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  1. Daniel Pejchl

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    With the ability of some individuals to post damaging , hurtful and harassing statements in the world feed and social feeds in all your fine apps recently. . And his continued presence in them . Have you at Kano ever thought of of pressing criminal charges against this individual. . banning accts are not really protecting your investment of time energy and money nor is it preventing actions like what has occurred ,from happening again. in such cases time in jail would. .

    .Not only is it an attack on the person it is directed at. .it is an attack on your apps. it is an attack on all of us.. . thank you. .
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  2. Fusheng

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    All actions as you mentioned are taken very seriouly by kano , thats why us Moderators help with keeping the forum friendly
    and world chat, but threads and groups are controlled by Facebook and its them that control these, and to them you must report

    ingame messages can be blocked so you can stop the interaction
    and there are many settings on Facebook to Block people
  3. Linda

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    If he does in in the world chat, you report can
    him, you can click on his name in the chat a box will come up and you can click send report.
    if you need more help send me a message thru the forum.:)
    seems I answered at the same time :)
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  4. I don't really think what one says in world chat is enough to warrant law enforcement. Everyone has freedom of speech, having said that if someone oversteps the line then of course they can be dealt with, report it to someone if you are getting threatening messages via Facebook then the only thing you can do is report it to FB as Kano have no authority over that.

    But from what I've seen I don't think a few harsh words warrants time in Jail :)
  5. Daniel Pejchl

    Daniel Pejchl Member

    i dont know if i am replying correctly as this is the first time i have used the forum. .

    Ive have seen a faked death by a player to rid themselves of a cyber bully/stalker on this app. Single target, even a multi-day, multi-app,multi-target world/social feed cyber-bullying. A number of hacked MySpace accts. I myself have had threats of stabbing, threatening texts. i have heard about calls, texts in the world feed before by others a number of times.

    Looking at each incidence singly,case by case, will always be a necessary step in the investigation process, looking for a repeat offender is also necessary, to preserve the quality and enjoyability of your product and the rights of your players.

    As far as your comment about harsh words deserving jail time. .it depends on what is said. . and its purpose. It is a great thing , the Code. it doesnt matter what you or i feel or think, deserves jail time. .
    that has been decided for us and been passed by our legislation.

    And as with my case, phone threats of stabbing and texts designed to terrorize. then to have to read harsh words for a number of days afterwards . . well that may very well be a different story. .

    i want to be able to go to the next person this happens to and if by chance it is the same person, be able to combine cases. it may take 4-5 times. . before action occurs. .But it would occur eventually ... the way it is now,case by case, no action will ever occur, and he is free to continue, only losing his newly formed baby acct . such strict, harsh punishment, i doubt he will ever do that again .

    Thank You
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  6. Wonder Bread

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    Dan, I've moved this thread to General discussions, as it wasn't a feature proposal, but a discussion on a situation you've experienced recently.
  7. In cases like that, then it's certainly something you would need to bring up with the police, phone threats are obviously something that nobody should tolerate, but if people are having a heated discussion and a few harsh words are said then it depends.

    Like you said, it's down to what the people actually say/do and if something out of line, probably should be reported to somewhere outside of Kano/FB. ;)
  8. Daniel Pejchl

    Daniel Pejchl Member

    it was reported outside of Kano. . the phone calls and the texts stopped. . but i had to read it for 3 days after that on all your apps. . local law enforcement says "you don't have to play the game" a loophole in enforcement allowing people to be harrassed online or quit playing. With social apps the more people the more fun for players, the more money for KANO. It would be comforting to know that if he does start up again, or is ever seen on any KANO apps he would face legal consequences from Kano.
  9. brad8and8

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    Daniel how nice that would be, but KANO is limited in what they can do, you however have more options, 1st would be to block this player, if you dont know how start by asking kano how to block player, then myspace. I am sorry but i have to laugh a little, i dont know that this all started from the game or something personnal that leaked into the game, not laughing at you or your problem , but the thought that some fool is caring on like i understand from your messages they are. Just remember how foolish they are and how foolish most people realize they r everytime they post something foolish, GOOD LUCK THE WINGMAN
  10. Daniel Pejchl

    Daniel Pejchl Member

    im going to check the legal ramifications of posting the words printed by this individual. u might not think it is too funny after you read it from his hand. . (he calls Kano his b*tches.) more too come
  11. Don't expet kano to take much action if any. someone using my name and a VERY untasteful comment at my mom as their user name was only made to change his name. The person then did it again shortly after and is still playing and nothing has been done.
  12. Linda

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    People are like children alot of times , they will push the boundaries, if that person is using a name like that again , they need to be reported again , if they keep doing it . My advice , Yooper is to report it to support. As far as this other gentleman, I believe this was happening thru a my space account, if I remember right. but I could be wrong. It has been awhile since this first happened.
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  13. It's been reported by many people. Yet, he still does it. I know of people who have had accounts suspended for alot less. But, that's ok. Use to the inconsistenty that goes on with kanp apps..........
  14. maddog1122

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    daniel. a lot of things are vcovered by the rights of free speech, including name calls, threats sometimes. depends on what actions they are providing, now say they are stalking you, been seen hanging around your home or work, or school, then the law can do something about that, threats over the phone are also covered somewhat by the p police. harsh words or threats over a servor or webpage are up to the owners of that servor or webpage to decide wether the person is abusing it. . By law, you got a right to investigate ways of stopping it which includes suing them for civil rights, calling police for threats directly towards youalso. or maybe slander. outside that theres not a lot you can do about it until they actually do something to you

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