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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by God of Bacon, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Linda

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    Having never used Trial Pay but hearing people complain I googled it , maybe something from their site can help those that did not receive what they expected ?? Just a thought of mine

  2. JADES

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    You have never done a free video off the bottom of your game page Linda? That is a part of Trialpay.
  3. Linda

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    Yes I did one today to check it out, had no problem but I know someone who purchased something and did not get their favor points, actually that was what I was referring to. I never paid attention to whom it was through , now I know Trial Pay , But I always forget the video's are there anyway. But maybe there is something thru the link I posted that can help someone .
  4. JADES

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  5. Eraser

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    Waiting for my 3rd email from Trial pay.

    My first two emails are where word for word with the ones posted here. "Follow the steps" and 'You completed over 100 video offers"

    Just in case you guys didnt check. There is nothing like that in their Terms of Service. They had a bug in their system, It caused a ton of people to be automatically frozen.

    Just in case you guys didnt find the terms, heres a direct link.


    It would be super cool if Kano would get behind thier players on this one, Instead of making us play into their "divide and conquor" game.

    They made a mistake and provided too many offers, thats not any reason for us to be banned from the service.
  6. Adela

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    I have also emailed Trial Pay about being frozen and got a rude message about how I need to buy favor points and abusing the system. This was the reply I have sent to Kano Support and Trial Pay:

    Please explain how I abused watching the videos. How am I supposed to know that you have a limit in how many times a video is watched? Where does it say that anywhere on your side? if there was a limit, why did you guys keep letting me watch the videos. It sounds like Trial Pay made an error in letting me watch so many videos and that is your fault, not mine. How is that my error? I see a video link, I clicked on it. If I wasn't supposed to watch it, then why did you give me a video link to click on? Why are you blaming me, the consumer, for Trial Pay's system error??

    Usually when I completed an offer previously, I would get an error message saying that I already completed that error and I can't do it again. I got no such message with the videos. I've spent plenty on this game already! One of the perks that kept me coming back was the FPs I got when I completed offers, purchased Groupons, Signposts, Eversaves and watched videos.

    This is unfair and I don't appreciate basically being called a thief. I am a professional business woman. Did you even look up my account to see if I've spent money on this game before telling me to buy the FPs? I've spent $$$$$ on this stupid game!! I am not a high roller, but I've paid to play. Does Kano really want to lose me as a customer over this insult?

    Adela Joy
    Your User Id: 542804134

    (By the way, you can still email Trial Pay directly if you do so via the Gods link on Kano Apps VC, not the FB one).
  7. Terminator

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    Thank you Matthew...this exact message - sent to TrialPay got my account unlocked as well...its like you were reading my mind when you wrote this. Sometimes making people read their own rules will catch them in a trap that they unwittingly put out in an attempt to snare someone else, yet end up falling into it themselves - proving that lawyers are really just not that smart and don't think of EVERYTHING. If they had specified that more than 100 video links in 24 hours were "excessive" then we would have no recourse, however, they did not, so in effect - we "win" this one. I almost guarantee they re-write that in the next revision.

    Cheers and again, Thanks Matthew.
  8. Adela

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    I 2nd that (about not spending on fp's)!!!! :) :)
  9. Wonder Bread

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    Thanks everyone for keeping us updated on the situation. We realize that this is an important part of the game for players, and are looking into what we can do on our end to resolve this issue for the affected players.

    I know many of you have been in contact with our Support person, but if you have not done so already please send a message through support letting us know how you're being affected so we have an accurate number of players dealing with this issue.

    Also, if you haven't been able to contact Trial Pay yet, you can do so through generalsupport@trialpay.com

    @Terminator You mentioned in your post that you had your Trial pay account unlocked. Can you be more specific about the steps you went through to have it unlocked?

    Has anyone else had any success with having their offers unlocked?
  10. Terminator

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    Dear TrialPay Customer,

    Thank you for using TrialPay. In order to identify your game account we would like to ask that you follow the steps below. Once you have completed these steps please reply to this email so we can try to resolve your credit concern.

