Serious fight miscalculations

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by GuyDaley, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. GuyDaley

    GuyDaley New Member

    All to often, this happens on one, two or even three of the fight calculation categories, example:

    MY GEAR = 10 UNITS

    10 Gear Units

    1 Big Tex Outfit (Level 4)
    1 Street Thug Bandana (Level 3)
    1 Goalie Gear (Level 2)
    1 Hunting Jacket (Level 3)
    1 Jiu Jitsu Gi (Level 2)
    1 Football Pads (Level 1)
    1 Real Madrid Uniform (Level 1)
    2 Geurilla Camoflages (Level 1)
    1 Stab Vest (Level 1)

    [ upgrade ] 4 Gear Units


    2 Prison Uniforms (Level 1)
    1 Goalie Gear (Level 1)
    1 UN Helmet (Level 1)

    and the program ranks the gear as EQUIVALENT, In other words, my TEN units of gear, a bunch of which was upgraded was equivalent to the opponents 4 pieces of gear, none of which was upgraded. - This is a gross error in the program and defeats the purpose of spending the time, effort and money of upgrading your equipment. This doesn't happen just in the Gear category either, it happens in several categories. Either this has to be explained or it has to be FIXED.
  2. all kano apps are as random as they come during the fight detail.its been mentioned countless times in the other 3 apps as well.
  3. GuyDaley

    GuyDaley New Member

    I don't understand your comment

    all kano apps are as random as they come during the fight detail.its been mentioned countless times in the other 3 apps as well.

    Are you saying its intentional?

    its been mentioned countless times in the other 3 apps as well.

    So, you are insinuating that I am required to sift the internet looking for what has been mentioned countless times about the other 3 apps before I comment in the bug section of zombie slayer? Do you have any idea how ignorant that is? The fact, that I haven't acquainted myself with anything and everything about facebook game applications therefore I should haven't spoken up about what I perceived as a bug in zombie slayer?

    If this type of randomness is intentional then it should be made KNOWN in the game tips, the FAQ that you get shunted to when you attempt to find answers.
  4. Calder12

    Calder12 Member

    .... Attack vs Defense

    2 prison uniforms = 18 def (i think)
    1 Goalie gear = 8 def
    1 UN helmet (help me out here I don't have one)
    Total Defense = 26 plus whatever the UN Helmet has

    1 Big Tex Outfit (Level 4) = 9 attack
    1 Street Thug Bandana (Level 3) = 9 attack
    1 Goalie Gear (Level 2) = 5 attack
    1 Hunting Jacket (Level 3) = 5 attack
    1 Jiu Jitsu Gi (Level 2) = 2 attack
    1 Football Pads (Level 1) = 2 attack
    1 Real Madrid Uniform (Level 1) = 1 attack
    2 Geurilla Camoflages (Level 1) = 0 attack
    1 Stab Vest (Level 1) = 0 attack
    Total Attack = 33

    Meaning that if that UN helmet has more than 7 defense, which I am sure it does. There is NOTHING wrong with the game math at all

  5. Neanderthal

    Neanderthal New Member

    With the UN helmet added in with a defense of 7, those calculations are correct as they are indeed equivalent.

  6. GuyDaley

    GuyDaley New Member

    My hunble apologies as I didn't take the time to research all the items and certainly can't research those items which I don't have access to, like the prison uniforms.
  7. Calder12

    Calder12 Member

    Well if you didn't know the stats how did you come to the conclusion there was an error? o_O
  8. GuyDaley

    GuyDaley New Member

    Calder - On the surface 10 items, FIVE of which were upgraded versus 4 items NONE of which were upgraded.

    Any logical person would assume ON THE SURFACE, that there was a discrepancy.

    But then, logical people aren't in abundance, apparently.
  9. Calder12

    Calder12 Member

    A logical person would have taken the time to think about the situation and look at the gear they did have, realizing the fact that gear has substantially less attack than defense and in many cases has 0 attack.

