TGIF! Development News for January 5, 2018

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    Not much of a preamble this week as the Kano crew has reassembled in our office for the new year, one year wiser and a few pounds heavier (thanks, holiday food!). We had our big meeting for the first quarter of 2018 today and we’re excited to start delivering some cool updates to you all. More on that as those come closer, but let’s discuss what’s happening in the immediate future.

    Support Tickets

    Some players have written in both here and in Support that their ticket history is missing. We investigated and it looks like an issue with Facebook’s single sign-on in which they might have changed your default email address.

    If that is the case, fear not! Your ticket history is still there, just under a different email. If you’ve submitted a ticket about this, Support will assist you. If not, the above linked article will help you out.

    Holiday Raid

    Viking Clan is done with Old Man Winter and has their rewards available to collect, which means every game has now completed their Holiday Raids! As noted last week we’ve been reviewing all of the feedback around these events and will look to incorporate them for our next go-around.

    There was a lot of discussion about everyone getting the rewards for reaching all the checkpoints. Well we definitely want to take that into account for future special events, the idea this time around was to get in the holiday spirit and contribute to getting prizes for everyone. While that fits the overall theme of the event and the season, we can definitely look to mix this up going forward.

    We’re excited to talk more about all aspects of Raids very soon, so keep an eye out for a new thread on that.

    War Event Changes

    Next week we’ll be making a small change to the War Events, mainly around minimum actions needed to collect the reward at the end of the fight. If you participate regularly and contribute hundreds or thousands of actions, you don’t have to worry!

    The minimum actions will be 200, which astute players will note is the exact number of free War Tokens you get at the start of the event. If you manage to spend all of those, you’re good to collect your rewards. We’ll drop a note in the News feed next week when this change is pushed.

    Facebook Contest Winners

    Congrats to this week’s winners who got a pile of Favor Points/UN Credits each! These contests are weekly, so make sure to check our Facebook fan pages to enter. We don’t have any plans to move these off of Facebook for the time being, but we’ve heard your feedback around possibly running them elsewhere. If something changes with our contest, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

    Donna Boone Wilson
    Andrew Lawton
    Ivar B Jansen
    Lynn Armbruster
    Suzanne Handley
    David Krauss
    Tommy Flett
    Dori Martin

    Frozen User Count


    Lame Joke of the Week

    What do you call a hippo with a runny nose?

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    Oh NO I actually got the lame joke you are a very bad influence lol
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  3. welcome back to all kano staff hope you all enjoyed the holidays x hmn those lame jokes need more work lmao
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    um, regarding BA in VC and PC on kong especially. I was 30 seconds late for 2nd half of BA in pc last time. 12:00:30am cst, down to like 14 left in 30 seconds into the 2nd half. something needs to be done to make the games last longer.
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    The reason there are only ~10 left after a couple minutes is there are only 70 people that enter. If every account that is eligable to join was auto joined and people who dont want to participate just go to the page and opt out that would fix the problem.

    Same goes for Armada wars where there are only 15-20 armadas participating on the kong platform. I can see why in this event they dont enter them all in due to the ranks of the active being skewed. An easy fix to avoid this would probably be if there is a single member in the armada that is active then that armada is put into group A, if the armada doesnt have any members active then they get put into group B.

    Armadas in group A are tiered and eligible for rewards given out while all the others that are put into group B get ranked separately from the people in group A with their ranks being determined the same way group A is. Their ranks are then curved to match the average strength of each group tier.

    Group A - Tier A
    Average stats 65m attack 65m def

    With the average for the active armadas being 65m, average based on strongest and weakest for tier, the A tier armadas in group B are scaled to them with a 15% variance so they are not all the same. All tiers would be determined the same way in order to keep things competitive while also not messing up the current flow of active armadas being the ones gaining rewards.
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    What Above Linked Article are you referring to ???????
  7. Am I the only holdout wanting mobileweb hitlist back? I have disabilities that prevent me from getting more than 1 kill out of about 250 hits - yes I actually kept track - on the regular hitlist. I am convinced that some of the ones that are no older to mob wars than I am, are using scripts or programs to run the hitlist. I have sat and watched chat in the lounge where folks are listing with a countdown and the same people get the kills over and over again. Yet the mobileweb is the only thing blocked. i wasn't getting huge numbers of kills with it - 1-3 a day (average 3 hours) but 1 a week for 15-20 hours. I'm losing interest FAST. :(
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    as stated before on facebook there are a couple hundred people minimum more then likely spamming the bounty button at any given time during the day given the size of active users on the server. the change puts everybody on even playing ground now for the most part. i go into more detail in a previous post on the other thread but i can guarantee 99.9% of people hunting are not using scripts or bots. You have given the amount of people hunting for bounties 1/200 chance and that is if everybody kills the player in 1 hit which isnt always the case. The longer the bounty is up the lower your odds become due to others seeing the popup that are not constantly clicking the bounty button.

