[LCN] Syndicate Quests Walkthrough and Feedback

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. Mad Max

    Mad Max New Member

    Quests is a nice idea but definitely needs some tweaking.
    A couple of ideas:
    1. Be able to see each syndicate members contribution to quests same as in wars
    2. In the fight portion of quests receive a point if you are attacked by another mobster and win(a win is a win)
    Also agree with some of the other comments made by others
  2. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    The Jobs task was annoying but doable. We have a mix of players, some high on A/D, some high on E/S, some balanced. For me, I can do 60 jobs (lowest job in highest city) with full energy plus my daily refill. Getting the boss task done, yup, not too bad even though it meant doing any random old boss. The challenges weren't hard but it was timing as was the help.

    The annoying one is Fight Wins. As others have said, there's few people on your fight list. So we're going to have people whining about being bullied when there's only 6 or 7 people on the list and each player has to get about 650 wins each for the hard challenge. The players who can do this easily are the ones who sit in front of the pc all day (no thank you) or use a script/bot/bucket --- which we all know some players do. (Hopefully you look at that)

    So I think it's a great concept. And I'd love to see it replace one of the Syndicate Wars. It needs some refining.
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  3. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    What's the deal with Whacked Mobsters? I attacked 3 today, can't recall attacking ANY in the last year and I get this message:
    You can attack 140 more Whacked Mobsters.
    Is that a lifetime limit?
  4. Epaphus

    Epaphus New Member

    I agree. These quests are too expensive. I can't afford the GF points needed for quests. What with SyndWars, raids, and now quests, Kano seems to be asking for more money every day. If I have to make a decision between buying GF points and buying groceries, the groceries will win every time. (Is there an achievement for that?)

    Plus, with all this mouse-clicking for raids and now quests, I think I'm developing a repetitive stress syndrome in my hand. This game is getting physically painful for me, in addition to monetarily painful.
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  5. Navy Chief!

    Navy Chief! Member

    I saw through this right away!
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  6. Navy Chief!

    Navy Chief! Member

    Yes there is an achievement for that: its called: Being happy with what you made from those groceries :)
  7. Vinny the shadow

    Vinny the shadow New Member

    I have no clue how kano calculates when whacked mob list will pop up. i hadnt seen it in weeks but then poof there it was. the limit goes up as you lvl but problem is the whacked list will disappear sometimes after only afew attacks. it SHOULD POP UP when the list is low to give ppl a chance to get dailies but then again what do i know....
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  8. Vinny the shadow

    Vinny the shadow New Member

    I also was going to suggest showing each syn members contributions to the diff quests. i understand that might be abit more work for kano but it will show who is freeloading(should everyone get rewards that dont pull their weight???) and for those of us that are competitive it will keep things abit more fun.
    I also agree that ive no intention on spending $$ for the quests. especially after last raids where i went 0-20 raids without a single super item dropping (somehow after my ticket my last 8 raids was 5 super and 3 common). you want us to spend money kano you have to MAKE IT FUN FOR US AND NOT WORK! and reward those that put in the effort in both raids and these.
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  9. Vinny the shadow

    Vinny the shadow New Member

    find a friend that is about your lvl and unmob each other and go at it. THE ONLY WAY TO GET THAT ONE DONE! the fight list is BS once u get past lvl 3,500 or so. never see whacked mob list anymore and its always the same dozen ppl on it.
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  10. Trouble

    Trouble New Member

    yes of course .. and thats what we did anyway .. but where is the fun in that? LOL
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  11. Vinny the shadow

    Vinny the shadow New Member

    Here is my suggestion kano. Instead of just making lists for us to complete how about making a actual Quest!? Create a NEW set of jobs, new challenge and raid boss at the end that each syn has to do just for the quest! u can add into it fighting in order to get to next job, etc. and you can scale it up for the bigger syns. It would be FUN, sth new to do as a syn family. Make the whole thing into a storyline with the raid boss as the final thing to overcome at the end. Its one of the things i miss about MW. they were always throwing sth new at you to do, kept the game from getting boring!
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  12. Vinny the shadow

    Vinny the shadow New Member

    its not! just the only way to rack up 7k wins with a crappy fight list.
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  13. Scorpion King

    Scorpion King New Member

    Kano do u know why Zynga Mafia wars , closed ? Because they did not listen 2 us players , we gave them lots of new ideas every day, but no,no,no. Then we players started to get out from the game. Dont make it happend to u
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  14. Kat Tyrrell

    Kat Tyrrell New Member

    Quest: The Hard level - Complete 10,000 jobs at your highest level! That is a crazy amount! LOL. With 25 peeps all hammering away at jobs, we managed to reach 18% done. I personally clicked on my job over 50x and was able to raise the percentage bar up 1%. LOL. I hope you will make some corrections on the next Quest, if it is offered.
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  15. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    the operative words...."Good chance" ...probably the same "good chance" of coming in 2nd on a raid boss and getting a common reward.

    I'm hoping that the dev's don't let us down because people are pouring a ton of stam and energy into these quests
  16. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    I'll be a little cryptic in my comment but your fight list isn't the only place to find people to fight :)
  17. V Hunter

    V Hunter New Member

    This Syndicate quest has been grossly miscalculated, 1. the time to complete, 2. the amount of stam and energy to complete is not taken into consideration to reach goals, 3. rolling this out on the weekend when most all are out doing things they couldn't do during the week because they are dealing with real life. 4. the fight list is too small unless you expect us to chain 1-5 players to reach SEVEN THOUSAND FIGHTS! Please just because it may have worked well on another Kano game doesn't always mean it will work well for another. But then again...it just may mean that KANO would like us to spend real $$$ to do this...its not going to happen here or within my syndicate. And you say that the fl isn't the only place to fine people to fight...well that might be okay if most of the syndicates didn't hide their members :rolleyes:
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  18. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    On the reward cases - I think the medium and hard ones should automatically earn the 2nd level case! Why would they only earn a level 1 case? If your going to make it harder for syndicates to do then give us a case 2 for those quests

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    Get realy sick of this thing Complete 60 Challenges 48/60 (80% they are not being counted maney times grrrrr
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  20. Kat Tyrrell

    Kat Tyrrell New Member

    My syndicate received the 10,000 jobs (Hard tier) task too, which we discovered is not reachable. We finished all the Quest tasks but this one. We thought Quest was fun up to this task. But, once ya know it is not reachable.....the fun subsides.
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