Really? This is how retaliations work on LCN?

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by James Kuka, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. James Kuka

    James Kuka New Member

    OK I'm new to the game. As you can imagine being new involves exploring all facets of the game. So I did a bit of bounty hunting last night for the first time ever. My win to lose ratio was 5:64 (checked my hit list stats).

    I immediately took that to mean that the 64 losses were from people with larger mobs. Upon closer inspection, however, not only did they have larger mobs, they were all from the same 6 players who are levels ranging between 4274 - 6456.

    As I write this post I have just reached level 67.

    WHAT THE HELL? This is total bull crap! :mad:

    I'm probably not the first person to suggest this but in the name of fairness why are much higher level players able to attack me when I lost against them in the first place? To encourage fairness, I'm going to suggest that higher level players SHOULD NOT be able to attack players who are several thousand levels below them. The only instance where such a retaliation should be warranted is where the lower level player attacks the higher level player and actually comes away with a win.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    You should read the help section, before complaining about a game you just started playing,first off, Rule # 1,if you attack,whip,punch,slap a higher level and or a stronger player, you open yourself up to retaliation for 24 hours,so if ya don't want to be attacked don't strike the first blow. A level 67 IMO should be learning the game , reading any info relating to it,there is alot out there,if ya take the time to read it.
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  3. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    No disrespect ...but in my opinion its one of the worst ideas Ive ever heard. You attacked them, win or lose you attacked them first. Even if u lose u can still kill them which results in a loss of XP for them, achievement stats for you and u get the money. Try walking up to some big mo fo in the street and pop em a good one right in the kisser....if he doesnt even flinch what do u think the odds are that hes not gonna break u in half? Much as in life these games have consequences if you choose to play recklessly. You started this point they have a 24 hr window to retaliate or until they kill u ...which ever comes first. What if the person on bounty was a much lower level than you....still ok to kickjthe crap outta them or is this just a one way street were walking down here? Ride it out and consider it a lesson learned. Just remember that if u attack back or even slap them u will restart the 24 hr window. Good luck!
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  4. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hi James,

    Unfortunately I don't think you're going to get a lot of support for you idea. As Linda and polish said, there are consqeuences to attacking a player who is thousands of levels above you. As polish pointed out, there's a 24 hour window where they can hit you back or until they kill you, whichever comes first. They might also List you after that point, but they probably won't.

    My advice is to read the Knowledgebase (it's linked in my signature so you can't miss it) as Linda suggested, and read the in-game Help as well. It spells out the rules of combat and what goes or doesn't go. :)
  5. James Kuka

    James Kuka New Member

    Hi guys,

    Firstly, thanks for your views. I like the way polishpimp attacked the concept I put forward rather than focus on what level I am and my ability to read the knowledgebase. Also, I wouldn't consider 3 opinions to be a representative sample.

    I totally agree that a player of any level should be able to attack somebody who is hit listed. What I don't agree with is the fact that players with such a huge advantage should be able to retaliate on lower level players who lost to them in the first place. The point I should have made earlier is that I have already generated a loss on my own stats and win on theirs. Why should this also lend itself to being open for attack for 24 hrs or being killed (whichever comes first) by players with such a superior advantage? There is definitely a disparity here and I'm going to go so far as to say that it does not encourage newer or lower level players to explore that aspect of the game (bounty hunting) until they are at a super high level.

    What would be better/fairer is if the only person who was open for retaliation is the person who placed the hit in the first place. Next best thing would be to place limits on how far down the levels a person can retaliate.

    Oh and Linda don't underestimate a new players perspective just because you are so entrenched in the status quo.
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  6. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    Ha , so I didn't sugar coat it enough, well it still holds true, Your idea will garner no support, This is the game ,it is the way it has been played since inception and either deal with it or don't ,by reading up on the game, it warns players about retaliation, so if you choose to ignore the game warning, that is your choice. Enjoy your perspective and I will enjoy the games, Carry on :)
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  7. James Kuka

    James Kuka New Member

    I think you're missing the point here Linda because you are fixed in your ways. Change is not necessarily a bad thing. I'm sure there have been several changes as time has passed and the game has evolved.

    I have read the knowledge base and I understand the warning about retaliations and it still has not changed my opinion on the subject. In short, that rule is stupid and unfair and needs to be changed. New players can tell straight away how illogical it is. That is all.
  8. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    Not missing the point ,but playing with the knowledge that if I attack a stronger or higher level player, by accident or on purpose, I have to deal with the consequences, and in almost 4 years of playing a FIGHTING game, I have no problem with that. Yes change in the games goes with the territory but restrictions ,NO , no more restrictions, if a player wants a bounty, they do so and deal with the retribution. Not sure these games are your cup of tea and that is okay.
  9. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    I'd hardly say it's illogical, if you thumb your nose at a higher level, they're well within their rights to wallop you, it's just the risk you take.

    New players can't even be Listed by other players until level 300, although they can list others. There's also Protection, which gives you a respite from higher-level players who are griefing you by attacking you or Listing you and you can only see people on the Battle list who are 10% above and below your current level (oh, and the 30 days protection for new accounts). If you attack someone out of range, whether it's on the Hitlist or you Punch them, you open yourself up to being attacked.

    New players are already protected in plenty of ways, so the onus is on them not to draw the attention of a higher level. While it might seem illogical, a higher level player might say the same thing if they're not allowed to attack a smaller player who is continually attacking them without fear of retribution.
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  10. James Kuka

    James Kuka New Member

    While it might seem illogical, a higher level player might say the same thing if they're not allowed to attack a smaller player who is continually attacking them without fear of retribution.