    A single person or a couple people having a disability of one sort or another is no reason to give them an unfair advantage over all others who do not have said disability. As of now the games bounties have become more fair across the board with debatable the mobile app still having an advantage due to the UI but at that point its not something that can be fixed since it is coming down to touchscreen interface instead of mouse and cursor movement.
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    bull poop some bounty hunters are running scripts but kano turn blind eye
  11. Oh, please don't make BA last longer. It's long enough already. The past drawn out BA event in Pirate Clan was just to show Kano 'Who was the Boss.' Must we go back to those days.
    If you are going to do special raid events like the holiday past, what will be your minimum around of raids? What's the matter did not make enough money on favor point purchases?
    The loot cases in ZB is worthless with or without the special event. What is the point of DESTRUCTIVES? 15 favor points down the drain. One or two raids in ZB is enough for me.
    Maybe the measure should be the number of favor points used during the raid event. Maybe that will satisfy the players that are under the impression raids belong to them and not a feature of the game for all players. Besides how do they know the numbers from your event? Which players did one raid or 20 is not something I've seen you publish stats on. I am surprised that this subject is even mentioned. What a buzz kill! Not really in the holiday spirit that idea is. Santa stealing back his toys to give to the ones that should have gotten coal.
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    Same complaint as before regarding raids - Raids are a team/group/social event. The number of levels has expanded significantly since raids began. You either need to increase the number allowed in each tier or increase the number of tiers. Currently, there is simply not enough slots to accommodate my clan members.
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    so you are saying when there are a hundred+ people going for it you should be the one to get them... entitlement at its finest. Its simple ratios if there is a hundred people going for it average should be 1/100 youll get.

    now that is the bare minimum, factor in the other variables such as latency with server, how many attacks you have to deal to kill the person, personal computer latency, clicking speed, memorization of where buttons pop, there is more this is just a few off the top of my head that all play a role in the time it will take to claim the bounty. each person is bound by the same problems.
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    well said , Neill
  15. FancyPants

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    I am now accessing the hit list on my phone through the app. I prefer the mobile web browser on my laptop but it seems that's not coming back ever because a few people abused it (scripts, bots, whatever). It took a bit to get used to it on the app, but I've gotten 100+ bounties since the change. Exciting. My familia are very happy.

    What's not exciting is that a math question pops up (not on my phone, but on the web browser) that prevents me from seeing any new bounties. Since it doesn't appear on the phone, I don't know it's there. UNTIL, I log onto my laptop and check the web browser version, and there it is. Is this how it's supposed to work? Shouldn't the math question appear on the device you are accessing the hit list on?

    Further complicating this is that I play on Kano server on my laptop, and when I answer the math question, it loads up the Facebook version of LCN, which then insists that I allow it to post to my timeline. If I answer no, it sends me back to the hitlist and a new math question. This vicious circle continues. Math question, FB post request, Math question, etc etc. IT'S ANNOYING!!! I don't want posts on FB. And I play on Kano. WTH. This seems like a bug. At least I hope this isn't intentional.
  16. neill1990

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    would need somebody from kano to go further into details but from what i know the math problem should only appear after a certain amount of time of clicking on the bounty button to refresh it. This is one of the forms they use to prevent and/or catch a bot/script user.

    As for why it is popping up on your computer and not the phone i dont really know why it would do that, doesnt make much sense to me. kano will probably know the reason or if its a glitch that shouldnt be happening.
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  18. Icebreaker

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    in regard to hitlist bountys unfair insight.... problem is big boys/girls have bigger health damage that dwarf all other small players make them feel "This is for big players, please go away " , i think kano need to divide the level tier for lower level to have some fun
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    That is not true, some of the best hunters are lower levels, who don't mind being pounded on for hunting they not only hunt anyone who is listed they also then can list back, they have spunk :) and I admire that
  20. FancyPants

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    Yes. Well, that's why I posted it in here! Hoping Kano would answer.

    I am not a bot nor do I use a script. What else are you supposed to do but hit refresh on mobile app? It doesn't refresh on its own that I can see. So I tap it a dozen times in a row. That's bad? I should count to 10 mississippis in between? Bounties go fast so you gotta refresh fast.
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