[LCN] Syndicate Quests Walkthrough and Feedback

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. RafeDavid

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    Actually I disagree the hard quest was 10k jobs and when you are higher level jobs take a bigger percentage of your energy to complete making it more difficult.
  2. FancyPants

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    Thanks. It would be nice if it were in its own tab like Syn Wars where we could see the progress of the task and the contribution of the members.

    Also, in SW, you added the minimum contribution bar which showed the progress that player had to do to do the minimum required to get any SW rewards earned by the family. It would be nice for the next Quest if there was a minimum participation requirement as well.
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  3. Reesy901

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    I don't see why people complaining about the fights one. Syndicates were built for communication & teamwork elements. Smack your syndmates about for a couple of levels and boom you're done AND it only took up to 7k stam. Meanwhile some seem to be missing the point about the 10k jobs being nigh-on impossible in their first iteration as lowest energy jobs weren't counting to the total (or at least they weren't for me on opening).

    Yes doing the lowest energy job in your top tier makes it easier but that wasn't working for me when the hard quest first opened for us (hence the original post). Even then, generating enough energy to complete the quest is one hell of a task. If we take Antartica/Seoul as analogs for where most accounts are by now, your looking at 124-128 energy per job. So we'll go 120 energy as a conservative minimum of energy per job for most (at least on the kong server) then you're looking at 1.2 million energy. Now if we assume that a player has 6k energy (this is high for most accounts my level - 5.5k might be more reasonable) then you'd need 200 full refills of energy from the team. That's equivalent to 8 refills each. We unlocked the quest with just under 3 days left. That makes the quest only possible without fp spend if everyone is relatively high energy and have the energy daily boost on. However, many were already running stam boost to get the 400,000 boss attacks done. So do-able with the changes at the end not accounting for the higher level players 10k'ish that aren't as high energy relative to their easiest job. Cerainly less easily done than the 7k fights (at least as far as resource management goes).
    This is where the rewards come in...

    I thought the rewards were fair. It wasn't a massive exertion of effort for our synd to roll through the first 5 quests with no refills whatsoever. We actively encouraged people not to potentially waste fp's chasing a silly hard quest and as a result we all made 40'ish fp's no problem. Do people not remember the times before raids, the new loyalty reward system and the new synd wars rewards? Sure there could be changes to the items, preferably culling the lower end items with totals below 300-400 will certainly help with that. However, maybe some need to remember this is still a free to play game at it's core (even if spending is encouraged to win - then again that's how free to play games make their money usually. Shocking I know!). Approach the current iteration of quests with a free to play mentality and you'll be quite happy. If you don't have a full/active synd then you might wish to go elsewhere to seek these rewards or maybe just live with the fact that you won't able to do everything but will still get free stuff. Free stuff is good, no?
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  4. Reesy901

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    Individual contributions would be cool though, looking forward to the changes/change log from this thread. Thanks again for the new content Kano
  5. Paul Lasser

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    I think having 2 quests going at the same time....both using stamina....is not proper/fair....our syndicate consists of mostly lower level players...few over level 4000.....kinda kills the urge to kill...knowing it's not possible to do both.

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