So let me point this out for you...

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    You know who I'm talking with... no name will be giving here, but people can deduct easily whom I'm talking with.

    You're second place on some social platform, lvl 3450+, good for ya. You spend some money and with the help of your 4k+ stamina your reached that place in 320+ days. Nothing wrong here, but counter attack me, lvl 2800 (not yet) and place a public chat message like: needless to say clubber im always gonna have 25 counters on ya now, its just low. What you're afraid off? Giving you a hard time to level or what?

    Thankfully for you 1.100 capitains + you got against me, its just an accomplishment you got on those in 320 days you join (after you whine about how myspace is dying).

    And, to get back on this thread theme:
    YOU ARE NOTHING WITHOUT YOUR CAPITAINS. I beat you staight in cagemachets, without any special weapons, ships or mateys (0 upkeep). If I had 900 more capitains, I bet I can take you easily on straight fights (not cagematches).

    So please defend low life characters and make me a hard time to XP myself, its not going to happen.

    I'm maybe the one's (maybe 2-3 others) who's got less than 500 capitains to be in #top 35 on that platform. I couldn't care less on you threats (and be with positive fight wins and cagematches). I'm there, I will be leveling without your concern.

    I'm still here leveling! So, phreak out!

    P.S. Come to zombie slayers hi5, to give you something to share about... 20 best squad to your 20 best squad. Not 1.600 squard to 420 squad.

    Here is something to listen when you read:
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  2. dont care my defense is low

    cagers get little exp off me

    part of the point having low defense

    and now we got some with 1400-1500+ capts losing attacks

    defense is low yes however my attack is high

    im not breaking any rules by countering you

    all part of the game

    cages werent meant as a replacement for regular battling

    its impressive youve gotten that far with that little capts(seriously)

    but now that cages were limited to 25 with payouts

    that was both a blessing and a curse

    and bountying me to no end wont slow me down either
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  3. clubber

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    Well, glad that 5-6 bounties got your response here... (and some XP loss)

    Thank you, seriously.

    P.S. Got nothing you, you wanted to have something with me, since you know who. So please, we can still be friends, no need to defend someone.

    P.S.2. I know so much about you (defence, attack, chiefcapitains names, items counter, ect.), still you know nothing about me. I've been on Hi5 and BEST, and SNTS armada's before you knew what hi5 or the armada where you're officer now, was.


    P.S.4. Wondering about how I know so much about you? Kano should ban 80% top30 players on hi5 Pirate Clan to know the truth. There's nothing to loose to be a friend of mine...

    P.S.5. Really listen to this:
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  4. exp loss is nothing to me

    i make that back rather quickly

    couldnt really care how ya know so much bout me

    youve been there longer thats very true

    but i been playing longer

    Joined 910 days ago thats my myspace pirate

    experience pays off when you know what does and dont work
  5. clubber

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    Right, thank you for you lack of interest into what's going on.
    I'll be back on where was I in near future.

    P.S. The song, for my reply:

    P.S.2. BEST, SNTS, PU, TA, SOL, BLUE, NO1, 25K, 50, Jack, VON, choose.
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    OH GOD! Please close and trash this thread. No need of it, since hi5 games are going to be closed.
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    You started this thread so you can remove it if you no longer want it around.
  9. so i took #1 on hi5

    i need the account strong as i can get it

    thats why i bum rushed it

    little more $$ and bam more levels even :))

    to those that will feel the wrath of this account

    beware DEATH is back and tables will be turned

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