    Logic in this scenario would be that the higher level gives himself a pat on the back as the lower level is generating wins for them by attacking and losing. Retaliation should apply where the lower level attacks the higher level and actually comes away with a win.
  11. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    @ James.

    Logic is a rare thing in these games ...for everyones sake dont even get me started on that I think the question is more about fairness. As others have said...lower levels are protected in numerous ways...they have to go out of there way in most cases to bring about retaliation from a higher level. If someone is on bounty...every one hitting them (win or lose or despite level) is trying to kill that person and has the potential of getting a huge reward....if but one thing only in these games deserved retaliation Im pretty sure trying to kill someone would be it. With the the potential for a huge reward does there not deserve to be consequences? My base bounty is over much of a game changer would that be if a low level player got my bounty? With only a few bounties my list price is a quad....what if a lower level got a couple of mine? What a boon that would be eh? 9 outta 10 times if a lower level finds themselves on a high levels rival page the lower level is dead within a few attacks and the retaliation window is then closed. If a lower level doesnt learn their lesson after the first time whos fault is it then? In the end its only fair any player gets to go after another player who just tried to kill them. Lets not also forget how much XP it takes to level at the higher levels compared to that of a lower level, when a lower level dies they can recoup their lost XP in literally seconds compared to a uber high level who must spend hundreds f not thousands of stam to recoup theirs

    As far as change goes....its not always a good thing. these games have been around for years and tens of thousand who came before you had to endure exactly what it is your trying to change. In fact...early on there was far fewer limitations that separated low from higher levels. How would it be fair to all those that came before for someone such as yourself to have that much easier go of things?

    If new [players get a bad taste in their mouth because they are going for bounties and dont like the minimal consequences thats on them and perhaps these arent the games for them. Back in the day there was no such thing as God bounties.....they are in abundance and now there is more of them than bounties set by actual players. Players can hunt those all day long without fear of retaliation.

    These games are based on and around the PVP battle aspect, rivalries are a key motivation force that helps drive these games and consequences are a big part of that. As with skill point allocation there are tough decisions to be made and consequences to go along with those decisions. Choose wisely. Best of luck!
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  12. maybe u should change the rules ,because i didnt attack anybody and all of sudden im in a pissing contest with an admin. who just keeps hitlisting ,and attacking me .oh yeah i forgot then he has his whole faction doing the same thing real fair play . 24 hrs idont think so been going on for a week. tell me about that one how do u do that if your not an admin.
  13. i hear ya james they say fair game play theres is no such thing. this is what i did i got attacked so i punched the guy back then all hell has broken loose.this is what i posted no response as of yet .maybe u should change the rules ,because i didnt attack anybody and all of sudden im in a pissing contest with an admin. who just keeps hitlisting ,and attacking me .oh yeah i forgot then he has his whole faction doing the same thing real fair play . 24 hrs idont think so been going on for a week. tell me about that one how do u do that if your not an admin.
  14. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    You can only be "attacked" if in-range which is 10% of your level or if you hit/punch/or attack x person on bounty. If your over 300 level you are fair game to get listed, if you got a whole faction after you, I would assume you pissed off the wrong person or your faction might have some beef you are unaware of.
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  15. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    In regards to the last statement, this would also include asking questions of your mob members via email. More importantly, posting comments in chat can also get you lots of "unwanted" attention. Some players will list you simply for posting a comment if they see that you are online.
  16. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    Admin,?? Admin. of what and how that does not make sense, you state you punched the person, well then you opened yourself up to attack, but if this person attacked you first that means you are either in the same xp range, thus this person is on your fight list, this is a fighting game, if he was able to attack cause you hit him for a bounty, same result, Many ,many of us have played these games for years, ya either deal with it, learn the game and take it as a challenge to get stronger, or ya come to the forum suggesting changes for a easy solution, rather than doing the work and heeding warnings. In One of my games I have had someone attacking me for two years , besides the usual fighting, I give as good as I get, yes it can be daunting, but I took the challenge and his strategy has not stopped me, if anything it helped me advance nicely.
  17. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Change what rule? Where do u draw the line? These games revolve around the battle aspect and clan. As in life these games have consequences for certain actions and there are certain players u just dont wanna mess with because they take the battle aspect very seriously as do their clan. The game is set up to create rivalries as well as there being multiple ways of dealing with situations such as this. Try getting some loyal clan of your own, try a lil diplomacy or have clan help ya with it. Better yet....grow thicker skin , level up and exact your revenge!
  18. wsmdel

    wsmdel Member

    lmao..... HE JUST AINT GETTING IT... look buddy nothing in life is free...... simples ...

    go for the bounty expect a visit .
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  19. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    james, if you attackedme wether yoruhigheror lower than me, I would try to kill you and I would attack you until you went tot hehospitalor youwould get killed, then if youcame back with a punch or a hitlists I would kill you severalt imes if I could, sincei am a high level player in the lcn game, anyone that knowsme knows I would kill them if ic an andif not, I would get aheadof them and kill them at a later game. its a war game, you attack them for any reason you open yourself up to all attacks from them
  20. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    james why should a higher player be penalized for a low level player attacking them. we all went thru the same thing when we first started playing, if you don't want to be attacked by them, then wait till you got the power behind you to do or play as you want. a level 67 player should not even think of going after someone's bounty yet becuz you defiantly wont win much and when we come after you for it, your gonna lose even more. myself, if someone hitlists me, why should I have to sit there andl et twenty or thirty people attack me without being able to attack them back. don't take me wrong, i'll go after the lister also. I don't really like the hitlists too much, but it gives me new targets to attack and I always try to make sure the one who gets the bounty doesn't make very much off me being listed, even if I got to go after THEM for the full 24 hours or as long as I can attack them back.

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