Showing next achievement level or percentage when upgrading skills

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  1. When you go to deposit money in the bank, it shows how much of a percentage you are at to reach the next achievement. When you buy property, it shows you how much of a percentage you are at to reach the next income achievement.

    However, when you go to upgrade your skills in order to find what score you need to reach the next achievement you need to go through a "few" extra steps if you are trying to reach certain ones: Open a new browser window or tab to the game. Switch to your profile, open the achievements tab, click on view all achievements, & then scroll down to see what is needed to reach the next level. Then you switch back to the previous window/tab to see what your skills are at & how many points you have to spend. Then you switch back to the achievements to compare how best to spend the points. Finally you switch back to the skills page, make your choices & save them. Then you close the other windows/tabs you had open & continue playing the game.

    My thought is to simply put a percentage indicator or the score needed for the next achievement beside each skill to upgrade so players know how close they are to reaching their next achievement when choosing skills. This way they don't have to spend extra time fighting the game to get the information instead of spending extra time actually fighting in the game.
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    Considering these achieves are so far apart, is it really needed?

    Some go for them, but if do this people would be like wow I'm so close=change their build. Even if at 90% bar progress as idea is, that's not a couple levels and could put false hopes in new players. 1 star
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  3. True, it's not really needed, but then again neither are the 2 examples I cited above but both are given & they aren't even something you choose. As long as you buy property for income you have no choice but to get the achievement & thus no reason to have it's percentage bar showing. Saving money in the bank will inevitably get you the achievement so there isn't a need to have it's percentage bar in the game either. However, skill point achievements aren't inevitable, a person must choose to allocate their points & reach a certain level to get the achievement (along with the bonus it brings). This brings that extra layer of strategy into play that we all have to consider anyway, it will just make it easier to act on it.

    Using a static numeric value instead of a progress bar would be a relatively less problematic adjustment & would, as your point suggests, be a better indicator to the next achievement than a percentage (especially at higher levels of each).

    Again, as many of my ideas & suggestions often are, this isn't meant as much for us veteran players that play in more than 1 of the games on at least 1 if not 2 or 3 of the available platforms. This is more for the newer players that would benefit from being able to micro-manage their skill building earlier in the game or (if they don't play daily) to better remember how they are building their character(s). It can also equally serve well for those of us that are playing this many games on that many platforms & simply want to make it more streamlined to keep track of how you are developing your characters in each without needing to back track so many times while playing.
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    It already does this on Zombie Slayer...
    They don't do it in the other apps?

    NB: The skill point values and achievement percentages may have be doctored in this picture ;)
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    ^This is Pirate Clan, so it's safe to assume all games have this feature, unless OP is describing something different.
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    Maybe the OP was wanting to have this information presented/available whenever you click on the skills button is clicked?
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    That would take some UI/Dev work for sure, but there is a space in the Alerts bar for another button.
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    thats actually a great idea, hopefully it wont take up too much dev time if its doable
  9. FYI - The original post by me was actually made by someone that had access to my accounts using stored login information in my browser. He made 2 suggestion posts here meant to cause me problems (how this one does I'm not sure & he's not saying). The guy was getting even for a prank I pulled on him prior. He still hasn't said all he's done but I've found situations on at least 5 websites. So, I apologize for any situation(s) it may have caused anyone.
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    OK well, I think SSO's permutation of you're friends idea might warrant its own thread, so I'll split that off and move this to not considering.
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