    You came in here bitching and moaning, then you got your answer and you're acting all childish. Logical doe not include acting petulant when you get an answer you don't like. A simple thanks for taking the time to explain would have sufficed just fine.
  10. StormriderX

    StormriderX New Member

    I've had similar problems

    20 armour vs 20 armour with mine being a higher tier and fully upgraded compared to my opponents yet I still get the message saying that I'm weaker.
  11. 3pic dud3

    3pic dud3 New Member

    :D Any info on new items and layout out of the UN page ???? :D

    :D Is there any info of new items in zombie slayer and mostly is ther any info of a new layout page for the UN because i would like to spend on my UN pionts on other items that i can pick any day without waiting for new one to come out. wot i mean is i play mafia wars right and the RP page has a number of items to buy and is way easyer and helpfull to use but when i first played zombie slayer i was like OMG were are all the items that i can spend my points on :eek: . i think its not just me thats thinks this but it would be epic if we have a new layout and way to spend our UN points with more items.

    Also can we also have like some new add-ons like new features in gameplay this idea i hope you will listen to and make something on it :)

    PS. if any wots to join my team ill apsect all invets .:eek:
  12. Calder12

    Calder12 Member

    @stormrider x:

    In that case I wonder if the tie goes to the defender? That is my assumption based on what I'm seeing.

    Oh and if your forum name is the same as your game name you're one of the few I have to avoid on the fight list lol kudos ;)
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  13. the winner of a tie is random as well.ive tied multi times and sometimes win,sometimes lose.
  14. Calder12

    Calder12 Member

    Actually I think what you're seeing there is the "critical" value. When fights are very close sometimes the one that is actually weaker will win. I normally have a huge issue with "critical hits" but given the fact this only happens here on close fights I can buy the luck factor.

    I do believe however that if you look at the fight details on actual gear ties the tie will always go to the defender. The fight may not, but the gear rating will.
  15. StormriderX

    StormriderX New Member

    Yes forum name is same as game name lol, I don't play that often nowadays - kinda slow leveling etc when you decide not to add hundreds of people lol. Still get the same problem consistently though - lvl 4 armor vs lvl4 armor with mine being a higher tier and 4 bits of UN gear (Knight gear/Gladiator not the rubbish gift stuff - from leveling not buying :D). Yet still come out weaker o_0
  16. there seems to be a problem with the gear category, I get told I'm weaker there alot, even when I am clearly not, it's been mentioned, but as of yet not addressed....For example- Me 20 gear units
    1 track suit level 4
    2 Italian leather suits level 4
    17 guard uniforms level 4
    (not sure why it uses the leather suits instead of guard uniforms, as I own 19 of the uniforms, but since the attack is the same I guess it doesn't matter)

    Them-20 gear units
    * 5 Guard's Uniforms (Level 4)
    * 5 Italian Leather Suits (Level 4)
    * 10 Gondolier Uniforms (Level 4)

    As you can see...clearly stronger, yet calculated as weaker...I guess it must be based on the actual defense vs attack for that specific category, but if that's the case, I should almost ALWAYS be weaker as most gear units attack is half their darned if I can figure it out....
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  17. AbNo

    AbNo Member

    Really? You ran the numbers and everything? Did you show your work? :p
  18. SteveW

    SteveW Member

    That's it right there. 2 players can have identical everything down to the 't' but (if you look at gear items alone) you will still lose as the defense stats for the gears items are much higher than the attck stats.

    Collectively you might be attacking with a combined gear attack of say 50, when the exact same gear has a much higher defense level causing you to lose the gear element of the fight.

    Conversely, weapons, being attack based items, will benefit you. Lets not jump down Kano's throat before you have some actual details/facts. Next time you feel you've been hard done by post up a screen shot and we can have a look.

    If there is an actual problem maybe Kano will comment too :)
  19. makes sense....but I do occasionally win one with roughly the same gear...I guess that's what was throwing me off...and I wouldn't call it jumping down anyone's throat, just discussing it in the forum...isn't that what we're supposed to do when we have a question or are confused? Thanks for your answer though...I do appreciate the info!
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