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  1. Scoughman said:
    " This specific vulnerability allowed players to exploit the Hitlist/Bounty feature in a way that was unfair for others who didn’t have access to it. In order to preserve game balance and make sure everyone has an equal opportunity, we’ll be turning off access to the Hitlist/Bounty feature on the mobile web versions of the games early Monday next week.

    We’re investigating anyone who was using this vulnerability unfairly, and we’d like to thank you all for your understanding while we sort this out. We never like to remove features or change how they are accessed, but in this case we believe that turning this off is the best step forward for the games."

    So Far in 3 days I have managed 2 kills without the mobile web version. I have a grand total of 340 kills. With the mobile web version i was able to get 1 or 2 kills a day spending 4-5 hours hunting. Certainly NOT someone exploiting anything. I have vision in only one eye and that slows me down to where getting a kill off of the hitlist page in game in virtually impossible. 13 hours for 2 kills this week is not worth the effort and spoils my game. Yes I am one of "those" that uses my cc to purchase FP's mostly for raids & syn wars but sometimes for challenge shots as they reload too slowly. I won't be spending any more on a game that is detrimental to those of us with disabilities.

    SOHAIB New Member

    Before this hitlist change i could never get any hitlist kill on Main Kanoplay Web on PC. Every time i try it was dead before i could hit even 1 time. I could only get hitlist kills through mobile web.

    But since mobile web has been taken down, getting kill on main site on PC is doable now. It is all about how fast you can click with your mouse & ANTICIPATE where the button is gonna show up when target becomes available. Your internet also plays an important factor if you can see the hitlist target early or not. Latency needs to be low on your internet to hunt. If you are not fast for any reason, you cant really blame the system. System is working & Hitlsit has improved. I have seen new folks get kills worth trillions of experienced players. This was unheard of before. Its a competition, who gets the kill. NO ONE gets most of the kills now. Its an even game on the hitlist.

    One thing that can be imrpoved imo @Smack , would be if you could streamline the refresh action a little bit, make it so that less refresh action needs to be performed to make targets appear. If you could address this then maybe folks will feel they have more chance to get kills on Hitlist.
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  3. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    Finally somebody that actually understands the hitlist lol, everybody is on the same playing ground now for the most part. Mobile might have an edge but since 99% of devices are wireless they will inherently have higher latency issues and consistent ping on average. The factors you and i have listed are what truly matter when hunting. Its mainly skill given you have decent latency and are strong enough to kill the person in just a couple hits.

    As for your suggestion to streamline the refresh button im not really understanding since you are saying less clicks for a target to appear. The only way a target will appear is if somebody or system lists a target so clicking refresh before it even pops cant make it go faster. If you are referring to the bounty delay, that i believe is only for people who have caught a few bounties within a certain time frame and that is to let others have a chance at catching.
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    SOHAIB New Member

    Actually with refresh button what i mean is maybe make it so that if i click a refresh button 1 time, the hitlist target area refreshes consistently at specific rate/time(for everyone) for specific number of seconds until a target appears or refresh time expires. Then a person can click on refresh button again & the same sequence starts.
    What do u think @neill1990 @Smack
  5. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    With the people that hunt on the bounty board though and are clicking the button between 6-15 times a second for the average person laying on the lower end of the clicks per second, a auto refresh for X amount of time only during X intervals of time while it is active would probably be to slow in comparison to the person smashing the button several times a second.

    They cant just make it an active screen due to having it set like this would be extremely exploitable in that a person just sets an auto clicker on the target until one pops. Clicking on the button repeatedly is one of the ways they are able to catch bots or macros where it will pop up with a math problem after repeated clicking for extended periods of time. You have to answer the math problem to be able to get back to being able to click on the refresh button to hunt again.

    With the refresh button you are talking about it could be set so the bounty screen is partially active and updates after a certain amount of time similar to how the PMs/armada feed icons do but at that point the bounty is going to be gone since the time to catch is within a second of it being posted for nearly anybody going up.

    I have seen people bring up having tiered bounties. This is where there are tiers by lvl (ex: 1-2k , 2 001 - 5k ect). Once the person is bountied depending on the tier they are in it is available to them and all below for the first second or so then opens up for the rest. With this way, i find it completely unfair to people though due to not everybody having an equal chance at obtaining the bounty along with some other problems.

    It is a hard thing to tackle since everybody has to be given an equal chance at catching the bounty, as much as possible that is due to variances in a variety of factors that play a role in who can catch a bounty. With this update they evened the playing ground more for people.

    One idea i can think of that uses a similar premise to the tiered bounties i have seen brought up before and builds on the system bounties is this. The tiers are in place but instead of from one tier below seeing the bounty it is only that single tier for the first couple seconds then opens up to the rest of the people. The system would list 1 dead account per tier starting from the pool of dead accounts and if none are available an auto generated based off of a random player in said tier is generated and listed in its place. This would allow people who fall in each tier a higher opportunity to catch the bounty being placed as well as keeping the playing ground equal in that if they dont get the one listed for their tier another tier gets an additional chance to go for it. This is for the most part a fresh thought and would need to be ironed out more to make it a feasible option but as a base/initial idea to start with i feel has quite the potential to quell the people of all lvls complaining about not being able to catch. This way would give more opportunities to all.
  6. Crazy Inuit

    Crazy Inuit Member

    Actually there is one good thing about not being able to get any hitlist kills anymore, no more 1000 attacks from biggies who get pissed off because of it, and up their stats by attacking much lower level players ;)
  7. Navy Chief!

    Navy Chief! Member

    Indeed! I too have disabiities and the distance between "refresh" and "attack" are too far for my slow hands and weakened fingers. Perhaps, a redesign of the board should be proper.
  8. mstetz62

    mstetz62 New Member

    I agree with you Bill once again instead of making it fair for all they lean in favor of the few
  9. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    You are welcome. It comes in really handy. You can set it to go ahead and post it only to certain people too. I have some games I post only so a group can see and set up a group for the game. Helps with games that require certain things to be filled by helps off a post :)

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