So, ZS is totally against LEveling Partners??

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by meezy, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. meezy

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    In most of these types of games people like to level, so, you go and try to find a thread where others who like to level go and find partners. Unfortunately though, i have found that #1 Xp and cash payouts cease after a few attacks, and #2 I couldn't find a thread for levelers around here, which leads me to suspect that maybe the devs don't want people leveling much?? Im getting frustrated cuz it seem like im missing something..I work and work and it seems like I never get more than 2 levels in a day. My stats aint that bad..It could be im missing something..
  2. yep this game is designed so you cant have a level partner effectively.
  3. Ace

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    Well, the best ways of leveling fast (without UNs):

    -Doing good death deals.
    -Joining coop (not single) boss fights, spending just 2 sta on each. Large squad recommended for this.
    -Helping on Carnial/Easter/Rocket Launcher Shooters & Death Deals. Large squad recommended for this.
    -Having good sta and energy.
    -Using daily rewards and energy boosts.
    -Fighting people who give good exp only.
    -Avoid unnecesary deaths (this is where I fail :D)

    This isn't VC, PC or LCN (though that one's a bit slower). I level up at a similar rate to you, and die a lot, so anything of this might help you.
  4. meezy

    meezy Member

    I guess i have a hard time differentiating between good and bad death I join as many boss fights as I have stam Im level 260+ or something like that. my stam is around 150..i really loaded up on atk/def. guess im doing to ahve to change my strategy at least for a time..I think my stam is limiting how much i can help in boss battles..
  5. so you built basically like a tank(high atk/def)

    if your going to start blasting bosses then health for sure.low health and your damage will suck
  6. ZS was basically built to force people to spend real $$$ in order to catch up to more senior players as opposed to logging in for long hours and leveling with other players in order to catch up for free. I made the mistake here of gearing myself more for battle than building a stamina beast like I did in the other games and as a result I am locked in place with really no chance at advancement. Suspiciously this cash cow is the one that always gets the new updates while the old flagship of Vikings is left ignored and abandoned. So Eddie, come on already, aren't your Pimp and Jillian accounts paying you enough to give us an update???
  7. Das liebe Beil

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    Actually there is a rather easy way for fast ZS leveling.

    You need 5000 Health, 500 Stam, low att (100 or so, maybe increasing it later on a bit), no def and the rest is Energy. Energy needs to be your primary concern. Health and stam follow slowly and att/def whenever you feel like it.

    I have rather high energy, nowhere near where I'd like it, but I can pretty much level at will. I have a large squad, so I can do dozens of helps to get me to the next level if needed.

    Don't bother with refills/weapons for the UN Points, use them singularly for upgrading property. You want speedleveling, not a victory/survival streak.

    Sure, you'll build a punching bag, but that shouldn't matter as soon no one will want the crap XP you give. And you can level with outbreaks like mad.
  8. SkylerF

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    Wait, punching bags are good, parasites are not. As long as the parasites are not ACTING like parasites...stick to your outbreaks, there's a good fellow.
  9. meezy

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    Im trying in vain to quiet myself as I LMAO. I would hate to be a punching I do however think i could use about 200-300 more energy.. I have brought my stam up about 50 pts in the last month and thats helped tremendously in boss helps..I will definitely keep this thought in mind when building my boss from here on out..I probably wont go to the extreme you talk about though.. :p

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