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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by The Protector, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. The Protector

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    is under protection from you and you are unable attack. For more info please see this forum post: Protection Beta Info

    shouldnt that say "unable to attack"???
  2. mi7ch

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    The Internet is not bound by the laws of grammar! But yes, you are correct! I'll show this to the appropriate people and they'll get it fixed up. Thanks! :)
  3. Gazember

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    another typo in the Battle Arena Help:

    Defense Perk:

    This perk modifies how much damage you receive when in defensive stance, the time duration allocated for defensive stance as well as the wait time to re-enable defensive stance after it times out. The greater percentage of your skill points allocated in defense will improve these defensive perks. You currently have 47.5 - 50% of your skill points allocated to Attack.

    should be: allocated to Defense

    BAHelptypo.jpg .
  4. braatt10

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    I just saw this protection from other player in game, where is it and can I use it after being harrassed for almost two months by the same player daily I''ll go for it.
  5. Kirsten

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    The player has to have listed you about 10 times and or attacked you 1k times, but if you have retaliated depending on what you may have done back, ya prob won't see it, if the player has done the required actions against you, you will see the option come up on their profile page, I do not recommend it cause if the player has friends they will take over, and if you use it if they list you the player can still get on on a bounty and vice versa. This has to all come together over a day or two, approx something he did 2 months ago is not gonna count.
  6. Jared

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    These aren't off topic posts? To a thread that hasn't been updated for almost 5 years?

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