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  1. cesarr

    cesarr Member

    I'm just wondering what other peoples stats are. To find your stats go to home and then at the bottom, go to stats. Here are mine as of level 210:
    Atk: 350
    Def: 348
    Health: 2100
    Energy: 380
    Stamina: 150
  2. Angel

    Angel Member

    Level 154
    Attack 390
    Defense 390
    Health 1132/1730
    Energy 66/66
    Stamina 6/70
  3. POG MA HAON 2

    POG MA HAON 2 New Member

    Level 525
    Attack 610
    Defense 610
    Health 4180/4180
    Energy 450/450
    Stamina 638/638
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  4. scorpion the baby

    scorpion the baby New Member

    Kilo Drama
    Level 448 Teacher wanna lesson
    Total Attack 350
    Total Defense 500
    Health 1247 / 3280
    Energy 14 / 660
    Stamina 18 / 548
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  5. Julie Detroit

    Julie Detroit Member

    Myspace user

    Here are mine as of level 164:
    Atk: 354
    Def: 354
    Health: 1540
    Energy: 150
    Stamina: 153

    I am working on adding to my health and Stamina right now

    Has Facebook had the game longer? And so far I notice we put more on attack/defense in Myspace there are already 6 people with 500-600 attack/defense below level 300, and most of those are in the level 250 range.

    You Facebookers have crazy stats though I hop you come over to myspace to!
    Lol I am not counting people who add everything on one or the other.

    Thanks Cesar for starting this thread
  6. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Total Attack 254
    Total Defense 230
    Health 110
    Energy 960
    Stamina 30
  7. xplicit

    xplicit New Member

    i dun think anyone has higher stats than me on facebook for my lvl

    Lvl 114
    Attack 155
    Defense 678
    Health 280
    Energy 43
    Stamina 20

    Fight Kills: 43
    Fights Won: 2,172
    Fights Lost: 8

    those 8 losses were from my atks as well when i just started the game. had no idea wat i was doing
  8. Angel

    Angel Member

    are you sure, you are in the right applet? this is about Zombie Slayers, and here the highest level is Petra with level 352 oO

    edit: oups I got it, facebook-user?!
  9. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    yes, I believe they play on facebook..
  10. POG MA HAON 2

    POG MA HAON 2 New Member out here..are you saying theres 2 completly different game leaderboards as in MYSPACE and FACEBOOK ??? or are we all not playing the same game?
  11. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

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    Yes, same game but 2 different leaderboards for each social network.
  12. POG MA HAON 2

    POG MA HAON 2 New Member

    So could i go to MYSPACE and play there 2 ...or is there a rule against it?
    I could fix all my stat probs..lololol
  13. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    You can play on both social networks :) it's not against the rules to do so..
  14. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    Level 115 Police Officer

    Attack 283
    Defense 284
    Health 345/600
    Energy 15/100
    Stamina 7/100
  15. Lil' Ms.Mandy

    Lil' Ms.Mandy Member

    I just started one on FB. The biggest differences I have noticed is adding people is easier on MS and it runs so much better over here. The only thing FB really has going for it app wise is there is a bigger user base which means more users and money. It just runs sooo bad for any app I have played over there. :eek:

    My fb stats

    Katy Lucky Eyes
    Joined 3 days ago

    Level 86
    Attack 135
    Defense 107
    Health 489/700
    Energy 3/112
    Stamina 32/100

    I have had a harder time getting squad on FB. Also I'm scared of getting pinked slipped by FB for adding to many people since they have been cracking down on that a lot lately. On MS I had a few higher levels in my squad that made it easier getting weapons from bosses and getting my top squad numbers up pretty quick.
  16. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Finally got my Energy to 1000! :) Now, to build up everything else so I can stopped getting my a** whooped!.. lol
  17. POG MA HAON 2

    POG MA HAON 2 New Member not too far behind ..but man its a congrats
  18. WayneJ5

    WayneJ5 New Member

    LOWLY L118

    Tot Att 383
    Tot Def 387
    Health 198/300
    Energy 18/290
    Stamina 13/100

    Total Attack 434
    Total Defense 431
    Health 1020
    Energy 160
    Stamina 105
  20. Yoda

    Yoda New Member


    Level 240
    Attack 160
    Defense 61
    Health 1344/2000
    Energy 28/274
    Stamina 13/490

    ~Facebook made man~
    Main aim -- Boss killer.

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