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    Other kano games, You use gifts to craft, because you need THOUSANDS of items. Zombie slayer, we need a max of 124 items at level 3000. The only gift that gives us ANY value is the destructives. Yet kano comes out with all theese differnet gifts every month, more or less just wasting DEV time on usless gifting and crafting.

    Im opening this thread to discuss a few ideas I've been stockpiling to use some of the gifts, I figured i could get your opinions on them seperatley here, before I compiled for the ideas thread, and maybe you guys had some to add on.

    Diamonds, Emeralds, Alexandrites, and Aqua marines.

    I think they could be sold for cash dont you? I was thinking there could be some area in your outbreaks that you could sell the jewels. Different countries/cities paying more for the different jewels... This would allow you to save your jewels up, and cash them in when your reach a higher country, or change up what jewl you are requesting, because the area that you are in pays a higher amount for a certain jewel. This kind of content could create people talking more about what country they are in, whats comming up next, and create more awareness of where eachother are at in the game.

    The antidote!

    We have undeads, and we have antidotes. I dont see why we cant mix the two up.

    You log in, You're undead. because you've been attacked, verry few of us actually are healthy upon return. So you send a request in the feed, I need an antidote! and a squad memeber revives you back to humanity. This would only be needed if you where in the hosptial or dead long enough to become undead. I suggest you request the antidote as a gift not to be revived, but to be able to revive another player. and of course, being able to revive one of your squad memebrs without a request... Just go to thier profile and antidote them, with something in their game history showing that you had given them an antidote, so they know who it was that helped them while they where offline/away. This sort of idea would cut back on the tuck and hide players. Who never stay healed for more than a few seconds, and potentally stay down for hours on end.

    Craft destructives.

    I think we should be able to take several gift items, mix them together with a destructive part, and boom, you made a destructive. all without having to buy this item, go open that outbreak, start this challenge...and spend ungodly amounts of money for an item that is used 1 time. Just simply, a few items that you can put on your wishlist that will make destructives from just collecting them once a day or so. paying a visit to the craft area.

    Energy stam trades in?

    There are some items I think could give you energy or stamina.... like... a candycane gives you sugar energy, not much just like 10-20... enough to do one more outbreak, or help you put a trap or two out there when you are just flat out. or maye just 2-5 stamina, to join a few bosses and hit your level up, or save them up for when you have an extra tough level 10 boss that you just cant seem to get any help on.

    some other items i think would be good for energy.stamina would be Mint toothpicks, first aid kit, bateries, mistletoe, valenties tedy, clean laundry. boombox, baked beans, case of beer, bandages, mr coffee, bottled water, some others, and definatley future items.

    Outbreak distructives.

    I think some of the gifts could be used much liked destructives, A one time use but in assistance to your outbreaks instead of fights. I would choose the items that where more speically zombie slaying oriented than just weapon related.

    Zom-b-gone, proximity alarm, stinkbombs, flashlight, lasso personal gps, stun grenade, bearspray, gas mask, you konw... tactical items. :)

    I know all theese ideas will not go over well... but id like to know what you do like, what you dont like. Lets talk about it. We can come up with something to make gifting worth while. All the other games make use of thier gifts. Why does zombie slayer just send gifts to say "hi"?
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    i see too many things =.=..
  3. The Protector

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    Thing about this one though is some players intentionally stay down.
    Yes it's a hide strategy but still strategy.
    Kind of unfair to take away this strategy.
    And the squad member might be using this strategy too.
    Everything else looks great except that one.
    Had this been in ideas it would get a 7.
  4. Eraser

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    It really would not take away the strategy, only make it harder to do. and require some help from your squad to do it.

    I didnt put any of this in ideas, because I know its too many things at once. nobody can agree with all of it. and some ideas be shut down totally... Thats why its general discussions. I just want to know what you do and dont like, or maybe how they could be changed to fit the game better.

    Maybe you could have more than one antidote at a time, so somone who likes to use the hit and hide strategy, could have many of them available, and not slow down thier methods... they would just need more of them... so thier squad would be aware of thier strategies.

    I for one frown on hiders. They are pest of the game, along with ambush abusers. Makes the game much more enjoyable when the wins flow like water. Some people are just selfish, care too much about having this many wins versus this many losses, when really... its only the wins that count, and a lot of losses makes you look good in my eyes too, that shows your a contributor to the game. making it go round.
  5. It would be nice if the gifts meant anything. Even the destructives don't add much attack power. Crafting is useless and overly expensive. Always has been. I really wish Kano wouldn't spend time developing those things. But since they do, I hope it's not too much.

    I don't have a solution to the problem, Skywalker, but I'm not sure I like some of yours either (i.e. the antidote), but at least you're trying to think out of the box.

    Makes the game much more enjoyable when the wins flow like water. Some people are just selfish, care too much about having this many wins versus this many losses, when really... its only the wins that count, and a lot of losses makes you look good in my eyes too, that shows your a contributor to the game. making it go round.

    LOL, now who's being selfish? It's a game about stats and you better believe I'll do anything in my power not to be a victim. If that means hiding, then that means hiding. If I have to ambush someone, I will. You better believe I'm going to do everything in my power to minimize the damage.
  6. Eraser

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    Well I guess it can be precieved in more than one way. I dont expect all that many people to agree that losses look good, (so long as they are under your wins) and counterattacks look bad.

    I can tell you, most of the mid-level hitlist hunters wear thier losses proudly. as I do. I dont see it as selfish to want people to even up with me. I hand out wins and losses.... My facebook account having 50k wins and 30k losses. (less than 200 days old).

    hey, you want to use a "least loss" strategy. Go for it. but hey, I got to tell you, You get leaderboards, and achievements for going more for higher wins, than shooting for the least losses. The antidote was the one that i suspected to have the worst feedback. Was put in so people would be talking. I guess i never thought it would be the "only" one people where talking about!
  7. I really don't think you can speak for "most" of the mid-level hunters. Maybe they do wear their losses proudly. Maybe they just don't care.

    I'm in the level 1400 range and started fighting late so I'm only at around 55k wins. It's going to be a struggle to get to 250k, but I'm still working at it. My losses is in the 2500 range. Ask slave, I'm a defense player so I rarely hide. I'm just saying that it's a legitimate strategy. Same thing with ambushes. If someone ambushes me, I understand that they're doing it because otherwise I'd beat their ass. Why should they just simply accept that? Wins flowing like water is nice, but the game has provided for certain types of defenses and I don't begrudge them using them. Doesn't stop me from listing them, though. ;)

    I don't care about leaderboards. They gain me nothing except maybe a sense of pride. But an achievement is a real tangible reward for my efforts. And that's what I'm going for.

    I'm on two leaderboards right now and one of them happens to be for completing challenges. The only reason I'm there is because for a month or so I did the death deal in Spain for the two UN in anticipation of hired squad going live. With the release of the new shooters, I've been working on those, going for the achievements and I've dropped a few places on the leaderboard. But I don't care. Skill points, that's the true reward.

    Despite my stance on ambushes, I have relatively few for my level at 1561. They are definetly part of my overall defense strategy, but I don't have to use them often because my defense is high.

    Anyway, as to the topic of this thread, I'm all for any idea that may actually make gifts useful. Though I don't want this game to turn into a Zynga game where gifts are not only useful but vital. I don't want to spend my all day gifting and receiving.

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