TGIF! Development News for August 31, 2018

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I joined 7 public raids in LCN, and none are anywhere near ready to be finished, any other time they would have been done yesterday, I am a middle tier player this is not my main game but I see a lot wrong with this raid event, thinking I am gonna give serious thought to doing raids in VC and PC where I usually do A lot of my own and my friends, Kano may have been able to do something I have had on my mind, since raids, which is not my fav feature, since arena became a turn off with the sudden death feature, is to take a step back and play less, For people who don't play the game, just design it, Kano really does not seem to understand the games, sadly. But then again less playing means more time for other hobbies :)
  2. Pinhead

    Pinhead Member

    I like the way you think Kirsten :)
    I wasnt too keen on the idea of no tiers in PC but that worked out, sort of anyway, but this 30 cap bs? As you said, joined a few public ones and noone is near finishing yet.....So next raid season i will only do Syn and alliance raids or invites
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  3. BenKing17

    BenKing17 New Member

    This limit is stupid! I see a lot of raids not even half full and most of the players that do bigger damage in raids can't help because they are already in max amount.
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  4. Shari Reed

    Shari Reed New Member

    It's like a traffic jam in rush hour traffic :mad:. Going nowhere fast...
  5. Rhapsody

    Rhapsody Member

    the 30 cap is bs!! since we're stuck, there's no incentive to buy stam refills from kano anymore!!

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  6. Rhapsody

    Rhapsody Member

    YAWN!! raid season used to be so exciting I hardly slept...
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  7. Rhapsody

    Rhapsody Member

    but I can't even fill my raid because everyone is stuck!!! my raid is EMPTY!!!
  8. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Public raids are really gonna take a hit and low levels are gonna be hard pressed to get their raids done, since players are stuck in limbo cause of this cap.
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    SWIFTV New Member

    Wow I have to say way to destroy raids, good job Kano!! I will no longer be doing any raids as I did massive amounts of damage on all the raids I did this time and got all common loot for the most part. I got 2 superior items. So dear Kano you can shove your raids up your collective asses! All the big guns are tied up in 30 and cannot help the smaller guys - what a mess.
  10. SWIFTV

    SWIFTV New Member

    Wow even drops on the raids my butt, 22 common and 2 Superior and I did 20 Mil or better on them, hell the one I took top spot with 60 mil I got common. No more raids for me, I have much better things to do with my money thank you!
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