TGIF! Development News for February 22, 2019

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    Happy Friday, everyone!

    After a week of snow, the sun is shining here at Kano HQ. Of course it was pouring some kind of weird rain/slush mixture this morning, but that’s life on the West coast for you!

    Despite the short week (Family Day was on Monday), we have some news to cover so let’s get right to it!

    New Content

    Shambling out of his home on the range, the Cowboy Zombie has challenged Slayers who have reached the Houston Location! Alongside the Cowboy Zombie, the Rocket Launcher challenge has been released, so get to work!


    Next week, the Houston Location release will close out with the Crafting recipes. In a change from previous Locations, Houston will not be getting a Co-op Boss to go along with it. This was a decision we made in order to ensure that Zombie Slayer will be able to get Locations a bit more frequently going forward. We realize this is going to be an adjustment, but this will hopefully allow to deliver new content for ZS more frequently in the future along the lines of the other games.

    Armada Quests Completed!

    Thanks to all the Pirates who have been participating in the Armada Quest's second Beta test this week! Through collecting lots of great data and feedback from players, we feel a lot more confident about how this iteration plays out and will be making moves to release it to the other games in the near future after some minor tuning.

    For all the Armadas who have completed the Quests, you’ll be able to collect your due rewards right now in game if you haven’t already! If you have any feedback about Armada Quests, make sure to drop by this thread here.

    Mobile Stockpile Screen Update

    One last change this week that we just rolled out is an update to the Stockpile screen on the mobile apps. This change will help better communicate the stat differences an item makes when you equip it to yourself.



    This should help you be a bit more informed about these decisions when it comes to arming your character! If you have any issues or feedback with the screen let us know by starting another thread or sending in a ticket to Support!

    Kano vs Pirate Clan Bounty Event

    Next week, the Kano Armada will be dropping by Pirate Clan server 1 at some point for a Bounty event! This is an hour or so event where members of the Kano Armada will be in the Chat for your Bountying/Pistol Whipping pleasure.

    If you happened to be part of our previous Viking Clan/Mob Wars: LCN events, this is a fun time with lots of Gold flying around! Keep an eye out on the in-game news for more information about this event as it draws closer.

    Frozen User Count


    Lame Joke of the Week

    Why was the leopard bad at hide and seek?

    Because it was always spotted!
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