the art can be seen.
    • If you need to complete a Job/Adventure/Outbreak to unlock a Boss, tapping on that requirement will now transport you to the correct Location to complete it.
    • Gave the Faction Member/Connections list more room so it is no longer obscured by the bottom Chat bar.

    Frozen User Count


    Hitlist Suspended User Count


    Lame Joke of the Week

    Why didn’t the Terminator upgrade to Windows 10?

    I asked him and he said “I still love Vista, baby!”.
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