TGIF! Development News for July 12, 2019

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    Happy Friday everyone!

    Many thanks to the gregarious Dobby for covering the TGIF duties in my absence last week. Now that I’m back at the helm, let’s go over what’s new this week in development news.

    Content Release Notes


    A new Location is now available for Mob Wars: LCN! Mobsters Level 13,170 and above can now travel to Hong Kong for Jobs and Properties. Co-op Boss is next week along with the Minigame with Crafting following the week after.

    Zombie Slayer Faction Quests On Now!

    Faction Quests are on right now in Zombie Slayer and will be running until Monday, July 15, at noon Pacific. We’ve made a couple changes for this round, so if you’d like to get the scoop on those, make sure to check this thread here.

    Mob Wars: LCN Syndicate Quests

    Syndicate Quests will return to Mob Wars: LCN next week on July 18th! Based on feedback from last time we will be making some changes to Quest requirements and reward payout in the Quest Cases so look for that update next week and recruit some new members!

    Mobile Updates

    This week we released another update to the Fight response to display more information and bring it more into line with the experience you would see on desktop. We now break down the outcome of the fight, Win or Lose, so you can know what was the deciding factor. Click on the Up arrow on the Fight results to see the nitty gritty details!

    Check out some screenshots below, and make sure to update to the latest version of the mobile app!


    Frozen User Count


    Hitlist Suspended User Count


    Lame Joke of the Week

    What do you give a sick bird?

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