[VC] Super Legendary Crafting!

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Kel the Merciful King, Oct 30, 2018.


Super Legendary Crafts

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  1. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    I think a Superlegendary class of crafting is in order: 2 for 1 Legendary to make Superlegendary. The play of the game changed since Raids' but crafting and empires did not keep up. Empires are too big a deal for Kano but crafting should not be such a big deal (one time work + extra work later when a new empire is dropped).

    Kano has to look at the effects but this might keep folks appropriately rewarded for the levels they do, if they can do something with what they have, and have something in front of them to look forward to (many have nothing!).

    In 2 years time, if the present player group continues on the pace they are, can't see a frig of use in much in the current ranges and empires will lag leveling by ever larger margins at 2 empires per year, while many folks are leveling 5,000-10,000 levels a year! In 2 years, the last empire will be at 24,000 approximately: how many will instantly get that empire???

    So how about instead of making things prettier / demonly / flowery / ugly, what about craft levels that fit in with what Kano has setup for the high Raids achievers?

    Skadi's Blizzard:
    Unlocked at Level 6500
    Level 19500
    Unlocked at Level 7000
    Level 21000
    Jotunheim World Wall:
    Unlocked at Level 7550
    Level 22650
    Yggdrasil World Tree:
    Unlocked at Level 8100
    Level 24300
    Unlocked at Level 8650
    Level 25950
    Wellspring of Mimir:
    Unlocked at Level 9200
    Level 27600
    Battle of Bifrost:
    Unlocked at Level 9800
    Level 29400
    Midgard - Odin's Ravens:
    Unlocked at Level 10700
    Level 32100
    Unlocked at Level 11600
    Level 34800
    Unlocked at Level 12500
    Level 37500
    Midgard Ocean:
    Unlocked at Level 13400
    Level 40200
    Salish Sea:
    Unlocked at Level 14300
    Level 42900
    Unlocked at Level 15275
    Level 45825
    Unlocked at Level 16175
    Level 48525
    Unlocked at Level 17075
    Level 51225
    Unlocked at Level 17975
    Level 53925
    Unlocked at Level 18875
    Level 56625
    Midgard Sepulcher:
    Unlocked at Level 19775
    Level 59325
  2. Steven Jordan

    Steven Jordan Active Member

    A higher level of crafting might be worthwhile as the values of the items is currently obsolete due to raids and loot cases.

    An adjustment to the number of items to craft an elite might need to be adjusted too. As proposed, crafting even one superlegendary would require doing an awful lot of bosses over several months

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