[LCN] Raid Tier Adjustment for Aug 30, 2018

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. Miss Kitty Snaps

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    I never post my raids to public, between my family and mob friends it's always full and gets done in short period of time but this last raid without the tiers also of us were struggling to get them done and some were taking 2 & 3 days. Members who use to do 2 to 3 were only able to open one in mob wars
  2. Navy Chief!

    Navy Chief! Member

    It has been a VERY frustrating raid season. I did just a few last raid and decided not to do ANY this raid season either. I have a few suggestions (IF KANO does have an ear to listen with).

    1. A Coop Boss has spots for 50 players to participate in. Why not do the same for the raids and make it dependent on a players level? As an example, Tier 1 would be from Level 1 to maybe 2500 and so on and so forth.

    2. As far as rewards are concerned, make them dependent on the level also. For example, Tier 1 rewards would be 1 attack/1 defense and a high level player would be 10 Attack/Defense.

    Just a suggestion that will probably go to the "Delete" file.
  3. Reesy901

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    As per point 1) We used to have tiers for levels within a raid if that's what you're talking about. Not sure what this point is trying to say other than bump up the number of people you can get in a raid. Don't think more people is really an option for kano, would require extensive amount of balance to get it to the same "difficulty" as current raids (Excluding maybe this last season which was a real jump up in difficulty over previous seasons)

    2) Again, not entirely sure what you're getting at. Do you mean tiered rewards by level like world bosses? Seems again like a lot of hassle to balance particularly with the issue of obsolescence.

    Same, admittedly I think this is more an issue with the random drop rate rather than the format itself. After some surveying in my synd on LCN (Kong server) most players have been averaging a 30%'ish superior rate from all raids. Which is pretty darn close to what was achievable prior. There will be however a few of us (yourself and I included) that have been hurt by the switch. From what I can gather there seems to be a level adjustment to the random drop rate, so the rate of random drop superiors ticks down with level (placing a higher reliance on being top on damage).

    I might put a ticket in to see if there is anything specifically wrong with my account or some hoodoo though as I'm averaging about 7.5% random superior drop rate (Last season got 3 randoms off 45 raids). From the figures and actions (averaged about 6k per raid - equates to between 12-15m damage) I'd expect in the region of 10-12 random drops with a few tier wins. Most seem to be doing fine off the new split with similar actions/effort unfortunately for us Miss Kitty that is not the case. We reside very much in the minority of those I spoke to. A vocal minority but one nonetheless. Hopefully luck will be more on our side in coming seasons.

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