    1) Please click on the account location link below:


    2) Provide the information requested on the form and press the submit button.

    3) Reply to this email to confirm you have completed these steps.


    TrialPay Customer Support

    Did that, then they asked for supporting information and I utilized the previous statements made by Matthew on his emails.

    I think they will give everyone a pass this time but not in the future.
  11. Steven Hoover

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    I have been having the same problems with the FP videos. Keep getting told that the URL is broken. As a player who doesn't 'pay to play', I rely on these videos.
  12. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    @Terminator + Jades Glad to hear it's working for you guys again! Let us know if you have any additional issues.

    @Steven If you're having issues with Trial Pay offers, send a message through generalsupport@trialpay.com so they can take a look for you.

    For anyone else still having issues with being blocked from Trial Pay, email them at generalsupport@trialpay.com and let us know if you have any issues/difficulties with the process by contacting support.
  13. Terminator

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    Email received from Trialpay:

    Thanks for contacting us. I apologize for your inconvenience.

    I will state the same thing I told Matthew, as I have reinstated your account as well. Please understand that any further fraudulent behavior will result in your account being terminated indefinitely. TrialPay, and our video advertisers, consider watching the same video 100 times in one day, excessive.

    Again, I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced, please let us know if you need any further assistance.


    TrialPay Customer Support
  14. Terminator

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    my final response to them as articulately as I could possibly be without being a lawyer:


    Thank you for your understanding and for re-instating my account.

    I do not believe that your statement that I or anyone engaged in "fraudulent behavior" is correct - as the terms of the TOS were not clearly stated or quantitatively defined to the point that anyone reading them would know that in fact 100 views of a video was the actual limit that would be considered excessive.

    Will you be updating your current TOS to include the determination that "watching the same video 100 times in one day, (is) excessive."?
    I just think that it would be prudent for any further issues to maintain fair, clear, concise and consistent rules for the end-users.

    Thanks again.


    I think that works - don't you?
  15. Linda

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    I am in awe that there are 100 videos to watch and that someone actually watched that many .lol
  16. Eraser

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    All I know is that it has been 3 business days since I sent my last email to trial pay, and received no reply.
  17. JADES

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    Send them another 1 LOL, not like they will block you from messages like they did from offers.
  18. JADES

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    Actually Wonderbread if you are banned from Trialpay that link cannot be used. You need to address this link with your actual FB login address to this link http://www.trialpay.com/account_locator/

    1st step, you'll get a reply say fraudulent abuse on video's

    2nd step reply with this

    TOS #5.
    TrialPay does not warrant, guarantee, or offer any support for the Product(s) obtained from or through the TrialPay Service. No warranty, commitment or any other obligation should ever be assumed by you on our behalf or on behalf of a Product manufacturer, licensor or supplier without our express prior written consent. For the purposes of this Agreement, “Product” includes without limitation tangible goods, software, games, electronic books, virtual currency, virtual goods, statement credits, services, information, content, rewards, and other items offered or received through the Service.

    Do I see this correctly? Product” includes "without limitation" tangible goods, software, games, electronic books, "virtual currency" <--see the quote marks I added? Last time went to an "all you can eat" buffet "without limitations" is a different definition in your vocabulary.

    Look I understand that over 100 videos in 1 day can be considered excessive, but yet again no where in your TOS says 100 videos a day. It says "excessive" define that word to me please on watching commercial adds? Bet your advertisers would like me to watch the video 1000 times a day to get their product stuck in my head, which is why they come to you to provide a service.

    3rd step= reinstatement and will receive a message explaining why.
  19. Terminator

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    I said the same thing in my post exactly on 2-14-2013. Good point. Pays to follow instructions.
  20. Wonder Bread

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    @Jades The email address I provided isn't a link, but an address you can email to contact Trial Pay support. I would imagine that once you contact them they'll just direct you to the account locator link, so using that link might work as well.

    @Eraser Any word from them yet on your account?

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