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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Dead Mans Bones, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. Dead Mans Bones

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    I have been coming here for over 2 weeks trying to find any discussion on Secret Recipes
    Seems No one is sharing, no one knows, or Kano reps are removing it. I'm at a relative low level in Mob Wars LCN and have only a few special items I am allowed to make in the Workshop. The Flamethrower Lamp is Not being discussed here. I DO see the other post where he asks if anyone knows the ingredients, but NO Replies :mad: and that sucks.

    Those who are unable to do more than a few creations should be able to get some help here. :confused::(
  2. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    If nobody is replying to your question of "does anybody know the recipe for.....?" then it means that people don't know the recipe. Kano would not remove posts that are meant to help the users.
  3. SweetJennyLee

    SweetJennyLee New Member

    Actually Eddie, 2 people are implying that they know, but they're not sharing. It's really frustrating and might even be misleading.
  4. Eddie

    Eddie Member

  5. Vampryss

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    Since this is pretty new addition many just don't know all the answers to your inquiry. Or it could be that some would prefer that you work for the answer as hard as they did.
  6. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    I'm working on it. I haven't found anything.
  7. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    In Pirate Clan, 2 of the three Hidden Recipes have been revealed: Minstrel Maiden and another (I forget which, not the Prison Transport).
    And if you play Viking Clan, the Steel Sword Recipe has been found. I think Aegir's Trident is still a mystery.

    You said you played Mob Wars. Do you see at the top right of this screen a "Search" box? Type "blacksmith" in it. You can further refine the search.

    You don't need to be quite so harsh. "Referral to forums for help is a JOKE" isn't very polite and "No one is sharing...or Kano reps are removing it" is rather accusatory. Remember, people will be more willing to help if you are polite and ask nicely.
  8. Eddie you know all the recipes you just are holding out on us buddy. Probably cooking up new ones as we speak...what is this Legendary Giant Robot Hammer in your inventory I see? Do share that recipe with the rest of us now :p

    To the original post; The only recipe I know of that has been uncovered is the Steel Sword for Viking Clan and the Minstrel Maiden for Pirate Clan. Both of which had been posted on threads here. The others are yet to be discovered and/or shared.
  9. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Aegir's Trident is another hidden recipe for Viking Clan. The third is Autumn's Hammer, which I believe is still a mystery (I couldn't make it even if I knew it).
    The only Pirate Clan hidden recipe left is the Prison Transport. I believe there was a third, but I am not sure which one it was (Chinese Sea Dragon?).
  10. antoris

    antoris Member

    As I find the recipes and verify them, I will be posting them on my wiki. Probably a spoiler for many, but if I find a recipe, even by chance, I would share it asap.
  11. sea dragon was revealed and maiden was revealed.transport is mystery but 2 items are gifts and 1 isnt a gift
  12. GlendaKamiVeniDam

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    Just joined and I am having the same thoughts!
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